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It's that time again, /tg/!

Remember to post explanations! Template incoming.

1. Monk
2. Stereotypical chinese kung-fu master
3. Wandering do-gooder who goes 'zerker-mode and is looking for a purpose

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For your consideration

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>What I Made
Dr. Hashmir Ali, an Egyptian Archaeologist in Call of Cthulhu.

>What the DM Saw
A militant Sunni Muslim hell-bent on the destruction of America, Israel, etc. The Keeper also really focused on my character's drug addiction, which was tranquilizers.

>What I Played
Dr. Hashmir "Motherfucking" Ali, Man of Allah, dedicated to the destruction of all things Eldritch with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The character's name also became synonymous with doing something totally awesome thanks to the roll of the dice and foiling the Keeper's plans utterly. Now whenever I or any of the other players does something of that nature, everyone shouts out "HASHMIIIIIIIR!" including the Keeper himself.

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Second, took some image finding.

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frankly it's better without the explanation

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1. Half-dragon Cleric/Face/Sorcerer(Lots of gaps to fill for stupid party)
2. Standard Holy Man
3. No explanation needed.

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I think I need an explanation on this one, at least for the last panel. Did you play a railroad worker, a chain gang, or a horde of chinese with shovels?

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>What I made
Half-Giant Fighter

>What the GM saw
a tanky beatstick

>What I played
Andre the Giant setting out to become the number one wrestler in the world

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Dwarven Spellsword.

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It was a weird west setting, roughly the 1920s when technology crashed and magic, magical races, and so on started showing up.

I made a tengu gunslinger.

The GM saw a tengu gunslinger.

I played a chinama (well, woman,) who had spent her life prior to the start of the game working for an oppressive railroad company that basically treated tengu like slaves.

It's still going, and I'm enjoying the hell out of the game.

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>Be orc ranger.
>Never say a word to party.
>Follow them, hunt their prey, take trophies.
>In the end I was just learning about them so I could hunt them, too.

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(I should specify that due to my character, Tengu are basically now the equivalent of chinese in the setting.)

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holly balls that is such a good idea

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Once you play Black you never go back.
Also please provide examples where you played him, I would ever so love you for sharing such stories.

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aagh! These are terrible! Stop shitposting!

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I was an exalted warlock/monk with kingstone flash and rider kick, among many other tricks

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you see, these are all completely subjective. They communicate nothing because there is no context. Its like you are trying to spray and pray with inside jokes that other people won't find funny.

Also, its pretty clear you don't understand the concept of the template. The idea is to contrast how you perceive yourself to how others perceive yourself, and expose the irony of the objective truth.

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1. Void Master ex-con escaped from mining facility.
2. Target Practice
3. Specialization in all things piloting. Was a leaf in the warp.

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Holly Balls sounds like a sexual Christmas decoration.

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A good example is:
"What I played" - Picture of a fighter
"What the DM saw" - Picture of a scarred toothless brute with an enormous axe
"What I played" - A man with a shield standing between bandits and innocents.

It's clear what they entail (I play a fighter, DM saw the usual HIT STUFF WITH STUFF, and I played a defender of the weak)

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Is that it? I always saw it differently. I've seen my players do this, they come up with a concept that quickly takes on a life of it's own, going places no one expects it to. Or at least that's how I've always seen it.

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>Baccano!, Indiana Jones, Hellboy Junior, and the Three Stooges
I want your group!

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Okay, so this one is one the the PCs in the game I'm running, but whatever.

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>dat White Phosphorous scene
I'm sorry. I didn't know. I didn't think. I'm so sorry.

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1. Monk (like, from a monastic order, so i guess it was actually a cleric? fukken D&D classes)
2. stereotypical priest/holy man with an Egyptian pantheon

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Though now that I think of it, this is more accurate, but less funny.

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know I don't know who any of those people are

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this, holy shit. how fucking hard is it to type into your post what stupid ass anime cliche you think is so fucking hilarious?

have you seen how nobody is responding to anyone's posts in this thread? that's because nobody knows who the fuck you're talking about.

new plan - everybody post the most insulting interpretation of what other people have posted. i'll start:

1. a gay anime vampire
2. a fish summoner
3. an internet meme


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As they guy who posted >>20160022 I feel obligated to tell you that I can't stop laughing.
Thanks for that.

