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Describe your last PC with a gif. I'll start.

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Whenever things don't go according to plan

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This is how I druid

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As a forever GM, here's two characters from my traveller campaign.

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What... what even could possibly be going on there?

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people doing crazy shit to make others ask why they did it?

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Well, I can't think of a better reason than that, anyways.

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The end result of every situation my barbarian is in.

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I don't even want to know your system, but I'm guessing FATAL

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Bitch, that shirt wasn't even tucked in. How the hell does that happen?

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Fuck fancy fencing

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>Questioning the snakes movement
>Not questioning the snake not even biting her
>Not questioning the snake fleeing instead of just staying under her shirt for comfort
Son your perception of reality is fucked

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What the other saw when I explained my plan

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That's clearly an eel.

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Actually, bringing a two-handed medieval sword to a fencing fight would precisely be fancy fencing. It's just a matter of distracting your enemy with unconventional methods; but a good fencer can totally defend himself against a guy with a two-handed sword.

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I'm fairly sure eels move in more straight lines, and they also have this... Thing on their spine
I've never actually played a character based on this gif, but I want to

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She had a lot of guns.

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What the hell is that?

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In her vagina? Didn't someone do the math?
Dance in the Vampire Bund I think
From what I hear it's awful

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Neo-Spartan Pointman trying to manage her romance with the Angel Hybrid Prodigy Berserker.

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…a well-armed loli?

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Swords are overrated anyway.

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That's much funnier in a reverse.

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Not my last PC, but essentially how my Cleric operates.

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Dance in the Vampire Bund is not awful, and that is not it. That's Needless.

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Neo-Spartan Pointman trying to manage her romance with the Angel Hybrid Prodigy Berserker.

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Nonsense, she only has 2 arms!

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I have to watch this series again.

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that's me when I throw my hands up in the air and give up.

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I got attacked by a tiger. It was fucking terrifying

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I am a wizard of explosives.

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Are you the girl or the snake?

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What's his acrobatics at? He can fucking walk on air and he can survive a fall from any height

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So can I be on your game

I'm easy

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You raped people in wild shape?

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Ahhh good old shield bash.

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tengu bard

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That elephant is an anti semite!

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>not named smashingboard.gif

you disappoint me, anon

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Why would you assume such a thing? Like I play a puny druid, pfft

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So, you were raped by dolphins?

If my DM had an animal rape me, I'd leave the game.

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You mean to whack off? Dude it can wait till after the game, no need to interrupt it.

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Unless it's one of "those games"
You know, the best kind

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This. If you absolutely cannot wait, just do it under the table. No one's gonna notice

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We have always noticed.

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And that distraction is used so we can do it without being noticed

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I like to notice and not mention it but then after the game give them a wink and say "Great game, eh? Next time, let me help out some more, though. You tried to do too much by yourself."

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And we're starting to think you have a problem.

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Modern Artificer with a thing for pipe bombs and explosives.

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>notice a dude jacking it under the table
>not mentioning it

Who has the problem?

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T-that's lewd, man

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Mutants and Masterminds.

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the dude whos staining up the shop's carpet.

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>implying my PC isn't a lewdomancer

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Its not been the best campaign for me.

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Well, I don't want to draw attention to it if no one else notices. I mean, what's that say about me if I'm the first guy to notice when someone starts jacking it under the table?

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That you're the only one who put points into perception?

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That made me so sad.

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>6 people all uneaisly glancing at each other waiting for someone else to be the first one to call out #7 for masturbating "quietly" under the table.

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>"I didn't think anyone cared! I mean, anon knew I was doing it the whole time and never made a sound!"
>Group turns to you
>"Is this true, anon?"

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I want to play a lewdomancer. But doesn't that require one of the other PC's to be a really shy/timid person for real RP to occur?

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>Rolls to bluff
>"no man, I was just scratching"

Also the captcha just gave me its phone number: 889-8181. Should I call her?

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You mean your group doesn't have a timid and proper character? What kind of anime are you playing?

