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This is how I guardsman.

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This is how I play Magic

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This is how I neckbeard.

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This is how I RP in all my games.

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>Inb4 shitstorm
Also, this is how I ask "Why?"

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This is how I Paladin

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This is how I barbarian.

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This is how I animal companion.

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This is how I Guardsman..

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Goddamned Kasrkin squads with your fancy gear and shit.

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This is how I necromancer.

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>Dark Side skywalker

Mah nigga

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This is how I CG monk.

And how I start alignment fights.

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This is how I Malkavian.

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This is how I SAN loss

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This is how I rogue trader.

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This is how I paladin.

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This is how I paladin.

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This is how I Devastator

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This is how I Fighter.

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This is how I Chaplain

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This is how I Commissar.

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This is how I Barbarian/ Paladin multiclass

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This is how I Soulknife.

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I might actually roll up a brolaire-inspired paladin if I play 3.5 at my FLGS. Any protips?

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This is how I Artificer

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This is how I Paladin.

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This is how I guardsman.

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This is how I Sabbat.

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...and this is also how I Sabbat.

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This is how I Paladin/Monk.

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This is how I Feat Turn.

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This is how I DM

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I love that the guy in the window seems more disgusted by the contents of the store than the crashed car.

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This is how I guardsman

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I think he's just looking directly at the guy taking the picture. Like, "Why you taking a goddamn pic while people are cleaning this shit up."

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The older generation just don't understand that the reasonable reaction to any situation like this is to get out your phone and tweet a picture of it.

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This is how I Barbarian

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And this is how I Sabbat.



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This is how people Fighter.

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This is how I diplomat

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I want to do this in a game somehow.

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Best villain ever.

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This is how I Cleric of Pelor.

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I like it!

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This is how I do a rouge campaign

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That kid has got some balls, drawing an elder sign on Cthulhu's stuff.

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Identification on those?

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From left to right
>Sherlock Holmes
>The Question
>don't know think he's from an anime

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A better villain GWB this guy?

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Or this guy I mean come on this guy is the definition of lawful evil

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Next door. Jackass.

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This is how I NPC.

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This is how I Mage. Nephandi or otherwise.

I close my eyes and seize it
I raise my fists and beat it
I light my torch and burn it
I am the beast I worship

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This is how I Rogue.

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This is how I Fighter.

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this is how i drow.

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this is how i tank

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Fuck that guy.

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All the fist-bumps

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This is how I BBEG.

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This is how I connect the plot

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>mfw doubles

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This is how I superspy.

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Who's that guy with the red tie? I'm thinking Inspector Gadget but that can't be it, can it?

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This is how i creep.

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The Question.

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The guy you can't think of is The Spirit, an old Will Eisner pulp character.

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This is how I shadowrun

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This is how I fighter.

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This is how I DM.

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This is how I warforged.

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This is how I CE Barbarian

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More like, "This is how I plot-hook."

This is how I NPC

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Gentlemen, BEHOLD!

THIS... is how I NPC!

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