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1. Maenad Wilder/Psion
2. lol dark side emotions
3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCmMbohXn6o

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Star Wars Saga Edition

>What I Made
Astromech droid, KOTOR era, maintenance/security/hacker expert for a wandering information thief.

>What the DM Saw
A mobile appliance/plot device

>What I Played
A wisecracking droid who talks dirty to the computers he hacks and shoots people in the dick with a stun pistol.

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Shit now I wanna play some SW and make a utility droid.
"What function do you serve?" "Bending."

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1. Malkavian
2. Fishmalk
3. Nervous wreck/Sociopathic monster DID.

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>explaining it

but that ruins the point

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>What I Made
Street Sammy with a military background

>What the GM Saw
A fairly standard tacticool Street Sammy

>What I Played
Gin Rummy from The Boondocks. I didn't even try to be subtle, since my then group didn't know The Boondocks, so I could get away with it.

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1. Cleric
2. Standard Platemail holy man
3. Squishy healer alchemist white mage

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Unfortunately people can't be arsed to fucking make sense of the damn chart and use it as "WHAT I MADE" obscure anime character
"WHAT THE DM SAW" another obscure anime
"WHAT I PLAYED" obscure anime character who is supposedly different from the first.

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1. a very confused Italian
2. a Renaissance fop
3. a needlessly-circuitous plan to fuck a gargoyle

1. a laser-hipster
2. a giant robot self-help guru
3. a man too ugly to fuck prostitutes

fuck, these are kinda fun. JOIN ME

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Star Wars Saga Edition

>What I Made
A Mon Calamari Noble/Soldier building towards Officer

>What the DM Saw

>What I Played
"Kid, I ain't got time for this horseshit, get on that door and keep those Imps outta this bunker!"

I even helped the party bluff through an Imperial Star Destroyer once.

"Offhuman Espionage Division. We don't have ID. We don't NEED ID. I report directly to Tarkin himself. Are you SURE you want to do this?"

We were by them long before they realized there is no Offhuman Espionage Division.

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1. A Bard
2. A gay Bard
3. Ha-Hah, Multiple Entendre!

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1. An Octopus
2. A depressed man
3. A whore

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1. Dwarf Druid
2. I is the DM
3. Bends all the things.

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I think this one should be fairly self explanatory.

Yelling "NEVER QUESTION UNCUUUUUUUUUUUULE" at the party's Space Marine backup (We were marking targets for the Marines to assault) and then hitting him in the face is one of my proudest moments in DH.

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1. Avatar of BALD
3. the world's worst dildo

1. a pretend archer
2. a tadpole wizard
3. an unapologetic Chick-Fil-A manager explaining why they have run out of chicken sandwiches

1. Latex Cupid. his "Fuck Bullets" give people the uncontrollable urge to pee on each other and film it
2. the millstone around the neck of Steve Jackson games
3. a Fremen

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Oh god I lol'd

Tell me you said "ONE MORE THING!" frequently.

>> No.20160333


Also "We must do REEESEARCH!"

>> No.20160344


How did you come to doing that? Did playing him like that just come to mind or was it planned?

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1: Bard
2: Smooth talking party face con man
3: Evil genius(complete with flame thrower)

A: I actually wound up spending four rounds of combat building a "firesquirter" out of my crowbar, a stirge probiscis, spare rope, a wineskin, high proof dwarven liquor, and other fiddly bits.
B: I called for orcs to parley, then had the party's barbarian drop a massive stone door on the ones foolish enough to stop in confusion, rather than continue to charge.
C: I was talked out of putting all the orcs heads on pikes, and settled for JUST the hill giant's head.
D: I called for an orc to surrender, then left him with a dwarf who's family was lost, and told him that he was to be kept alive, then promptly left them alone so we could finish the fight(+2 intimidation check for that one). Accidentally let something vital slip, so I used streetwise to signal to a party member to slit his throat.
E: Used my Action point, moved up towards two archers on a tower, and pulled them off of it... For forty feet of fall damage.
F: Suggested we use a spare orc body we had in our bag of holding to incite war between a tribe of orcs and a slaver gang.
G: Need I go on?