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>"Well guys, I need to go. I'll see you next week!"
>"Cool man, see you then."
>Gets up
>Everyone looks at his knees
>He sighs and slowly walks out

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I don't know, she keeps giving me mixed messages that can't be understood by anything less than a nat 20

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Why don't they all just play pretend and fuck

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Go for gold, anon. You may just be the first to experience pure robot love.

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>That flash

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>MFW half a fucking session of nothing but this shit

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>No razors attached
Here I thought I was going to see slowly motorized gore

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I think this one works.

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Oh my lord I need details on this one.

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Grind It Extreme Sports

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There are no shitty balls in my current game, but yeah, that always took me off guard.

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Isn't Parkour for getting from one end to the other as quickly as possible?

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Style points bitch

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Beats me. All I know is it made for some interesting get-a-ways involving lots of skill checks.

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I was the only sane man in that entire group.

This was my face when the party leader did...fucking anything.

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>Meanwhile the intelligent people use the elevator

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Actual parkour is, yes. Free-running is about getting from one end to the other while looking really stylish, and it tends to get mislabeled as parkour, too.

On topic: Because Druids.

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Being the favored of the goddess of war is great. And so is the ability to infinitely deflect 'arrows'.

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>Elevator breaks down
>Guess who climbs inside the shaft to save them before the maintenance guys get there?

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Oh, motherfucker.

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>save them
it would only be saving them if the elevator was plummeting. Any faggot who is free-running to get to a falling elevator will not make it in time

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Not that idiot.

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BESM martial artist. If only he wasn't for a 1-off.

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Synthesist Summoner bound to a wheelchair who upholds justice because if he hadn't fucked up his legs, he would have gone to the chantry when he turned 13.

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I kept waiting for him to hit himself

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That dude's got the look down, but doesn't realize that the parkour assassins use doesn't have any twirling in it. They don't really spin or flip.

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he is the hero elevator deserves.

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Those people must have shat so many bricks

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the eel was trying to crawl somewhere dark and safe

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How I summoner

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so...he is too cool for assassins creed

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Parkour, yes. Free-running, less so. Though if you train in parkour, you're going to do some twirly shit and do "roleplay". Something like "okay, so here there is no ground, that barrier I can't touch because it's electrified, and I have to be able to do that in less than 20 seconds because the bomb is exploding".

It's basically the roleplayer's sport.

I often imagine there are crocodiles.

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>I'll save these fellows trapped in an elevator with my sik parkour

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>They don't really spin or flip.
Uh, yes, traceurs spin to reorient themselves mid-air. No flipping usually though.

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So cool.

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he's talking about the assassin's creed freerunning

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>Yeah, I will

Oh, okay.

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Mad scientists are the best characters to play.
Catgirls are the best species to play.

Indisputable facts.

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dat filename

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Ability to shift my movement as a move action, combined with teleporting attacks as a reaction?

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>Catgirls are the best species to play.

>Indisputable facts.

No, catboys are.

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>Indisputable facts.

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Even ones with daddy issues and access to nukes?

>> No.22058948

How so?

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Yes, as well as ones with nuke issues and access to daddies.

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Except a kobold.

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How would he defend against that? Do tell. I'm not attempting to be an ass, I'm genuinely curious.

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I'm do fencer (nor am I him) but I think you'd just have to dodge like it's nobody's business and wait for an opportunity. It shouldn't be hard to find them considering how slow a greatsword is compared to a rapier.

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Dodging and counter-attacking is what fencing is all about!

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It's from the movie Four Lions, I believe.

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Bro, do you even eisenfaust?

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Dammit, forgot my picture.

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Man, those hips just drive me craaaazy.

The heresy is a bonerkill, though.

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tfw no religious fanatic gifs...

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Knowing the game is CoC may cause players to be overly careful.

>> No.22059223

He was a shapeshifter human druid who was afraid of everything.

The rest of the group thought he was cute.

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Even if they're careful, they'll probably still end up with at least four dicks each.

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He does sound adorable!

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Try playing CoC without growing a dick. It's hard, damn it.

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Yeah, better without the trollface.

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4th edition Bard.

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I see a DM, with a party of murderhobos...

