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Tell me expertfags of /tg/, is there any way to have a female PC wear useful armor but at the same time retain her feminine appeal when wearing it?


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Oh, here we go...

Not easily, since it's made for stopping you from dying, not for looking good. Except dress armour. So yes. Wear dress armour.

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Boob Plate.

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WTF. Did GW actually managed to make a female figure that doesn't look like shit???

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looks like plate mail armor and a heavy shield to me.

No need for any sort of penalties or modifiers.

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Way too elf-y, but feminine appeal.

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have her take off her helmet to reveal makeup and long hair

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Light armor, sure, but once you get into the heavy stuff the sheer workout she's going to get from wearing it for hours at a time will slim her down to the point where any femininity will only be recognizable when she takes the armor off.

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I would give you half plate, at most.

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I genuinely can't tell if you're just really really stupid or if I just got trolled...

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>thinking thats really GW

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Do you mean have her tits hanging out and exposing her legs all the way up to her vagina?


Well, unless you use magic. But you'll still be a doofus.

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Yes, they did managed. ededed

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God, please make them do a nice Dark Elf next.

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This is why GW has to rabidly "investigate" every time someone copies their IP. Because otherwise shitty statuettes like these get associated with the brand. Not good.

I want my female miniatures to have ugly man-faces. Traps are for life, not just for Christmas.

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Hope noone minds my minidump, just digging through my unorganized shit grabbing a few things I find.

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>implying GW could do something like that

Maybe if they start hiring Japanese sculptors. Otherwise you will have to keep your dog faced minis

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Not much appeal here for me, really.

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I am a terrible person, and chan isnt letting me delete.

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You know this could almost be a thing. You just have to have Warhammer online being released in japan or china and then their marketing guys would release an anime statue for it.

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I'll only pull one or two more as I find'em, and that'll be it for me

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Men have been mentally undressing women for ages. Even where women wear burkas to discourage this, men still do. Mentally undressing a woman in armor is no harder. The existence of Samus Aran porn should pretty easily confirm this.

tl;dr -- the feminine appeal is that they're females.

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I assume she does not wear her armor 24/7 just make her be feminine the 22 hours a day she is not in full plate mail.

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So, how often do people play ex-princesses who marry guys and take their descriptive last names that don't match them exactly?

.... you know, like jessica rabbit? (who while a toon, isn't a rabbit toon.)

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Chain armor is pretty figure hugging. It'd let her show off DEM HIPS, at the least.

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This, for the most part, is correct.

Men love certain parts of the female body right out of the box, boobs, butts, feet, and they can easily get obsessed with others. But keeping them covered does nothing to discourage people from imagining them, and imagine they will.

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Last one is light armor, just because I like berserker gal

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Nope, it's her penis. See /d/ for evidence

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I've never played a princess, actually. Or a married woman for that matter. So they usually have their ordinary family name. Once played a chick with a Viking father, so she was Hrothgarsdottr.

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Call me crazy but I like women wearing male armor.

It's like when a girl is wearing a guy's button up dress shirt.

On a related note I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who actually likes this movie.

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Something about that just seems so... off. The helmet is kinda... I dunno

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You've never conquered a principality after reaching name level?

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I think it's because the joint the helmet's mask pivots on is way too far back, the thing wouldn't be able to close properly.

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Because the visor's up?

But you're right, that armour's a bit off. The body looks like combat armour but the head and neck like jousting armour

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I played an battle mage elf lady who conquered a human town by killing the mayor, does that count? She kept her own name, though.

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The penis is an important male sexual trigger, for a variety of reasons. For most of you, its because you are gay

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No, at best you'd be a baroness or countess

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You're right, there is a problem there. Sorry, I just like long hair.

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Friend was an extra in the filming, says she was looking even better in person. As a matter of fact, I'm fucking jelly.

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but anon, traps shouldn't have man-faces

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>It's like when a girl is wearing a guy's button up dress shirt.
I can't see it like that. A dress shirt will still show the form underneath, armour is concealing.

Not that it isn't appealing in a different sort of way, though.

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Of course there is Anon. It's called Glammered, and counts as a +1 ability.

Now you can have your Full Plate look like whatever you want it to look like, even nothing at all.

Barring that, just get a Permananced' Invisibility (object) illusion cast upon your garb of preference, or even still, a Ring of Invisibility with the odd quirk that it turns whatever your character wears invisible, having them walk about in their birthdays suit while fully garbed & enarmored.

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Adventurers don't need armor, they have strength of will.

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Wait, are you serious?

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The curves are subtle and men's clothes are baggy. Which is why women's clothes tend to be fitted and hence impractical, to show off the subtle difference in silhouette. Realize the difference is just more subcutaneous fat deposits in various places due to estrogen, on average wider hips and on average shorter stature. It's not that much in this species and even less so in Neanderthals.

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>a Ring of Invisibility with the odd quirk that it turns whatever your character wears invisible

Would this be considered a Cursed item, or one that the Wizard failed his Craft check by less than 5 by?

For that matter, that gives me a whole new set of ideas for having fun with the parties Wizard, since he churns magic items out like a Chinese sweat shop.

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You can wear whatever you want, slut, as long as you don't mess with my style

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Oh that's neat. I was an extra in Cotagion (nothing special, I lived in SF and they needed to fill up the stadium)

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The military is actually redesigning combat armor, because they find it's actually ill-fitting for most women and should be reshaped for women to accommodate feminine figures. U mad, realismfags? Women in shapeless unisex armor is actually hindering!

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>The curves are subtle
But still there.

Armour completely hides those curves.

>Realize the difference is just more subcutaneous fat deposits in various places due to estrogen, on average wider hips and on average shorter stature.
You're spinning your wheels here. The differences are subtle, but they're there. Knowing the biological reasons behind those differences changes nothing about the appeal of them.

And in any case -why- women have a different body type than men has very little relevance to the conversation of the aesthetics of women in men's clothing.

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Give her a personality. That way she retains her feminine charm regardless of how much cleavage she's showing off.

Or just pander to the only people who're ever going to know the details of what happens during your RPG sessions. Either works.

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They aren't turning it into boob-armor.

>> No.22127363

No one said it had to be boob-armor. If you see a lot of female armor threads, a lot of guys (and even some in this thread) argue that women ought to just wear male armor without any reference to the female figure.

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They are equally stupid. Armor should be fitted to you, unless it isn't yours.

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They are making shorter plates and vests is all.
Some minor modifications in, at most.
It will not look much different.

Medieval male armor was usually formfitted for full suits. So they would wear armor no different from a man's in general look, not the armor of a man.