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What movie is that last one from, I have a dickbag friend that won't tell me, because, apparently, "If I don't already know, I don't deserve to know," or some such shit.

>> No.20160424

Are you being serious?
If you don't know, you DON'T deserve to know.
It's from Iron Man 1.

>> No.20160429

Gold/Titanium Alloy Guy.

>> No.20160432

>spoilers in /tg/
I need to remember we don't have those.

>> No.20160433

the first ironman movie

>> No.20160435

Ferrous Chap

>> No.20160449

Dickass. I don't watch movies as I don't have income.

Thank you.

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NPC Edition
1: An Orc Barbarian
2: Some disposable muscle to assist the party of new players until they learned to stand for themselves
3: I tried to kill this fucker off so many times, and they ALWAYS saved him. Eventually they helped him claim an Orc tribe and, after being trapped in another dimension for a few years, when they found him again he had united all the tribes in the continent against the Lizardman invaders from the south.

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Steal them then. It's not that hard to do.

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The inability to effectively communicate humor in this thread is reaching genuinely autistic levels.

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Fuck yes Grunt is the best character!

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What i made: a nurgle-worshiping marine (Ex Ravengaurd)
What the DM saw: Dual thunder claw blender
What i played: A sadistic doctor with a skewed view of the world, and what it means to help and save people.

>> No.20160659

>Fuck yes Grunt is the best character!
That's fucking WREX you fucking retard!

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>Urdnot Wrev
>not superior Urdnot Wrex

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Why /tg/ is so bad right now?

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Tony Stark from Iron man


Thanks for letting him know my good sir.

The character started off his loose life as a Pathfinder character at roughly the same time as the second pirates movie - he then somehow gotten himself into a position of minor power and then somehow acquired himself a forge.

Next thing I knew, I was Tony Goddamn Stark - providing the magical weapons to specifically combat the homebrew monsters of the campaign, which ended up with me mass-producing and selling the equivalent of the Jericho missile.

By the end of the campaign, the character got bored - left his company to run itself (with massive profits and basically bringing the world into an impromptu industrial age/utopia) and he disappeared off to obscurity to act all Jack Sparrow and shit again.

I miss him.

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>What I made
Imperial Guardsman.

>What the DM saw
The hero of Canton, the one they call Jayne.

>What I played
PTSD-ridden war veteran with a penchant for vigilante justice.

>> No.20160701

> What I made
> What the dm saw
Thief with a guitar
> What I played
Useless pussy with too much charisma.

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>I can't escape it, every Alchemist I play ends up blowing the shit out of everything.

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We were using a heavily-modified d20 Future. I am always "skill guy".

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So we decide to give Only War a shot.
I make a Weapons Specialist and make clear that I eventually want him to fire a heavy stubber standing. Everyone assumes I'm trying to be The Heavy. Then we actually start, and they discover this simple fact. Under fire my character is one of the finest human beings in the Imperium. Now all he needs is for people to throw hand grenades at him for the rest of his life.

>> No.20160815

Yeah, under the d20 Modern ruleset (and all of it's derivatives like Future and Past), the Field Scientist is basically THE BEST class. You get a shitload of skills, you get a class feature that lets you use Int for attack rolls with a weapon of your choice, and you generally kick ass.

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Dark Heresy on IRC, later Skype

>What I Made
Assassin flavoured as a hunter with Dusk as his home world despite not being from Dusk. 45 BS, 23 Fel at rank 1 because lucky rolls and deal with GM (lost -5 Fel for +5 BS.

>What the GM Saw
All the cheese sniper build, leway given because rest of the group was not so combat geared. I was the Street-Samurai of Dark Heresy.