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Old Space Crusade commercial.
The character wasn't 40k though, he was just a very professional dungeon crawler.

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I fucking hate you. I fucking hate Fenoxo. Because of this slutbucket and his shitty game, I will have to forever spell out Call of Cthulhu or you fuckers burst in, trying to be clever.

>> No.22059525

I'll bet more people played Corruption of Champions than Call of Cthulhu.

>> No.22059532


You like it, admit it~~

Just wailt till they make it like Monster Girl Quest

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After Walter and the group walked into a Psy-anomaly, they all began having shared hallucinations.
A dead, dear friend appeared from nowhere, everyone was stunned due to drama.
This was Walter's first reaction.

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Dear gods, man. Calm down. It's just a joke about a porn game. And it isn't even that shitty.

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Every time.

Every goddamn time.

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Rolled 4

>goddess of war
Tell me more.

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Holy fuck /tg/, get on your cartoons. OP's pic is of Gruncle Stan and there's not one mention of "gruncle" nor "gravity falls" in this entire thread. Gravity Falls, it's on the Disney Channel, watch it. There are all sorts of hidden messages and stuff


>> No.22060757

if i were making a post talking about hidden messages in things, trying to get people to watch it for that express purpose, i would post a link to something showing a hidden message. i guess thats just me, but i suppose you dont really care

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/co/ pls go

>> No.22060828

That's the show that turned /co/ into pedos, right? No thanks.

>> No.22060855

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people that frequent /tg/ play CoC. So yes, the joke is probably made often.

Also, being the party straight man is suffering.

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Rolled 3

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

>That's the show that turned /co/ into pedos, right?
>That's the show that turned /co/ into pedos
>turned /co/ into pedos

they were always pedos man.

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Well, it exacerbated their pedophilia. Better?

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Fire warrior chick that liked to sing.

>> No.22061997

psions mang

>> No.22062098

an RP based character in a group of min-maxers...

>> No.22062189

That's adorable

>> No.22062426

How Vampire usually turns out. Just call my Tremere Nintendo, and the rest are the various elders of the Camarilla.

>> No.22062433

I don't remember much about her except that she was some lithe redhead that was supposed to be based on Scáthach of Irish mythology. After completely dominating her chosen champion in a tournament and doing a few favors for her she gave my bastard sword-focused Weapon Master Fighter (Pathfinder game) the ability to temporarily apply the bonuses and benefits from his feats and abilities to any weapon he picked up as long as he held that weapon.

I didn't realize until later when we ran across his Gilgamesh expy that I had pretty much become a sane pic related in a breastplate and armored coat. It was enjoyable all the while so I didn't say anything other than a "clever girl".

>> No.22062435

And I guess Reggie would be the inconnu.

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>> No.22062571

is that the lower undead burg from dark souls?

>> No.22062582

is that a fucking dingo?

>> No.22062677

What the HELL is going on here?

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>> No.22062712

It's from Kane & Lynch 2 and I'm pretty sure that's a German Shepherd coming at them like a hound of hell.

>> No.22062718

I wanted to ruin several characters' lives, but they pretty much did it themselves just fine.

>> No.22062749

This is how I paladin.

>> No.22062861

VTM, playing a librarian Kiasyd that probably enjoys combat a little bit too much for his own good.

>> No.22062883

solves most of my problems with fire

>> No.22063018

but yuno lived twice. three times depending on how you look at it

>> No.22063053

>twice or thrice

>> No.22063479

seams about right

>> No.22063528

Not a gif, but I played a waifu-level Thri-Kreen warblade. No one else asked if she had breasts, so I never said.

I think the DM might have glimpsed my character sketches recently, though.

>> No.22063555

Only imagine a nazi outfit instead of a nun outfit

Time-Traveling Hitler will ever see it coming!

>> No.22063641

Because that guy was in a wheelchair and was choking out a bad guy? Durrrrrr

>> No.22063829

I wish I was joking.

>> No.22063850

No you don't. That seems awesome.

>> No.22063892

So what are they for, airbags?

>> No.22063904

Diplomancers. Yeah.