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You can probably accentuate the female form a little without getting boob plate if you go with the high quality stuff (ie: non munitions grade plate.) That might not stand out a lot by itself though, so maybe adding a surcoat/tabard could help. Also engraving and inlaying.

Long hair is an iffy thing I think. It depends on how the helmet is designed and if you're going practical, she'd have to have it at least braided or otherwise secured in some fashion. The faceplate could probably be used as well.

Boobed plate isn't that bad if it's shallow and the armourer is skilled enough to control thickness and maybe reinforce with flutes I think. As far as the torso goes, I'd worry more about projectiles more because I'm about 80% certain that you'd have to fuck up pretty good to get a clean hit in the torso in melee if you're competent (mass combat's a whole other thing though.)

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One could cut the tabart to look more like a skirt or dress while leaving it at a more-or-less practical length and opens it in the front and back, maybe puffing up the ass a little.

I find chicks in sallets pretty sexy, though. Which has little to do with their looks, I admit.

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Crazy thought: War isn't about sex appeal. It's about surviving your foe's strike, and killing them.

But here is another crazy thought...

And stay with me...

You just need two steps...

First: Understand sexualized armour would not work in the real world.

Second: Use it anyway, because it's a fantasy game!

Mind Blown. I know.

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>sexualized armour would not work in the real world.

That depends on the person. It seems some people find women in sallets pretty sexy.

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>Traps are for life, not just for Christmas.
Thank you anon.

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>Long hair, braided
>Razors hidden in it to cut up motherfuckers who try and grab it

>> No.22132189

That woman looks intoxicated!

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Glassteel armor, exposes every inch of her body while protecting every inch of her body with magically hard steel.

>> No.22132297

>grabs with a chainmail glove anyways

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Saber a shit

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Spoken like a man who is rarely around women.

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You are the biggest faggot I've ever seen and let me tell you: I've seen a lot of faggots in my life. I've been to my fair share of gay bars, I've seen my fair share of gay porn, I lurked my fair share of trap threads, I have been to plenty Boku No Pico streams, I fucking played Dragon Age 2 and beaten it, I even lurked a fucking LoL thread on /vg/, but never in all my years have I seen such a tremendous level of faggotry. I don't think words can effectively describe how much of a faggot you are. If you were to make a thread, and I was to dump my 'OP is a faggot" folder and include every single copypasta calling you a faggot of various degrees, it wouldn't be enough. If I was to take every single post from every single trap and dragon dildo thread on /v/, the level of faggotry would pale in comparison to yours. If you were to post on /cm/, /hm/ or /y/, you would be instantly banned for being a fucking faggot. If I was to take every RPfag from every Gmod RP server, their combined faggotry would be dwarfed by yours. If you were to walk into the gayest gay bar on this side of gay, everyone would call you a massive faggot. If scientists were to one day make a giant fucking bomb that turns people gay, they would use all of your faggot DNA as a key ingredient. Quite frankly, I am confused as to how a human being can attain such an ungodly level of faggotry. Fucking kill yourself and do the world a favor, you goddamn faggot.

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I really don't find this copypasta very amusing, especially since it's /v/ and not /tg/.

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>armour on legs
>armour on arms
>armour on head
>no armour on torso

0/10 would not fight beside.

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The white corset is actualy metal I think.
Look at the way it flares at the bottom

>> No.22134631

Saber was already posted huh? Well, there's this one

>> No.22134668

Truly, metal corsets are underussed in fantasy art.

>> No.22134723

Ey, not every armour has to be medieval/renaissance European plate armour. They are a lot of types who can be adopted for high female chieftains than look feminine.
And lot's of times functionality it's over aprecciated, people usedfor example the lorica Musculata and shit like this since ancient times.

>> No.22134750

Would you look at those easily pierced thighs!

>> No.22134854

Yeah, I pierce that chick erry day if you know what I mean.
But seriously, give the chick a shield and put her in Glorantha or another ancient inspired setting and she will be part of the heavy armour troops. At least isn't attacking nude like the Gauls.

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>dat smile shield

Best shield every day

>> No.22135012

Remind you of anything?

>> No.22135038

>female appeal
>wants to be taken serious as a fighter
War ins gender neutral, faggot

>> No.22135058

Sorry, but if there is any reference you are trying to make, it went right over my head.

>> No.22135086

Was this a subtle attempt to get sexy, but pratical pictures of warrior girls?

If so, I'm game. Also, ignore Sabers' red dress her, sure it shows off her strange white leotard/panties but, people forget, sexiness is distracting, look at Witch Elves!

>> No.22135110

Wus dat precious?
More heavy armour dudes, to illustrate my point.

>> No.22135125

thats something you could do, get a feminine version of those sculpted muscle plates.

>> No.22135167

I don't know, how many will say that's inserting mah fetish in the game? Or it's impractical?

>> No.22135181

You don't know how hard it is to find practical AND sexy armour for females. So I gave up in my folder. Have this instead.

>> No.22135199

I loved it.

It's a shame that godawful Resident Evil movies is pretty much all she's doing now.

>> No.22135234


sauce on that image?

>> No.22135249

Environment looks tropical. This might not be a bad thing.

Barbarian Beach Bunnies, anyone?

>> No.22135253


But no REAL military would ever use armor like that! It would be impractical, and not cover every inch of bare skin in metal. Using any less would be absurd, in any time period, at any technological level.

Basically what I'm saying here is all women are bitches and whores, bros before hos, also swag.

>> No.22135257

Have most of the depth and sticky out bits be illusion rather than actual depth. So from the front it looks like big knockers and a smooth narrow stomach flaring to wide hips. But from the side you see even the nipples only protrude a couple cm further than a normal breastplate would. So its not impractical.

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Dem helmet. The arms armour it's very good too. Great pistol and ass. And the dragon seems cool.
Good picture.

>> No.22135288

Thank you.

>First: Understand sexualized armour would not work in the real world.

>Second: Use it anyway, because it's a fantasy game!

>> No.22135294


For those wanting to know, there is no "source material" but it's from:


I went looking for you guys cause I couldn't remember. If you like stuff like that I have dozens of such things.

>> No.22135308

Pro-tip: They did.

>> No.22135312

I think you guys have a realism fetish and you're trying to insert it into my high fantasy dungeon crawling game featuring dragons and wizards.

>> No.22135328

Don't know if this stupid...

>> No.22135337

Found a few I think are feminine enough.

>> No.22135338

Again, this is not practical, but I always liked the image.

>> No.22135339


>If you like stuff like that I have dozens of such things.

Go for it.

>> No.22135347

OMG, its so bright and cheery.

>> No.22135354

This isn't full plate armour, but it's at least practical.

>> No.22135379

I suspect he was being sarcastic.

>> No.22135384

Also it doesn't really look much like a girl.