>What I Played
Old Greg.
The 65 year old marooned, alcoholic, survivalist, nam-vet-inspired, dirty, stinking hunter. Marooned from his Rogue Trader ship by a dirty Seneschal for being loyal to the RT and the Emprah! Lived for 30 years alone on Dusk surviving with sharp sticks, shoddy bows and arrows and a salvaged battered old hunting rifle called Bessy. Went a little (a lot) crazy. Never bathes, thinks laser weapons are for sissies. Drinks and smokes all day every day constantly carrying a flask of rotgut in his boot and a fine bottle of single malt whiskey in his backpack for rewarding him self when a job is done. Spent 100xp on the special trait "Never runs out of Iho Sticks" so he can smoke all day every day.

Old Greg survived the entire length of the campaign from Rank 1 to just on Rank 6 when the group finally dissolved after 1 session 5-6 hour session a week for a few months.

>Now going to do the group I GM for.

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>What I made.
Stealthy ranger who scouts out the dungeon for traps etc. for the group.

>What he saw
Silent dick ass ranger who doesn't communicate much and just freaks out our halfling.

>What I played.
Fucking Vayne.
>dem tumbles (shift)
>dat condemn (pushback)
>dat damage

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>What I made:
Kobold Factotum, to fill in for anything the party didn't have covered already.

>What the GM saw:
In one of the first few sessions my character found a Catapault (bard spell) bracelet that could store and launch stuff. Including grappling hooks, which he also found with the catapault bracelet.

>What I played:
Eternally terrified kobold that isn't quite sure why he is where he is, but whose curiosity just barely outweighs the fear.
Just barely.

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Player one.

Dark Heresy

>What The Player Made
An Arbitrator. General purpose tanky goodness. Splash some investigating crimes skills for jollies and having use beyond being a meat shield for the other players.

>What I Thought He Would Play
Bucky Barnes version of Cap. But replace America with the Emperor and the pistol with a shotgun.

>What he has played so far.
Judge Fucking Dredd.
With the Dirty Harry attitude surfacing occasionally for kicks. Doubles as the party face thanks to being the most practised role-player and having Intimidate up the shit house.
Current favourite weapons:
Hand Cannon
Good Quality Shock Maul shaped like two fists for people to gaze into before he hits them
A shotgun with a mono knife attachment, treats it as a throwing spear when out of ammo. Has a trick where he ties a length of cable to the trigger, throws it and sticks it in an enemy then pulls the cable to fire the shot.

When he does the trick with the shotgun I make him take:
BS test to throw and hit like usual
S test to see if he can pull the trigger with the wire.
BS test to see if gun fires, +30 for point blank and +10 for the awesome.

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Fuck forgot to attach file.

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these threads are so fucking stupid.

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>> No.20161360

nobody's forcing you to look at them

also, your face is stupid

>> No.20161361

Pirate Baltair? Awesome!

>> No.20161375


From the guy who made c'ptn Jack Stark - this is awesome.

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Player 2

Dark Heresy

>What The Player Made
A Techpriest. That about explains it.

>What I Thought He Would Play
A slightly bent genius that would otherwise fill the roll of technical support.

>What They Have Played So Far
A killbot with the personality of HK-47 combined with Cave Johnson. Experimental Homicide is his speciality. Hates tech-heresy fanitcally and loves every Omnisiah blessed weapon he can get his hands on. Wants to replace one of said hands with weapon. Well on his way to becoming a Secutor.

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>What I made
Paladin of the Raven Queen, Goddess of Death.

>What the DM saw
"Oh god, it's going to be some "edgy" emo bullshit..."

>What I played

And in a completely different movie reference, I'm still sad I never got to cut a rope bridge while shouting "PREPARE TO MEET ORCUS - IN HELL!"

>> No.20161436

That picture would be totally awesome if the second and third panels traded places. I'm kind of tired of Adeptus Murdermachines in my 40k RPGs.

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Player the Final.

Dark Heresy

>What The Player Made
Criminal Scum.
Self explanatory.

>What I Thought She Would Play
After being told that this player wished to play a Scum, and connecting dots back to what I had been told by other players about her previous RPGing I expected the Dick Ass thief with all the JRPG looting and none of the RPG common scene. Reference: TwoDee's Trout.