>> No.22063913

So I was pretty much an average necromancer and when our quest was over and stuff. We went our seperate ways, I didn't become a total dick so I just partied with all my skeletons. My guy died and became a lich, continued partying. DM was surprisingly okay with this.

>> No.22063941

Well... they weren't intended to be quite as large as in the picture provided, but still huge, damnit.

To answer your question: They are for cuddling.

>> No.22063943


>as a diplomancer

>> No.22064012

This is the closest thing I have to him.

Was basically a Half-Orc Bard in Pathfinder who refused to use weapons. He only fought with his music/magic (I chose the most show-offy and music-based spells I could) and by grappling. He wanted to be a hero that people would look up to, like a masked wrestler. Except he didn't have a name or a mask and he wasn't very honorable. Despite being Neutral Good he used Bluff to make the party think he was Lawful Good.

He ended doing nothing but get his shit thrown around, knocked out, dropped, tied up, etc. Most of this was done by my party, 3 of which were Chaotic Neutral. His only actual attempt at combat was attempting to get the guns the Gunslinger had pointed at him away from his face. He barely budged his arms because of average STR and a poor roll.

He ended up tied up by the Barbarian and thrown into an alleyway, screaming bullshit about righteousness and such that he only half-believed in as the party went to deliver a vial of Alchemist's Fire to an orphanage in lieu of the medicine they were supposed to give them. The dialogue that lead up to the altercation had my PC say something along the lines of, "I will not sit by while an orphanage is compromised! Especially considering that a Lucha such as myself is likely to own an orphanage!"

He was basically the most pathetic member, and president, of the Los Tiburon fanclub.

>> No.22064152

It was slightly unbalanced.

>> No.22064210

Tech priest with a love of fire. Shit was surprisingly effective once you realize how hard it is for high armor things to stop being on fire.

>> No.22064219


This is why the DM has to outlaw honey-pot-ant thri-kreen.

>> No.22064221


>> No.22064241


What movie was that from, again?

>> No.22064244


>> No.22064288

This is why there should be published material on them!

>> No.22064300

This is why we have nice things.

>> No.22064328

Dark Heresy character. Hive scum from the upper spire.

He used his Blather skill alongside a perform check to insult several Tau ambassadors who were trying to open trade negotiations with his hive world

>> No.22064334

cabin in the woods

>> No.22064337

Replace 'bus' with 'frost wizard'.

>> No.22064461

almost a little too nail on the head

>> No.22064464

Trollface ruined it. Whoever makes the gifs really needs to stop, 'd actually like to see the guy's reaction instead.

>> No.22064474

Just because I've gotten PAST the traps doesn't mean I've DISARMED THEM

>> No.22064506

Last PC was a wizard. .gif nails it.

That series had the most expressive faces. This is, of course, my opinion.

>> No.22064525

Played a Jean Reno expy who was former FFL and now an undercover interpol trying to dig out human trafficking in Southeast Asia in a Black Lagoon style game. Combination detective and heavy weapons guy. Not really good at computers. Lotta fun to play.

>> No.22064553

My DC heroes character.

just once i'd like to actually hit something.
my dice are cursed

>> No.22064609

>fighter human mercenary
>dwarf teammate wakes me up and tells me a bear is attacking the camp
>"haha are you shitting me dude?"
>turn right, see bear, he's not shitting me
>since im a hired mercenary, i dont get paid if any party member dies
>DEFCON 1 (see picture)
>max damage critical hit
>cut bears arm off
>go back to sleep

>> No.22064613

Room full of enemies pls.

>> No.22064623

>> No.22064644

He had no tongue and was extremely disfigured. And no, there was no "but he's a really nice guy on the inside." He worshiped fear, and loved the fact that his new appearance made it easier to spread his deity's gifts.

>> No.22064667

Current campaign and the rest of the party is murderhobos and a shady as fuck DMPC. They decided to go out and adventure and spook a herd of cattle into stampeding towards them, resulting in lasting physical harm. I was back in town shopping because I knew something like that would happen. Feels good, meng.

>> No.22064674

Knight that got a Jet-Figther-Tricycle.