>> No.22135385


>> No.22135396

It's the internet. I prefer to think it's a Joke. But we will never know...
Ey, it's a symbol of statues who double as protection. For a high chieftain or parade armour for an all female guard booblplate will be ok.

>> No.22135400

I know, but it is. Just pretend. Like those fan artists of Inzuma Eleven.

Lenneth could be seen as wearing practical.

>> No.22135406

Just have boob plates.

It doesn't make sense but female warriors don't even make in the first place.

>> No.22135410

Ugh guys, can you PLEASE keep your realism fetish out of my fantasy game?

>> No.22135415

Her hair is impractical though for any warrior... However, I remember when I saved this picture it was marked as "Sword" but I thought it was more a lance. Which is it?!

>> No.22135417

>having that skirt

>> No.22135425


A realm of wonder and magic, where women MUST wear practical protectie armor for realism sake, but we MUST not give them -4 str for political correctness sake.

Seriously guys, do you want realism or not? Or are you just being autistic about your aestetic tastes and latch onto the meme that armor you don't like the appearance of doesn't actually function in game terms?

>> No.22135431

Oh, you want pointless and impractical armour? OK, sure, was trying to fulfil OP's request.

>> No.22135441

I bet for a cavalry lance.
Also can you post more like the dragon cuirasier one?

>> No.22135446

I don't mind boobplate, chainmail bikini or what's so ever.

It's fucking magic, dawg.

>> No.22135449

Women wouldn't get a significant strength penalty. Strength would be tied to height.

>> No.22135451

I'm having to fulfil so many desires!

>> No.22135456


YES! OP's question was:

>is there any way to have a female PC wear useful armor but at the same time retain her feminine appeal when wearing it?

And the answer is: Just don't be an autist about trying to apply penalties to something that's clearly just an aesthetic choice. Like literally the answer is "Don't do anything". If someone purchases Plate Armor using the rules of the games, has the proficiency, ect ect. And they hand you pic related as their character pic just say "Alright, cool, lets play this game!"

Just leave the sperg at the door, that's the solution.

>> No.22135457

>Strength would be tied to height.
Nigga, that's a nope.

Manlet can be strong too. Look at dem dorfs.

>> No.22135469

>Dat Face.
So it's true about riding horse and virginity.

>> No.22135476

I'll try, hang on.

>> No.22135483

Are we doing REALISM GAME or not?

I also don't want my dragons to be able to fly at all because of lolphysics

>> No.22135488

>Talking about realistic portrayals of human beings

Most of what you end up rolling for, as strength checks, are based either on leverage or mass. Particularly when it comes to damage/attack bonuses. Anyone who defies the height=strength general fact of life is someone who has devoted ridiculous amounts of time to strengthening their physique, which women and men are equally capable of (it would require more work for a woman of equal height, but applying an attribute modifier would be claiming that women are incapable of equalling male strength, and that's factually untrue).

>> No.22135492

>Give her a personality. That way she retains her feminine charm regardless of how much cleavage she's showing off.
This is genius. Why hadn't I thought about that?

>> No.22135501

>well-adjusted people socializing through shared escapism

Where do you think we a... I mean, no, wait, you're right. Carry on.

>> No.22135513

Couldn't find any specific stuff, this is all I could find quickly.

>> No.22135514

I seriously don't think height is proportional to strength though, even in real life.

>> No.22135519


>> No.22135524

More or less, yeah. This is really a question for /vg/, rather than /tg/. When does the appearance of your armor affect something? When someone looks at your character portrait. But an hour into the game and they're picturing your character the way you played it, rather than the way you represented it based off a pic you ripped from the interwebs.

>> No.22135533

Take a 5'8" person and a 6'3" person, have them live the exact same life. Have them then get into a fight. The closest things you'll see to attack and damage bonuses will be directly based on the increased leverage of the taller person.

>> No.22135535


That guy is wrong. Shorter guys can lift more because of their center of mass.

He's probably just some 6'5" non-lifter trying to rationalize his limp wrists.

>> No.22135539


>> No.22135543

>manlet trying to pretend that body-building midgets versus non-athletes means that body-building midgets can even touch man-sized body builders.

>> No.22135544

Yes, you can, OP. The other stuff is only like that for cheap and easy fetish fuel.

>> No.22135549


>> No.22135552

Height gives you a tactical advantage if they both have no training, but if the shorter dude lifts me than the tall guy, the tall guy is dead man.

Now if both have martially trained, then I don't know. Short guys have their advantages in a fight if they are trained to fight that way.

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>> No.22135560

I was more into the "plausible" armour, lot's of the pic you posted are a bit to much high fantasy to me.

>> No.22135561

When it comes to armor and clothing I have only two practical concerns.

1: It looks like it's possible to be put on and taken off. This mostly only seems to happen in Korean MMOs, but girls will have these crazy outfits made of perfectly fitting material with no seems. What, does the armor magically materialize?

2: Rigid parts must stay rigid, no bendy metal. Either design it so it would realistically allow the character to say, raise their arms, or give the heavy armor-wearing character very limited movement. But no deforming the rigid, thick armor for the sake of mobility. It kills the cool look of plate mail for it to bend and flex as the character moves.

Otherwise I couldn't care less about realistic improper boob plate deflection or chain mail bikinis. And 1 and 2 can be ignored if the armor EXPLICITLY does magically bend with the user while being otherwise rigid or whatever. But armor that breaks 1 and 2 rarely does officially have those magic powers, and even then, I still think bendy armor looks dumb.

>> No.22135565

>tfw it turns out your invincible halberd technique was defeated by a woman who just Mordschlag'd you until you bled like a pig

>> No.22135567

Says the man and proceeds to post boob-plate.

>> No.22135570

Right--the point being that, when untrained, height is an advantage in strength and, when trained, it can be neutralized. Which is just like the fact that, when untrained, being male is an advantage in strength and, when trained, it an be neutralized.

Which is why I was suggesting that female strength penalties are stupid, because they're mostly a result of the discrepancy in the untrained's height.

>> No.22135587

A very short lance with a sword's hilt.
Makes as much sense as the heavy ornamentation on the shield, i.e. none.

Some do, some don't.
Many of us are annoyed to have overtly sexualized females shoved down our throats in armor that protects exactly the part that least need protection but leave the vulnerable torso unprotected or even naked.
Even in the most fantastic of games and pictures, the guys always wear more reasonable armor, even if none of the concepts make actual sense.
Others just want to look at cute girls, which is understendable to everyone with a penis.
At which point I'm asking myself why one would play a character with heavy armor instead of a caster who can just wear all of the cute robes and wizard hats with maximum formfit.
I certainly don't have anything against pretty girls, but people who are frontline fighters in plate armor just aren't lithe and pretty.
And if they are girls, they will in realiter probably look a lot like Brienne or Tarth before long, if not to begin with.

