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This is how I Bard.

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This is how I Warlord.

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This is how I barbarian.

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This is how I gunslinger

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This is how I vampire.

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This is how I Dwarven Reproduction

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This is how I mage.

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This is how I DM

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This is how I masturbate as a wizard.

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>this is how I DM

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This is how I paladin.

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This is how I trap my dungeons

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This is what I legendary artifact

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This is how I adventure practically.

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This is how I fall.

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This is what I... legendary artifact

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This is how I Dark Heresy.

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>that file title

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This is how I plot twist in 1940 mystical campaign.

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This is how I pun.

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excalibur pls go

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This is how I dodge

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This is how I diplomacy check.

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This is how I morale bonus to AC

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So you somehow managed to get into negative modifiers?

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This is how I party

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This is how I Cloud Walk

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You just don't get how I do diplomacy.

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Very aggressively by the looks of things...

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This is how I human.

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This is how I no longer team leader.

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Worked pretty well.

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This is how I transhuman.

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This is how I underpaid and overworked.

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This is how I monk

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everyone is having such fun!

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That does not look practical or better in the slightest. Also, WHERE'S ALL THE COOL ROBOT LIMBS?!?!!

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You watch the sage too?

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This is how I deal with being underpaid.

It is also how I get cursed by Zeus.

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>qui sentiunt cum populus vobis invadere doleat tibi

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I bet you don't like how I transhuman evening robe either.

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This is how I deal with being conquered.

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Sage? I saw it on Chip and Ironicus.

Sage, off topic, etc etc...

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This is how I soldier

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And how I days off.

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And finally this is how I vacation.

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This is how I finish.

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This is how I Earthbound

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Fool! My legend dates back to the 12th Century.

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My nigga!

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Off the charts!

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This is how I wizard

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HOLY SHIT look at this badass motherfucker!


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This is how I Tax Collector.

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This is how I Cleric of St. Cuthbert

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This is how I bard

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This is how I roll on Mutation Tables

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Shit, motherfucker.
That's something that I thought NOBODY would remember.

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This is how I nobility

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Those are castanets, not maracas.

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This is how I bard

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The thread called them maracas.
It all started with the image posted by >>21604805, and we made some amusing things.
Then a writefag came along and gave Julius Bard an origin story.
It was a fucking awesome thread.

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This is how I Updog.

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castanets make it better

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I only ever vaguely remember the thread but the picture has stuck with me and I post it when I have the chance.

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Nope, Jullian is a vague part of the collective memory. Not so long lived to be a meme, but he did have sex with it.
+10 to memory.

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This is how I supersoldier with powered armor.

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This is how I do Wolverine Style.

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This is how WE bard


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>Flour atomized all over the air in the room
>Holding a torch
Deadlier than you think.

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This is how I Barbarian.


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I like the part where Vol gets turned into fucked up Tezzeret at the end.

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This is how I DM

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With a biting satire that flies over your players' heads?

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Yes actually. Its actually a bit of Machiavelli and Vetinari.

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This is how I do your mom.

Every friday...

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This is how I USA

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This is how I Constitutional Monarchy

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I think this country would have been better in its own monarchy. Fucking founding fathers, trying to be innovative and making a new government. Fuck em all.

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This is how I enjoy work.

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We as in you and your homofaggot boyfriend

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This is how I /co/. It really is.

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God damn it, I've hit the point in my life where I have read the source to every hentai based reaction image.

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This is how I /co/

Fakku is a terrible (sexy) beast.

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this is how I USA

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>monocle denotes magic
>So this is how I wizard

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This is how I horror

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This is how I kill rebel scum.

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This is how I beastmaster.

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This is how I Star Wars

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This is how I diplomacy

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This is how I Female Fighter

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This is how I DM

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Mah nigga.

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This is how I Paladin of Tiamat

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This is how I Limit Break

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This is how my friend GMs

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Fuck you.
I thought that was a real thing for a moment.

And now I'm sad.

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This is how I Rogue Trader

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Would that it were, my friend.

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How I DM when I'm good

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This is how I LARP

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How I DM when I'm not.

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This is how I dwarf

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This is how I Rogue Trader

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What is this?

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Will you rule better?

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This is how I Rogue Trader

I'm not very good at rogue trader

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I ruled like Pic Related.

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It's a pretty solid movie about a suburban working middle class guy who just one day gets walked on a little too much and breaks down.
He doesn't go on a postal rampage or go looking for vengeance really. He just wants to go visit his daughter for her birthday, but he's constantly stopped for multiple reasons and by multiple people, the former he often solves via baseball bat, and the latter he often solves via intimidation.
It's pretty cool all things considered.

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This is how I inquisitor.

Everything was heresy.

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It's also possibly Joel Schmeauer-idon'tfuckingknow's only good movie
he's the one that made Batman&Robin

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Jesus...where the hell is this from?

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check it out

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World War 2

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>be Inquisitor
>first time out of monastery you were trained in
>wander the planet you are sent to
>all heretics
>ignite planets atmosphere from orbit

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>Royal guardsmen
Uh, okay.

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This is how I Paladin

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That's how I woman's right to choose.

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>first time out of monastery
But that's not how it works. At all. Inquisitors don't just go to a school. To become an Inquisitor, you have to first be an Interrogator, the personal apprentice of an Inquisitor. And that takes years.

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Looks like the rape of Nanking.

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I went to school for it. I got in on an athletic scholarship. I majored in purging with a minor in heretical studies.

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this is how I Beastmaster

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my bad, I'm mixing my knowledges up. If you wish, you can post a correct green text.