>> No.22064698

most jet fighters have 3 wheels.

>> No.22064710

But this was literally a tricycle with jet engines and a gun plataform attached to it.

The gun plataform shot Sword-Axes that fired bullets.

>> No.22064818

>Sword-Axes that fired bullets

>> No.22064826

My PC was just master of disguise and escape artist. This lead to inevitable pranks and just plain dickery when we didn't have any jobs to do.

>> No.22064827

What can I say? I was playing a bard who enjoyed gettin after it.

>> No.22064832

And the elf killed a whale by accident while reflecting a rifle bullet.

With his buttocks.

>> No.22064857

At least this is how those on the recieving end of his shots look

>> No.22064860

So, have you killed your son yet, or what?

>> No.22064928

No son. Three daughters that worried the shit out of him though. Closest he ever came to losing his shit was the occasional time an enemy provoked a 'You done fucked up now'. Those usually ended up with one or more people pinned to walls with swords and more than one tavern renovation at his expense.

>> No.22065059

Scathach trains Cu Culann, and gives him a spear that always kills enemies it strikes, Gae Balg.
Her sister, Aife, bears Cu Culann's son, Conlai.
Cu Culann kills Conlai with Gae Bulg.

Irish mythology is big on positivity.

Cu Culann eventually dies; in part because he declined the advances of Morrigan, the goddess of bloodshed and chaos.
After he's killed, Morrigan drinks his blood (in the form of a beaver. Obviously).

Like I said, positivity.

>> No.22065126

+8 bonus to resisting bull rush attempts.

>> No.22065147

Oh, we can take things slow, babe.

>> No.22065161

Ain't nobody's having none of your skankiness.

>> No.22065196

I understood what you meant. Was actually a fan of Cu's even before my GM pointed me towards the Fate series.

Pretty sure the only reason my character didn't have to go through something like that is because we were finishing up with those characters and he's bro enough not to just off one of the PCs like that and my guy was always more of a swordsman though he wouldn't turn down a good spear if needed.

I did, essentially, play Cu in a Mutants & Masterminds game once though. Our GM was unprepared for the amount of drinking & stabbing that went on in that one.

>> No.22065200

There weren't that many criteria on HOW we had to execute the governor, after all.

>> No.22065275

>turns down a woman
rank E luck at its finest folks

>> No.22065298

Now this is the greatest game I never played in.

Incidentally--the Marshall was Q, I was awesome. I have no idea what he was expecting but I blew it the fuck up. Hell on Earth indeed.

>> No.22065312

Fits perfectly. I was playing a Crossbowman who thwarted everyone of the GM's plans by climbing and shooting.

>> No.22065332

My penis rises at the prospect of getting busy with Emma Stone.

>> No.22065339

3.5 Sorcerer, level 17

>> No.22065340

Fair enough.
Well, that was just strike three, after all.
Strike one was "we'd better marry this kid off before he starts raping our sisters," and strike two was when he DID cheat on his wife.
To be fair, he made his choice. At the noted-for-wisdom age of seven, with absolutely zero forethought.
So, low mental stats to go along with the luck.

>> No.22065378

What anime is that gif from?

>> No.22065394

gestalt sorerer/monk, all of the z-fighters are

>> No.22065415

>honey-pot-ant thri-kreen.

I'm going to need stats for this

>They are for cuddling.

They are for crushing!

>> No.22065420

Wheelchair paladin is my next PC.

>> No.22065422

>Dat filename.

>> No.22065476

Speed: 20 ft.
Bulky Build: Considered large whenever it would be a hindrance.
-8 penalty to hide, tumble, swim, jump and climb.
+8 racial bonus to resist bull rushes, trip attempts, overrun attempts; +8 bonus to diplomacy checks
+4 Constitution, max hitpoint each level
Has a sort of "lay on hands" ability to heal party members as they must hungrily suckle the rich nectar from her tender, swollen bosoms

That's a start, I guess...?

>> No.22065480

sad now

>> No.22065487

Being a Lancer is suffering.

And, of course, I can't find my gif of Zero!Lancer killing himself.