>What She Has Played So Far
Bullet Magnet.
Not my fault honestly, she has done some pretty silly things that caused this issue such as being the only player to NOT dive for cover in a fire fight. Attempting to melee the big badass mutant in minotaur power armour because I suggested its suits power systems were exposed on the back and damaging it would be a fast way of crippling it but would wreck the suit (she wanted the suit for her self). Fails Climb checks on a regular basis but has not yet invested in climb for some reason. Out of the 9 months the team has been together in game time she has spent 2 in tubes being treated for various wounds including nearly losing her arms, one leg and a punctured lung. Has since worked into her characters back story she has a fear of medical bays due to her numerous trips to them. Loots everything and tries to sell it.

Crowning achievement so far:
Managed to beat aforementioned mutant using her one shot flamer attachment on her autogun. Did a decent whack of damage to him and caused him to burn to death while she bleed out on the floor (he charged right into her after she used it) and was kited around by the other party members.

>> No.20161545
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I did pretty much the same thing as a Cleric once.
Though the GM's initial impression was more of a cardboard-cut-out pious holyman, due to not know shit about my diety of choosing; and in part due to how soft spoken and well manered I was when not faced with vile heresy and heathens.

>> No.20161633
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Trouble in your neck of the world? Call 1-800-jew-beast. Remove anything that you hold dear before arrival.

>> No.20161687

" Come now Zhanyae. You can't evade my presence for ever. I allready have one of your friend's. Mio was it? Ah we have been having such a lovely chat her and I. But I must say where have you been hiding all this time? Well doesn't matter life has been grand with out you."
-Yuri Irons

>> No.20161692

This would make a better story if "What The DM Saw" and "What I Played" were reversed.

Hardly anyone thinks of judaism when golems are mentioned in an RPG context.

>> No.20161711

It tends to come up in nWoD's "Promethean: The Awakened". In it, the story goes that it wasn't actually a creature of clay, but a reanimated body encased in it. They are, naturally, associated with the element of earth.

>> No.20161725

>the story goes that it wasn't actually a creature of clay, but a reanimated body encased in it
I've heard of vampires carrying around their coffins, but never zombies wearing their graves.

>> No.20161833

Whoops. I meant "Promethean: The Created". Mage is "the Awakened".

It wasn't a zombie so much as a Frankenstein-esque reanimated corpse given life through the theft of the essence of life (akin to the fire of the gods stolen by Prometheus). Capable of intelligence, but somehow bound to the service of its creator. Most "Golems" aren't actually encased in clay, but that one was for the sake of not scaring the populous completely shitless.

>> No.20161879
File: 156 KB, 1200x550, alexmadesawplayed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WoD werewolf
>Tons of money
>No one takes money wolf seriously
>Takes over city

>> No.20161907
File: 86 KB, 1077x519, whatImade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my Hunter: the Vigil one. See if you can't figure it out.

>> No.20161924
File: 1.66 MB, 1820x922, What I Ran.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20161936
File: 128 KB, 1200x642, 654165465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry.

>> No.20161968
File: 193 KB, 1200x532, Quinn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made an all-rounder (Read as badly built) Bard skill monkey/party face in D&D. He is now running a small mercenary company, and has the party's highest intelligence score at 14.
Fucking mercenaries man.

>> No.20161985

There are 5 types of Prometheans. They're created through the theft of some mysterious life essence called the Divine Fire. Their unnatural creation results in nature itself reviling them, including mortals.

>Frankenstein; the Wretched.
The classic patchwork monster cobbled from corpses and somehow given life through lightning. Frankenstein's monster was the first of these kind. Their element is fire and they're known for strength.
>Galatea; the Muses.
Physically beautifully, but they inspire a more subtle abhorrence than other Prometheans. They create feelings of spite and jealousy by their presence rather than outright revulsion. Their myth stems from Ancient Greece, where a man fell in love with a statue he had sculpted that was so beautiful that Aphrodite herself came down from Olympus and gave it life. The Promethean version is a little more macabre, the man having actually crafted a physically "perfect" woman out of body parts of others. Their associated element is air.

>> No.20161989

>Osiris; the Nepri
Based off of the ancient myth of Osiris and Isis, these types of Prometheans are arguably the oldest variety. They act as scholars and leaders, and whether or not they buy into the idea of being birthed from the same power as a god, they tend to lend themselves to aloofness and nobility. Their unique gift is to deny death itself, able to come back to life after being destroyed (under certain conditions). Their element is water.