-4 str is just a balance breaker and unnecessary sexism.
By that logic you would have to lower every male's Wis in the presence of females and shit like that.
None of those add to the game and all that ever comes from that is emotionally loaded bickering.

That one isn't even that bad, really. I'm actually more converned about the lack of sabatons in a woman who is obviously part of a heavy cavalry formation.

>> No.22135589

Now THAT is a nice fit. Truly the work of a master tailor.

>> No.22135600

It doesn't matter it covers her sinsual flesh and therefore is acceptable in my MAGICAL REALM.

*jerks off over the realism*

>> No.22135603

But it's a plausible boob plate.Perhaps it's an army who want's to manifest the feminity of his women general and made the boobp lates because this. The rest of the armour it's fully functional, the boobs are only decoration.
Pic related it's more a fetish armour, the other not so.

>> No.22135613

On a similar note, no matter what the rest say, you can always imagine your character looking how you like.

I'm pretty sure that when roleplaying with my friends, things look different in my mental theater than the other's. Simply put, a lot more jRPG style, as I HATE brown and grey fantasy.

>> No.22135617

I told you about pissing off the German chick!
I told you!

>> No.22135623

>A realm of wonder and magic, where women MUST wear practical protectie armor for realism sake, but we MUST not give them -4 str for political correctness sake.

>Seriously guys, do you want realism or not? Or are you just being autistic about your aestetic tastes and latch onto the meme that armor you don't like the appearance of doesn't actually function in game terms?

Give this man an autism award, get him an assault rifle and point him towards the first primary school you come across.

>> No.22135637

From a socio-economic point a retirement home seems a better choice.

>> No.22135649

Female's strength penalty is because even at top shape, females still can't get as strong as males though.

>> No.22135650

I'd like to think it's just regular plate, with hollow empty tits on top of it.

Imagine, if you're a progressive renaissance nation of enlightenment, and you have female warriors, you want your dumb conservative medieval stupid slow enemies to know you have female warriors.

>lo and behold, fools and peasants. even our women are superior to even your knights.

>> No.22135654

>> No.22135659

Not all the heavy cavalry used a sabaton. Also perhaps isn't a combatant ala Johanna d'Arc.

So we had an artesia dump in /tg/?

>> No.22135661

That's in real life, you fucking retard.

Real life doesn't have stats for people. Quit RPing for a while, and get back in touch with reality, psychotic freak.

>> No.22135666

Okay.jpg ;_;

>> No.22135673

There is nothing feminine about war, no matter what Japan tries to tell you. A female warrior is a tomboy. No exceptions.

>> No.22135675


>> No.22135687


How to fuck with this concept:

>Have male BBEG
> have him wear regular armor
>ontop of that, have him wear super feminine armor, boob plate, butt platt, armored corset and thigh high armored leggings
>have helmet shaped like anime girl head, painted with a face on it and flowing locks of hair stuck onto the back
>in fact, have all of under armor painted to look like skin.
>wade into battle like a mofo screeching "DESU!" in a high pitched voice at anyone he fights
>have other NPCs tell PCs that BBEG is cursed, and that a long quest to get a mcguffin to undo the curse will stop his evil ways
>mcguffin is useless as BBEG actually dresses like that for lulz, plus boob plate has awesome modifiers
>their face when they defeat BBEG

>> No.22135688

My apologies for barging into this conversation.

The "boob-plate" is not a functional piece of armour. It's shape is not one that is well associated with deflecting blows away from the centre of the chest.
A more realistic option would be a larger cavity in the armour, which points forward. Like an exaggerated version of this pic.

I'm surprised at how few people have realized that armour can change shape without being sexual.

>> No.22135689

>There is nothing feminine about war

Well, enjoy the sausage fest then.

>> No.22135690

Right, and we're not playing Real Life - The Game. Right?

that's why Boob-plate should NOT have a penalty to their armor class.

>> No.22135692

>mfw I think about the ones saying "there are no rules for boobplate so you're not having one"

>> No.22135694

I think that would make you a That DM

>> No.22135699

>I'm rubber you're glue

>> No.22135703

We ARE playing Real Life - The Game.

Otherwise you can just FUCK OFF and go play freeform RP's on some fucking seedy anime forum like all the goddamn cocksuckers do

>> No.22135709

rubber > glue

>> No.22135713

No I'm playing fantasy dungeon crawl game that has wizards and dragons.

It's fucking not real life. It's not realistic.

And you dumb.

>> No.22135720

>implying real life is realistic
How you explain paranormal stuff, anon?

>> No.22135726

It is realistic.

When you cut a dragon, it bleeds. It doesn't turn in a bunny, now does it?
A wizard that has cast too many spells will become tired, and needs to catch his breath... he doesn't suddenly turn in 100 beach balls.

Shut the fuck up faggoboy. You can't win this fight.

>> No.22135732

u serious?

>> No.22135736


We explain it by DRAGONS AREN'T REAL, you nit. And stop going to /x/, it's terrible and eats your brain.

>> No.22135741

No you can't win.

How do you fucking know what happens when you cut a dragon?

Have you EVER cut a dragon? Have you ever seen a report of someone cutting a dragon? No

You don't know what happens when you cut a dragon, YOU ARE MAKING IT UP. you are FANTASIZING about what would happen if you cut a dragon.

You're so fucking dumb your asshole is bleeding.

>> No.22135751

Actually, dragons are just tyrannosaur heads thrown on top of a sauropod with clawed feet, and some pterodactyl wings to finish it off.

Fantasy isn't fantasy. It's just not-quite-realistic. Surreal fiction, THAT'S FANTASY.

>> No.22135754

Wizards become tired after casting spells and need to catch their breath


U dumb

>> No.22135755

Otherwise she's wearing the whole gothinc suit shebang, not a later half-armor.
So sabatons seem consequent.

You are right in that keeled chest plates are superior, but they have not been made like that in all periods. Rome had male boobplate. Still did something.
The effect is pretty negligible, especially if you put tits on a normal plate. Counts as ablative armor.

>> No.22135768

Quit being so autistically asspained mate.

Dragons bleed when you cut them. Thousands of mythological images and RPG handbook images make that very clear.

RPG's are realism-outside-reality. They're not fantasy. At least not the big RPG's.

>> No.22135772

>dragons, wizards

>> No.22135775

How do you explain ghosts, anon?

inbe4 ectoplasm

>> No.22135779


Well, actually, when we're tired we don't really need to catch our breath. It's more like we just can't think straight for a little while and feel airheaded and flakey. Think less endurance running, and more the feeling you get if you haven't eaten all day and suddenly stood up.