>> No.22065499

Call of Cthulhu.

this actually happend.

>> No.22065535


Ultramarine Devastator with a heavy bolter.

>> No.22065576

Maybe some sort of power absorb liquid to make themselves bigger?

Or the power crush people with their bulk or cause earthquakes

>> No.22065585


>> No.22065592


>you come across the eternal party, where a lich and his skeletons dance forever

its going in the random encounter table.

>> No.22065601


Come on man, there's no chitin at all in that. I can't fap to that.

>> No.22065613

Causing earthquakes is a little extreme. You'd have to be... really big!

Please don't tell me you're surreptitiously acting out a fantasy of yours here....

>> No.22065617

When our last fight went 200% better than planned and the Angel failed all its attacks, leaving us with very low collateral and thus LOADSASURPLUS.

>> No.22065620

None can resists the allure of sweet, sumptuous bug jugs.

>> No.22065642

I played an amoral wizard in a three-track simultaneous campaign.

>> No.22065648

I think we need another thread with Thri-keen fap-material.
Maybe the guy who wrote the Animorphs Andalite-smut will grace us with his presence

>> No.22065660

I think /tg/ should just have such a thread stickied.

>> No.22065667

>try to post
>type captcha in 6 times

>> No.22065681

The reaction I tell people I still have a standard monitor.

>> No.22065700

Like a computer monitor? A CRT?

>> No.22065728

Sometimes it's fun to be a monk

>> No.22065730



>> No.22065733

He always dies on his feet. That's the deal.

>> No.22065742

Much appreciated comrade.

>> No.22065749

Damn I fucking loved that fight scene. I'm only halfway through the series, but I can't wait to see more of that him. Anyone who fucks with Gil like that is alright in my book.

>> No.22065766

i played a standard dwarf fighter. The party also had
>a cursed airship, christened "The Magical Fairy Princess Unicorn of Limited Penetration"

> a necromancer who somehow failed at every attempt to kill us ( not DM mandated, he consistently rolled below a 5 whenever he tried to take action against other members of the party

> a gnome who wore nothing but a gold banana-hammock and a human skull, who once broke us out of prison by casting "make firewater" on the piss bucket. His favorite spell was "Evard's Black Tentacles," and he would often ignore groups of humanoid enemies unless one member of their party was a minority. We Eventually improvised a baby backpack and put him in it.

>> No.22065772



>> No.22065781

>> No.22065790

I was a tank

>> No.22065804 [SPOILER] 

This is how I Ghost.

>> No.22065809

What is this series?

>> No.22065813


Oh god, that movie. I loved that movie when I was a kid.

>> No.22065815

What is this from?

>> No.22065817

>my DM's face when my assassin kept dodging attacks from an Emperor's Children marine.

>> No.22065823

oh you are going to LOVE berzerker

>> No.22065824


>> No.22065833

watch it, it's good. but for the sake of understanding you may want to play (not watch) fate/stay night first

>> No.22065844

The Venture Bros

If you go over to /tv/ or /co/ they rave about it. As they should, the show is god tier. All that character development.

>> No.22065848

Venture Brothers.

>> No.22065874


>> No.22065894

The Venture Brothers.

>> No.22065968

And now i need to know the movie or else my dick is going to explode.

>> No.22066027



That picture is just a bloated woman with a fatty cyst above her ass, big eyes, and some wobbly looking antenna things. Step it up.

>> No.22066090

You are just a fatty cyst.

>> No.22066102


>> No.22066167

Check your privilege, cyst scum.

>> No.22066427

Icy what you did there.

Requesting moar busty Thri-kreens

>> No.22066516

Image Limit

>> No.22066572

My apologies.
N-new thread, perhaps?

>> No.22066727


Crazy, Stupid, Love. That shitty looking romantic comedy with Steve Martin and Ryan Gosling.

>> No.22067221


>> No.22067224

whoops didn't mean to have my horrible little post actually point at anyone, ignore

>> No.22067756

Do you even what?

>> No.22067840

Scoobie Doo and the Ghoul School, right? Damn, that was a great movie.

>> No.22068423

>le jump

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