>Tammuz; the Golems
Already explained this one, a bit. They're the counterpoint to the Wretched- These ones are unnaturally hardy. If the Wretched are an unstoppable force, the Golems are an immovable object.

>Ulgan; the Riven
Of shamanistic origins, the Riven lend themselves to the spirit realm despite being creatures of unnatural creation. They stem from the myth that a shaman's soul is rent apart and remade anew by the spirits. The Riven end up taking this more literally, and their bodies are torn apart as well, the pieces undergoing their own rituals being being brought back together. Their "element" (if one would call it as such) is spirit, not bound to the physical realm in the same way as the other four types of Prometheans.

>> No.20161992
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Playing a guardsman in DH.
He lost his hand pretty early on and got a bionic replacement.
Through what I can only presume to be Tzeentech dickery, the party was attacked by orks. In a bout of heroism, my character got onto the warboss' tank, promting him to get out through the cupola, and attacked him with his bayonet...
So, with his knife stuck in the warboss' chest and his sorry ass laying somewhere on the battlefield, the guardsman devised a new plan: rush the warboss again.
He got on the tank and smacked the ork in the jaw with his fist, stunning him. Then he fired a hot-shot from his lasrifle into the warboss' chest, stunning him yet again while tearing him a second (or first? I'm not too good with Ork anatomy) asshole, armed a grenade, pushed it into the resulting hole (yet another stun), held onto his knife stuck in the warboss, and kicked him off the tank.

And that's why you don't steal my characters' weapons.

>> No.20162048
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>Mighty dwarf paladin
>Short fat ugly woman
>Busty short rogue-type warrioress.

>> No.20162180

stop bringing your disgusting fetishes into a game.

>> No.20162188
File: 74 KB, 850x1020, greenmarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DM thinking dwarf women are bellies with legs

Clearly, they don't frequent /tg/.

>> No.20162319

>not playing sassy dwarven women

>> No.20162339
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How's this for sass?

>supletit loved
Wow, captcha. This is... kinda getting eerie, actually. I do love supple tits.

>> No.20162345
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>> No.20162492
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>What I made

>What the DM saw
I like swords! I like swords! I like swords! I like swords! I like swords! I like swords!

>What I played
A tactical genius who used terrain, flanking, and maneuvering to the fullest advantage and managed to out-damage the barbarian, out-maneuver the rogue and monk, and out-smart the wizard with his strategies

>> No.20162497
File: 602 KB, 3006x1471, 4chan_champion_progress_meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New template, go.

>> No.20162666
File: 2 KB, 187x147, 1284841274899.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Corruption of Champions

>> No.20162814
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>Out-maneuver Rogue
>Out-damage Barbarian
>Out-smart wizard
Now you just need to escape with Buttercup through the Fire Swamp.

>> No.20162868
File: 99 KB, 1200x585, Rogue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20162920
File: 1.22 MB, 3008x1472, Quinn2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20163045
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What I made:
>Strom Sahei of the clan Inugami
A dwarf out to prove his clan's great name by adventuring.
What the DM saw:
>I chose the carreer of Troll Slayer because I thought it sounded cool, so the DM was expecting a standard tank character out for melee.
What I played:
> I made a list of cheesy one liners and began to say them out one by one in every round of battle. I really said things like: "I'm here to take you to the bank -- the blood bank."
"Dead or Alive, your coming with me."

>> No.20163131
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I really don't get some of these.

>> No.20163220
File: 77 KB, 1077x519, madsawplayed first character.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20163222
File: 756 KB, 3006x1471, Artificerwhathaveidone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Started out as an Artificer who never asked for any of the adventures he was thrown into.

Wanted to peacfully grow old and tinker away at his many machines and steampunky-clockwork contraptions.

Lost an arm in a brutal assault on city he was forced to protect. Became oppsessed with Self-forging to spite ancient deity (and the GM who wants my character dead).

>> No.20163333
File: 1.23 MB, 3006x1788, 1344006275081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since we're apparently using CoC now...

>> No.20163353

What's Corruption of Champions?