I should know, I am a completely realistic wizard.

>> No.22135780

Abandon thread, the levels of autism are reaching critical!

>> No.22135781

Someone made that shit up, you retard.

Are you seriously so dumb that you don't know what something that someone made up is (a fantasy), versus something that actually exists in reality?

>> No.22135782

>thread delves into shit flinging

Goddamit guys, can you stop doing that for a second?

>> No.22135783


LARPing aliens

>> No.22135786

You know he's using it as "Gritty".

>> No.22135788

Are you typing one handed?

>> No.22135798

ITT real life is fantasy

>> No.22135800


That's actually a pretty neat concept. You wouldn't mind if I steal it, won't you?

>> No.22135807

No one made the fact up that dragons bleed blood.


It's like you didn't fucking pay attention during history/mythology/religion class (all three the same basically).

No one invented that dragons bleed, or that wizards get tired from casting spells.

People assumed that was realistic to assume, back when people still believed in dragons and gods and magic.

>> No.22135812

I don't know about you, but last time I cut a dragon it shot a rainbow of acid at me..

Luckily I wasn't out of spells yet so I had the energy to jump out of the way without having to catch my breath and take a nap.

>> No.22135817


The word you're all looking for is "consistent".

When you're talking about something that isn't real, something fictional - it's either "consistent" or "inconsistent" to the work it belongs in.

If it's established the fictional universe operates a certain way, then something not behaving as it dictates would be inconsistent.

You can be inconsistent with the genre, the established ideal or even the excepted definition of something - but you should always be consistent with the universe you have established.

>> No.22135818


This isn't autism, it's just one of the guys who developed FATAL, they've been hanging around /tg/ a lot recently, just ignore them.

>fuck you captcha, that was cyrillic

>> No.22135819

You're so dumb.

So back to the topic at hand, you can't use your ability to fantasize about fantasy worlds to let a chick wear boob-plate?

Dragons can fly and breath fire. But a chick wearing unrealistic armor, man, that's just too much for you to handle?

>> No.22135822

>implying fyrdwomen isn't an useful spell
Meh, best lest the women take up the spears and swords, less people to protect and more people that actually protect.

>> No.22135830

Apologies for what? We are having fun discussing boob plate. With that in mind the lorica musculata isn't a functional piece of armour, but was used since classical Greece until the Italians "armours in the ancient style". But yeah, I know what you mean. I prefer to use the boobplates as a parade or high officer thing and leave the more functional armour to the rank and file. Makes more sense to me.
Yeah I know, I was makinga bit of fun, but In a board without faces it's a bit more difficult. Perhaps the girl prefers the more comfortable leather shoes to the more rigid and cumbersome sabatons or isn't part of a cavalry unit.
Do you truly wan't to know the answer?
Yes. And my english is bad, I'm learning it from 4chan

>> No.22135836

No it's not about being consistant.

It's about following the mythological/legendary background of RPG's.

It's about playing in the realms of myths, sagas and legends.

>> No.22135839

>or that wizards get tired from casting spells.

Are you serious?

YES someone made that up. That sounds like Vance actually. Wizards and priests and shit in mythology just sort of do what the gods let them, they don't have a fucking Mana Pool balancing mechanic.

>> No.22135848

> "Boobplate" isn't "realistic

> http://www.npr.org/2012/09/25/161767150/army-designs-new-body-armor-for-female-soldiers

"BLOCK: Because they just couldn't adjust it well enough, so just making a smaller size of the male body armor wouldn't work?

HENNESSEY: Not exactly because, as you know, a female has curves. So we needed to do something to the outer shell of the armor to bring it closer to the female body. We decided to add the plate that they wear on top of it, put it on the outside with a side plate opening, so it would curve over the chest."

Actually meeting a woman might cure this weird obsession.

>> No.22135850


they don't bleed blood in myths though, the tended to bleed weird shit like fire or acids.

Never mind that an iron or steel sword was generally unable to peirce the scales of a dragon, except in its vulnerable spot L2dragon.

>> No.22135855

Well in myths sagas and legends heros rolled around shirtless with a loincloth.

Why can't a chick do the same? Why is that too much for you to imagine?

>> No.22135859

Smaug died due to a piercing wound in a small hole of his armour.

If a dragon can be killed by a wound in a small hole, imagine what boobplate would mean. One glancing hit on your tits, and your heart won't need lungs to put oxygen in your blood.

>> No.22135871

>Yes. And my english is bad, I'm learning it from 4chan

This sounds like an amazingly bad idea.

>> No.22135874

It's actually just the US army giving the military-industrial complex even more "socialist" handouts, you dumbshits.

>> No.22135880

But they don't get hit until they're supposed to die.

That's how it works in narratives.

>> No.22135887

Barbarian chicks can do just that.

I don't get pissed about loin cloth barbarichicks.

I get pissed about boobplate.

If you want your boobs to shine, don't wear plate.

>> No.22135896

What kind of retarded autistic depressing reply is that?

Don't you want to live forever? You fucking retard cunt.

>> No.22135901

>It's about following the ...

That's another way of saying consistent.

You're talking about being consistent with the genre and format of PnP RPG's.

You don't have to do that. It's not a rule.

>> No.22135910


>curve over the chest

That's not "boobplate" as it's being used ITT.

>> No.22135918

Make up your mind, are we playing REALISM the game or MYTHOLOGY the game?

Because we can't have both.

>> No.22135925

Because I am depressed. It's so tiring arguing this shit with you guys. You don't even know what you're arguing for, or why. You're just mad at the world and this is the place you're expressing it.

It's sad. You guys are my "peers" and you're awful, angry people about your very hobby.

>> No.22135935

Mythology the game.

DUH. But since mythology once was a model of reality, the two are extremely strongly intertwined.

>> No.22135937

As a matter of fact, /tg/'s English capabilities are far above international business levels.
My cousin has at several points complained she was actually losing language capability due to the amounts of bad English her job entails.

I have honed my language on 4chan and am currently in a position to discuss just about anything in written or spoken form, so I would claim to have become better at it through 4chan.
Browsing only /a/ or /b/ might yield different results, though.

>> No.22135941


It's ballistic rather than plate - but the core concept is that "women don't need armor that accommodates their breasts" - which is something even the modern military believed, to the detriment of the safety of their female soldiers.

Women are shaped differently from men, they would wear armor that is shaped differently.

>> No.22135955

>You guys are my "peers"

This is the most amusing and depressing thing that I've read on 4chan all year.

Hahahhah. What a fag.

>> No.22135963


Just to drop in my opinion here: Both.