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I meant like Assyrians, but here's a clearer picture.

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This is how I Bard

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That is motherfucking Genki Sudo, the guy who has a martial arts style consisting mainly of showboating. Dude is a fucking champ.

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This is how I magic weapon.

>> No.21606036

This is how I Summoner
>Shoggoths. Shoggoths everywhere

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That is some fucked up shit, what movie?

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So you ruled like Ashurbanipal, then. Excellent in all things and noteworthy for literacy, with substantial military achievement but ultimately leading to decline, to succession wars and the fall of the empire. I reckon Heraclius was by far the better ruler in the long term, but perhaps not as fun to play.

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Maybe Wind Talkers? All I remember from that movie is the historical "Japs can't into Injun" thing, some bloody and brutal melee stuff, and every time an American threw a grenade they seemed to hit an ammo dump stored next to a propane tank on top of an near-surface oil deposit.

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Nah I don't remember that from Windtalkers at all, and it seems like it's something I would remember. Thanks though.

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More or less.

With the occasional pillar of skinned foes and a good amount of burning rebellious family members during said succession wars, with the fall coming as I flee from my family's ancestral homesystem as my fascination with Xenotech bites me in the ass.

Obviously it is a slight stretch. Possibly I should have used Muhammad Ali of Egyptian fame instead.

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This is how I Shadowrun


>> No.21606116

>Muhammad Ali of Egyptian fame
Pretty sure he's more famous for his time in the ring than anything else.

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This is how I battle between a Sanctioned Psyker and a pair of Chaos Sorcerers:

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This is how my group plays /tg/'s most excellent game

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This is how I fighter.

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This is how I Monk

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This fellow. Look him up, he was pretty interesting. His policies (and moreso the policies of his children, which my sleep addled mind attributed to him) lead to increasing debt and reliance on the cotton trade. Unfortunately, this began to be less profitable as time went on (which I cannot remember but I believe had to do with the American Civil War and Indian cotton as a growing industry) and debts mounted. Eventually Britain more or less took over to repay the current ruler's (not Ali, but instead a fairly distant descendent) debts.

So a better way of putting it would be 'possibly I should have referred to Muhammad Ali's dynasty'.

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This is how I roll a 20 on an athletics check

>> No.21606160


>oreadwe double-breasted
Captcha, we need to talk.

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Ah, Mitsudomoe. I expected Kodomo No Jikan and instead got my spleen exploded from too much laughter. I'm weak against comedy based on misunderstandings.

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This is how I husband and wife team.

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This is how I Paladin

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THIS is how I USA

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Isaac and Miria aren't actually maried.
This is how I checkmate.

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>dat filename.

>> No.21606263

I need stats for this.

Captcha: compromising dndersh

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A wizard's staff has a knob on the end, knob on the end, knob on the end. A wizard's staff has a knob on the ennndddd! What he does with it is magic!

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This is how I surprise attack

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On Christmas? You have no honor.

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That's pretty much how i Senechal in Rogue Trader.

Shitloads of Commerce and Barter coupled with heavy ordinance. It's amazing how people gets cooperative when you drop a 50 kilotonne macrocannon warhead in their backyard.

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tis the season

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This is how I Chastener.
Chastener is a rank within the Adeptus Arbites roughly analogous to the real world rank of "Inspector".

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This is how I Monk

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u mad, hessian?

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This is how I thief.

>> No.21606362

This is how I Catachan teaching Hiveworlders.

>> No.21606383

don't you mean this?

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This is how I Star Wars SAGA bbegs

>> No.21606543

This is how I most dangerous thing in America.

>> No.21606562

childhood obesity?

>> No.21606569

Nigger with a library card.

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This is how I Lawful Evil.

>> No.21606610

This is how I Chaotic Evil.

>> No.21606662

this is how I Chaotic Evil

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>he`s got something in his hands!


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What is this from? I keep seeing it here and there...

Reminds me of that shitty Crossed or whatever comic.

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No Hero

it's alright

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this is how I paladin

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This is how I Lawful Evil.

>> No.21606705

This is how I Chaotic Evil.

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this is how i hobo

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This is how I Hobo

>> No.21606785

What Would Agent Franks Do?
Is that right?
Oh, and if it is, he'd shoot the witnesses.

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That's odd, it's how I Psion.
And how you thrall.

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This is how I pilot

>> No.21609701


This is how I AdMech

>> No.21609836


This is how I bard.

>> No.21610503

I'm thinking put a lot of points into perform: dance and perform: sing.

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This is how I monk

>> No.21610631

This is how I cleric

>> No.21610682

This is how I Paladin

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This is how I DM.

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>made in Spain
Europe Fuck Yeah! Toledo wins again

>> No.21613725

Toledo steel is the best steel.
I heard they've the license for damascus teel, not sure if true.

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What show are the Aquabats on on Hub?

>> No.21615461

Aquabats Super Show! bro! Watch it!

>> No.21615506

This how I summon

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>> No.21615823

A biting satire that no one recognizes as such, cannot be said to be satire at all.

It is but a failure on the part of the author.

>> No.21616065

Rolled 88


>> No.21616228

This is how I monk.


>> No.21617108

This is how *I* summoner:

>> No.21617551

>> No.21617611


>> No.21617638

This is how I react to annoying mongrels.

>> No.21617909

Skarner, the Sad Scorpion.

>> No.21618149

Mah nigga.

>> No.21618194

funny, that's how I troll

>> No.21618240

This is how I helpful NPC.

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