>> No.20163616

Google is your friend.

>> No.20163661


He'll eirther be gone for hours or scarred for life.

>> No.20163687

Most likely both.

>> No.20163693

Probably both.

...and it won't be the last time either.

>> No.20163710


If he visits /d/ with any regularity he'll be fine.

>> No.20163759
File: 417 KB, 687x750, killitwithbullets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20163761

Considering he didn't even know what CoC was, I find it unlikely he frequents /nsfwtg/

>> No.20163778

Theeeeere he is...

>> No.20163799
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Hint: You're not supposed to for some of these.

>> No.20163974

kill yourself

>> No.20163993


Scarred for life, what did I tell you.

What was it that rustled your jimmies, son? Was it the furries? It was the furries, wasn't it?

>> No.20164063

>Answered your question
I'm starting to think your friend just doesn't like dealing with you because you are a giant child who can't tell when he's joking.

>> No.20164100
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I recognize some of this stuff as only being possible in Pathfinder, but...
>move + full attack in same turn

>> No.20164299

>Game: Exalted

>What I made
A Southern Eclipse Solar from Gem, with aspirations to be a merchant prince. He was also a little crazy

>What the DM saw
Crazy Hassan

>What I played
Equilibrium. I stumbled across pistols and then a martial art centred around pistols. That was fun

>> No.20164343


Righteous Devil Style?

>> No.20164352
File: 804 KB, 1200x533, What I made....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ever have that awful situation where the DM is awful but the character you made is wonderfully fun to play?

>> No.20164366


Yus. Also the more normal Golden Exhalation style because that had some pretty swanky stuff in it aswell

>> No.20164418


How do you reckon those two MA's would port into the Modern Shard?

>> No.20164436
File: 267 KB, 800x355, tgwhatwhatwhatgnawblox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20164473

forgot to post
>What i Made
Halfling Wizard
>What the DM saw
WoW gnome mage
>What i played
Lazy, arrogant, crazy wizard. He only used mage hand to pick things up and at one point in the campaign his sole goal in life was to regain his love for hot chocolate after prestidigitation on a potion to change its flavor backfired.

>> No.20164490
File: 85 KB, 1200x542, 13439706344101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1.strongdark brooding warrior. ( was gonna multiclass blackgaurd)
2. lvl 1 noob weakling human who looked like a gay bard who won't survive the campgain.
3. A super strong kill first ask quesations later slayer that survived everthing the dm threw at him.

>> No.20164545
File: 160 KB, 1200x542, DnDChar1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Created a warforged teddy bear
> DM thought I was gonna rape lolis
> Spent most of the game spying on enemies and gained enough exp to become a juggernaut

>> No.20164723


A lot of the Firepieces shtick is that they are less like firearms and more like flamethrowers in a way, as such there are a lot of powers around splitting fire, shooting firey pheonix's absorbing your opponents fire based attacks and fireing it back at them. That sort of thing

It coulc translate but some powers may need a few changes, if the guns in a Modern setting are actual shot firing guns

>> No.20164752


Oh yes we've had that.

>> No.20164894


Hey, were you the bro that was asking for advice on rolling up a warforged teddy bear on a warforged horse? The one whose princess outgrew him?

>> No.20164936
File: 50 KB, 550x363, fmj3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the fucking time.
Pic related is the inspiration for a character in just such an occasion.

Some truly awesome things did come out of that game. Like glue-marines and a multi-game legacy of hatred and awesome (two different characters).

>> No.20166114

What's that first one?

>> No.20167352


That is awesome. You should look up WEG Star Wars Quest in the archive. There was a guy who played a Mining Lifter modified by a crimelord to bust in and rob banks. Imagine Bender with BIG FUCKIN GUNS!!!

>> No.20167589

During CharGen I got near-max WS and Ag (better than the party Melee Assassin) and low Fel, and random-rolled maximum age, scrawny build, and the extra-Int, extra-Corruption thing.

I was gonna play a russian type until someone at the Table said "Huh, sounds a bit like Uncle from that Jackie Chan cartoon".

The DM ended up hitting the both of us for the -stream- of Uncle references that followed.

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