I like my fantasy low, with monsters making sense to some degree and humans being scared of them BECAUSE the reality works here. They might have their fancy armor, but it yields to jaws strong enough. And most of them even don't have that luxury of havingmetal plates to cover them.

>> No.22135981

Shaped differently INSIDE. Not shaped differently OUTSIDE.

>> No.22135985

Yeah, but if you gonna fight you want to bind your tits anyways.
Fitting armour to the female form has more to do with narrowing the shoulders and widening the hips

>> No.22135991

Ballistic armor works differently from classic plate, though.
Classic plate does not touch your chest in the front, but has space behind, so a dent does not bruise you immediately.
Ballistic vests do not have such buffers.

>> No.22135992



The Roman Legions say hi. They're more "real army" Then you will ever be.

>> No.22136011

>>22135981 Shaped differently INSIDE. Not shaped differently OUTSIDE.

You honestly suggesting they take pains to shape a ballistic vest to a woman's body, then take pains to disguise it so that it look's flat again?

Don't be daft.

>> No.22136046

You don't know much about ballistic armour. Shut up, kiddo.

>> No.22136055


Source with pictures that show that it looks nothing like a boobplate: http://www.army.mil/article/90697/Female_body_armor_named_among_best_inventions_by_Time_Magazine/

But yeah, one of the things that men don't realise is that a lot of inventions that work fine with flat chested little girly men are really uncomfortable for lifters and women, like seat belts which tend to press in odd places and chafe as you move in them or in the case of armored vests or plate, as they move around you when you move.

Of course you'd think with magical fireballs and stuff in the setting, metal armor or anything that heats up and could burn the wearer would be shunned in favor of clothing that provides high maneuverability and is made of chemically or magically inflammable cloths.

>> No.22136058

> Yeah, but if you gonna fight you want to bind your tits anyways.

Not all women can bind effectively, not all bindings allow for you to breathe correctly.

Having breasts prevented from moving around is far more important than achieving a flat chest.

>> No.22136077

>You don't know much about ballistic armour. Shut up, kiddo

Not an argument.

>>22136055 looks nothing like a boobplate

Because ballistic armor isn't plate mail.

I'm pointing out breasts are a fucking factor in something built for a woman's body.

>> No.22136079

>Not all women can bind effectively, not all bindings allow for you to breathe correctly.

When you can't bind your tits effectively, you might as well quit fighting because the sidefat won't fit in armour anyway.

Girls like that are better suited as pigs, I mean cops.

>> No.22136095


Wow, look at that.

It's just what I said. Changes on the inside, not the outside.

>> No.22136106

Yeah, it have some funny consequences, faggot seems to be insulting and shit like that.
Yeah, I understand a lot more than I can write or speak, thanks to 4chan. My grammar it's still very bad, but I think I'm improving.
I'm with this bro right there, I like my fantasy with monsters, but deadly and if not realistical at least plausible combat.
d100 for live
Let him be anon, don't break his dreams.

>> No.22136109


So why aren't boob plates giant angry spikes like that outfit david bowie wore during his pointy tit period?

>> No.22136130


Because we don't live in that age anymore.

For example, we don't wear Bearskin caps into battle anymore either.

But I'm sure you can give me a legit reason why they did, beyond appearance alone.

>> No.22136131

Because you need to be as fabulous as David Bowie to wear one.

>> No.22136153

The chainmail is so badly drawn. Looks more like steel wool.


>> No.22136155


There is nothing in that article about that, beyond the picture.

Which shows women in baggy, formless combat uniforms. Worn over that, it's difficult to see any difference.

Regardless, my point is about the ARMOR, not how it's contained (vest).

>> No.22136163

>doing what David Bowie did

Are you implying you can deal with hardcore cocaine psychosis and get out of it without a problem?

>> No.22136165

So you don't get demoralized by seeing all your bearskin cap buddies get gunned down and missing all their shots due to not being able to see shit while crouched.

>> No.22136173


Because no one wants to risk losing a battle to a bunch of men wearing bright red shirts, tartan skirts, playing a funeral dirge on a screaming octopus and wearing 3 foot tall cats on their heads.

>> No.22136184

why do I get the feeling all of these men are trying to seduce someone not shown in the picture?

>> No.22136203


So entirely based around their APPEARANCE then.

Believe it or not, it's only extremely recently armor became primarily, and solely, about protection.

>> No.22136238

A woman can be feminine without showing off her tits and skin.

>> No.22136269

The main point here was male armor being too long and badly fitting around the waist, though.
Not breast sloping.
Tits are soft and if you wear a bra, and don't have extreme udders, it's not a problem so long as you can adjust the straps a little.

Generally, realistic armor that only serves for protection of any period for women and for men only should differ in measurements to fit the torso, not in overall structure.
Polished parade armor and non-combat units are an exception, as historical evidence demonstrates.

There has been a trend of rationalization since mass production was established.
The more soldiers there were to be outfitted and the higher the frequency of battle, the higher the priority of protection relative to representation and intimidation.
But yeah, it only fully disappeared when soldiers started to try and not be seen at all.

THat is an odd way to wear your armor. Half above, half below the coat.

>> No.22136291

>THat is an odd way to wear your armor.
In a world where weird, partial fantasy armor might be a thing, that could be brilliant.

Your enemy expects you to be some silly tart wearing on parts of your armor so you can show off, when you're really wearing a full set of armor, cleverly hidden beneath your coat!

>> No.22136298

Perhaps they are. The Lucanians are pretty close to some Greek colonies like Tarento. And the lucanian it's in some weird (submissive?) pose.

>> No.22136392

I always thought the trick wasn't boobplates and shit, but in cosmetic embelishments? Like say platemail with a helm that's designed to resemble the setting's Athena expy of choice? That sort of thing?

>> No.22136441

>0/10 would not fight beside.

And judging by the position of her feet...she's wearing high heels.

>> No.22136480

Feminine doesn't mean slutty.
Always remember the Matriarch, the Mother figure, that fights to protect her children.

>> No.22136492

Whenever I see art like this, I want to get a list of people that have accounts on dA and kill all those fuckers before their disgusting "Photoshop skills" show up in an RPG handbook.

>> No.22136494

Well, yes. With a bit of thought, you could do a lot in that direction.
But it's hard to really think of some realistic variants with the lack of combat-proven female armor for these periods.
So, if you are into design and also a blacksmith, you might come up with feasible designs.
Might take years and some willing female participants to test it, though.

>> No.22136508

Hey man, now you're thinking like a WOMAN!


Always play your characters like a horny teenager stuck in a female body.

*jiggle* *jiggle*

>> No.22136575

Most armour that fits to the body would be feminine of female PCs (well, maybe not amazons). Just avoid bulk, and have the character noticeably more lithe then their male counterparts.

>> No.22136692

Y'all got trolled.

>> No.22136704

> buys plate armour
> uses a picture of lorica squamata

>> No.22136743

> glancing blow
> piercing steel breastplate

>> No.22136760

It's not molded that way. The fitted piece is put over the woman, and the ballistic armour is put over the fitted piece. The ballistic armour is the same shit they give to men, sized appropriately. It wasn't the fucking problem.

>> No.22136765

Cast armour, and then permanence on her. She can be naked and still have the protection of chainmail.

>captcha: grasfyi this

>> No.22136775

> Mother figure
> Not a curvy MILF
Why even bother?

>> No.22136964


>implying plate mail bustle
>Hottentot Venus: Warrior Princess
>duckduckgo it

>> No.22137266

It's possible well fitted armor could look somewhat feminine even if it was more or less the same for both sexes. Narrower shoulders and waist, the wide hips seem to already be a feature of armor, the legs and arms might be thinner, though given the same strength i don't know how women and men compare in bulk. When not fighting inward knees might show up, but i'd assume a properly trained warrior would get rid of that when in a fighting stance.

Adding frills and all that crap would work for a modern audience, as would having a well made helm with a female face engraved or sculpted on the visor, though at least the frills weren't particularly girly back in the day. Representing some feminine head wear on the helm or wearing the actual thing over it could work but it'd probably be quite silly.

On an unrelated note, while boobplate is bad armor design, a metal plate is still better than nothing, and a deflected blow will have lost a lot of strength, so the fact that it's aimed at the middle of your ribcage is probably less of an issue than some people think. I do not think it looks good mind you, i'm quite tired of it and the rest of the female armor cliches like giving them full armor but exposing either or both navel and bust.

>> No.22137342

Or you just use chainmail and/or brigandine.
Those are more form-fitting without sacrificing protection.

>> No.22137472

>> No.22137703

Mel was just that awesome. My favorite character of that game, shame she got such little screen time. I get the feeling her and Agrais would be best friends.

>> No.22138041

This picture is even more misogynist than that bikini.

>> No.22140332

WARNING: I have no actual book-read knowledge of armor. This is just a guess on my part, like most people on this board.

That being said, having the armor that covers pivot points of the body outside of the coat makes sense, because the coat is already limiting your movement slightly. Having the armor bulking up your frame on joints would limit your movement even more. I suppose the breastplate is under the coat because that area doesn't have nearly as much movement as the arms does. Having the shoulder and elbow armor on the outside lets them keep the coats warmth, and the protection without limiting movement.

OR I completely overthought things and the artist thought it would look cool.

Probably the second one.

>> No.22140441

Yeah, seems to be the second one.

>> No.22143704


>> No.22146263

How are either misogynistic?

>> No.22146414

It's an actual example of harmful body policing. Killing a woman due to how she's dressed "on principle" is pretty sexist.

>> No.22148710


The concept would be identical if it were two inuit heavily garbed fur trappers standing next to another hunter nothing but wearing boxers in the frozen wastes of northern Canada.

The stupidity inherent in their choice of clothing compared to their circumstances and profession is what makes them worthy of death, not any kind of gender politics bullshit.

>> No.22148781

Pretty simple, she's just gotta look good.

>> No.22151157


>> No.22151443

I am not one of those people who is opposed out of hand to stylized armor. It existed, it was real. Some of it was actually rather extreme, like the plate armor made to resemble popular fashion, complete with puffed sleeves (made of steel) and breastplate that looked like a slashed tunic, right down to the steel resembling folded cloth. Shit was flamboyant. Some of them had shockingly thin waists, because the corset effect was popular with men at the time.

Did some of the more extreme examples make it onto the battlefield? Maybe they were ceremonial. Maybe they saw war. Who knows? A suit of armor made to suit women's fashion is hardly implausible though, but it certainly wouldn't be a miniskirt and stiletto heels. Full plate with some parts made to resemble womanly curves, or even ya-yas? Sure, why not, but here's what to look out for and reject out of hand.

-Exposed midriffs, cleavage, etc cut into an otherwise full suit of armor. This is fucking stupid. There is no acceptable reason to leave part of your chest open in a suit of armor. It's literally the most counterproductive way to design armor.
-Bare with armored extremities. We've all seen it, sometimes the woman is basically naked, but then has like plate on her arms or shoulders for some reason. Again, makes no sense, was never done.
-Plate armor most errywhere, with inexplicably exposed groin clad in thong/underwear. It is true that a lot of plate didn't protect the groin too much because of all the flexing going on there, but it certainly never left it wide, invitingly open.
-High Heels. Now a word of clarification here: Boots with pronounced heels were actually military in origin. Those are fine. I'm talking stilettos here. Those things were A) never intended for combat, and B) invented in the 1850s.

>> No.22151465

Except if it is half naked man then you be coming up reasons why that is ok.

>> No.22151566

Men DID fight half naked. And I mean literally, there's good reason to believe that some Greek Hoplites fought without anything covering their junk, breastplates, helmets, shin guards, big fucking shields, dangling cocks. Blam.

But that was a matter of practicality. They lacked the knowhow to make functional codpieces, or chausses, or tassets to hang from the armor and protect their legs, or they felt that it was just unnecessary given the way they fought.

This is different from having the ability to produce functional, useful armor, and instead intentionally making useless garbage.

>> No.22151614

You are the greatest catfight.

>> No.22151643

There were warriors that gone into battle naked. If it is a magic heavy setting then half naked warriors can make sense. In a low magic setting you could just have barbarians do that.

>> No.22151667

Nothing like a feminist bitching thread to go with the end of the world, eh.

>> No.22151687


I think what he's trying to say is that if your character is wearing heavy armor, they should be wearing heavy armor in a sensible fashion.

If you want to go into battle naked knock yourself out, but if you put your character in "plate armor" don't have their tits or ass hanging out.

>> No.22151689


>> No.22151712

You capture well what I mean. There's nothing wrong with wearing lighter armor, or less armor, but it's always bizarre to me when people intentionally sabotage their own armor designs in ways that would have to be intentional, and which would only ever lessen their effectiveness.

>> No.22151760

Maybe it is part of the magic for some reason.

>> No.22151860

Perhaps, but at that point we are essentially admitting that we have no respect for the art of armoring whatsoever, and just want our miniskirts. I am incapable of holding that much contempt for something as beautiful as fine armor/

>> No.22152062

>> No.22152123

Some one can have armor that is effective and have a skirt. Roman legions had a skirt like thing.

>> No.22152299

I'd delete that before you get banned for 3 days. This is a NSFW board and the mods take it seriously. I'm not against it, but by posting full frontal nudity, drawn or real, in any form for any reason, gets you banned.

It is an awesome picture, isn't it? Was one of the first I ever saved.

Also, here is a female in practical armour.

>> No.22152432

Also, what about this armour?

>> No.22152471

Draw nipples on the armour

>> No.22152522

Keep in mind that armor doesn't have to be all-encompassing to be effective. Shure, a full suit of plate that covers every inch of you is easily the most effective; but having a breastplate or a mail hauberk works fine too. Those infamous Spartans ran around with their arms and thighs exposed all the time.
The one thing you do need to think about though is whether you're keeping her femmy, or if you're having her breasts hang out when they're supposed to be armored.

The people who argue the two extremes of any point are idiots, but the problem is more whether you've forfeited the core functionality of a piece of armor for the sole sake of sexiness. I'd have no issues with the armor in my picture, if her chest piece wrapped around her sides.

>> No.22152572

The concept of "Heroic" fight has something to do too, they had some pretty rad armour back then, it's true about the tassets thought, probably because the shield protected this area pretty well.
Another people who thought about fighting naked, for example, were the Gauls.

>> No.22152624

I see a lot of this games art around the place and their females are a mix of practical(ish) like this and sex (like a Dark Elf rogue or something).

So, this kind of armour I would say doesn't make them look any less feminine but it has a practical use and is slightly realistic.

Personally, I would be happy to do whatever... Seeing as I can't walk I'd need people to come to me to play games, so I'd give in to any fetishes just so I could play...

>> No.22152649

> has a plate over her chest and shoulders
> functional
> practical

>> No.22152681

>> No.22152685


Seems like she'd be really cold.

>> No.22152698


Well, admittedly, these were fighters who performed for an audience, so the flair and such had its place.

However, soldiers did not dress like this. To a degree, your argument is invalid.

>> No.22152711

appeal has no use in battle

Go fuck yourself

>> No.22152717


> helmets serving as handicap
> armour that only keeps the fighter fighting
> Lots of flesh to hack open and bleed over

10/10 would goad on and howl like an animal again

>> No.22152718


>Dat boobplate
>Dem shoulder plates

They look like they were designed to deflect blows straight in to her vital organs.

>> No.22152720

maybe not in battle, but in duels, it's a way to distract an opponent. Unless he's super-skilled, of course.

>> No.22152721

Thank you for confirming that style over function only has a place in mock-up circumstances for entertainment rather than any real battles.

>> No.22152724


what the fuck is that, it looks very -not- warhammer

>> No.22152738

Are you fucking retarded? In a life-death situation, no one is going to give a shit about anything like that because survival instincts are in effect. Even if it's a perfect beautiful woman who suddenly exposes her boobs, if she's trying to kill you you're not going to care.

>> No.22152743


it was the theater of war

At the expense of cowardice, they made armor with more flair and fashion than protection.

protection would be lame, in a war theater.

>> No.22152752

I did say practicalish.

I always remember the pic when stuff like that is said. Besides >>22152299 is more practical.

>> No.22152758

I'd question the effectiveness of armor that deflects blows from the ribcage out towards the neck and intestines, along with leaving a gap between the pauldrum and breastplate that's just begging to be stabbed, but I'm nit-picking at this point.

Bright colors and banners, on the other hand, certainly do.

>> No.22152774

Pointless posting impractical armour girls, but at least sexy.

>> No.22152794


>> No.22152795


>> No.22152802

I mean. It's not like the goal is to seduce the opponent into motorboating you, if any kind of 'appeal' or whatever tactics are employed then it's probably to distract or put the opponent on tilt more than anything.

Jesus anon, have you heard of a feint?

>> No.22152809

I don't have my reaction folder any more, so have this to show my humour at that.

>> No.22152814

You underestimate which instincts are stronger. Also, if you're trying to fight on instinct, you are going to die horribly to anyone who knows what they're doing.

>> No.22152826


>> No.22152842

>> No.22152845

Maybe they'll be so shocked by the stupidity of armour such as >>22152826 I just posted that they have an aneurysm?

>> No.22152848

I'm sorry but this was just too funny.

>> No.22152863

See, is this skin-tight metal? Or is it something else?

>> No.22152870

Well, just for the sake of argument, that armor does make her almost immune to swings.

>> No.22152887

I wonder if they did it on purpose or just thought it looked sexy?

I mean, exposing boobs in boob plate, fair enough, but the entire naval region? They did that on purpose for either 1. Looks and have a naval fetish 2. They wanted to make it look like a penis.

I like this armour, the weight distribution is silly, her chest is still basically cloth.... Still, school uniform armour? Sweet! Also, I understand the pointlessness of discussing fantasy female armour when it's like this.

>> No.22152895

>> No.22152926

At least they bothered to put scales on the abdomen...not sure why though.

>> No.22152927

How is Kayles' armour from League of Legends? I mean, it seems OK.... But it depends on what;s under the loincloth style bit....

Might go on World of Tanks for a bit, been awake for nearly two days so will be having seizures soon, which isn't fun, so should log off /tg/ for the moment. Will be on later depending on how bad I flip out.

>> No.22152931

I'd say the former, the latter is likely a coincidence.

I'll scrounge around for some plated ladies to counter my distractions.

>> No.22152950

>> No.22152955


>> No.22152988


>> No.22153007


>> No.22153008

>> No.22153031


>> No.22153047

> killing someone for what they wear
> justified

>> No.22153132

>It's literally the most counterproductive way to design armor.
You can find a million examples of counterproductive armour that people (mostly rich fucks) wore onto the battlefield.
For a lot of history, style WAS more important than protection.

> unarmoured inner thighs on the left picture
It's like she wants all swords to magically home in on her arteries. That's what happens when you have unarmoured bits.

You don't even know what a boobplate is now. You see armoured breasts, and don't even see how it's shaped exactly like a fucking cuirass would be.

Unarmoured groin, cloth leggings, the valley along the waist is going to direct all swords to it. 0/10 have you ever been in an armour thread before?

> No helmet
I hope she likes being raped because people know she's a girl.

>> No.22153203

Rolled 1

see the paladin?

>> No.22153291

Except she does wear a helmet

>> No.22153339

> Seriously responding to that post
... Seriously? That was like a -5/10 attempt at a troll post. Purposefully.

>> No.22153725

Remember guys, not every suit of armor made IRL was perfectly optimized for defense.
There were some really stupid sets that were used en mass because no one thought they were inferior until they were actually used in battle. Even then, the specific design of an individual's armor didn't really matter when there were so many soldiers on the field.

>> No.22153763

she looks like she´s about to troll someone

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