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Okay guys, following up from another thread I was reading before, how about we try and make something?

Codex Hrud, what should it contain, what should their stats be like, what's their 'thing'?

A few notes on them, to spark off some ideas:
- They pre-date mankind
- The word 'infestation' is often used in conjunction with them
- Wear nothing but rags and filth
- Prefer darkness
- Limbs can bend in any direction
- Produce poisons from their body
- Produce what they call 'ssaak'; a distortion field that cloaks them in darkness
- Produce an entropic field that causes premature ageing in their surroundings

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Man, I miss the old codices.

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Oh, and they use mostly warp-tech, warp-plasma, etc.

For the record, I'd suggest giving all Hrud Poison (4+), Entropic Strike, and Stealth. As for their statline, maybe not so good in the skill department, but better in initiative and strength?

I'm thinking WS 3, BS 3, S4, T3, I4, W1, A1, Ld 6, 6+ armour, thoughts?

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Bumping, really hope this sees some interest soon.

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>I'm thinking WS 3, BS 3, S4, T3, I4, W1, A1, Ld 6, 6+ armour, thoughts?

I'm thinking definitely an average BS, so 3 works good. WS 3 works good for basic troopers. Don't know about the S4, I'd probably make it 3. Initiative should probably be higher. At least 5, if not 6. Everything else looks good. The Cloaking Field I think would be built-in, meaning they don't use much at all for armor anywhere. 5+ maybe the highest on their HQ. But to compensate, the army's saves work off of Cover. Besides Stealth, possibly give them also a constant 5+ cover save in open-ground (after stealth)? Once they're in cover, then of course they'll quickly get higher cover ratings.

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I'd agree with initiative 5, I was originally going to put 5, but I wasn't sure just how fast they'd be, so I left it at 4 to see what people thought. As for the armour, I was thinking it would work like Dark Eldar Haemonculi/Wrack Gnarlskin (6+ armour). And, we could go with a rule saying they get +2 to cover at all times? Basically stealth but better. I have a feeling these guys would fold quickly in combat though at the moment, sure they're fast, but they literally have nothing to protect them, should we do something about that, or should we leave it at that so we can field more of them and have a proper infestation?

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From those notes, they might be a fallen civilization that is clinging to their warp technology, maybe preserved by some form of religion or voodoo culture.

Maybe a high ratio of psykers to regular warriors? Even the Eldar don't field lots of magic men, it'd be a different playstyle. You could have different units give area buffs so that a complete squad is terrifying, but as you whittle them down they become less and less effective.

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Yes, yes. I like that. I've also read that they scavenge and salvage tech, not to dissimilar from Orks, except the Hrud actually know what they're doing.

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Space Skaven?
Space Skaven.

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Hruds are space skaven!!

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A Hrud "migration" led to the Star Phantoms' homeworld getting destroyed by Orks fleeing from it

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I like the thought that somehow, perhaps as a means of distancing themselves from the taint of Chaos or some other reason, they managed to set themselves slightly out of time phase. Somewhat like the creatures from Singularity, if people happened to play that.

It could explain why they decompose quite so quickly upon death, why they're everywhere and nowhere, have the entropic field, and only really interact with technology. Perhaps they only CAN interact with things like that without also pulling them out of phase. Not the best, but perhaps a starting point.

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Yeah, man!
That's not a Hrud...
that's a FRAUD!!
Real Hrud are space rodents!

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That's a fan model, you stupid piece of shit.
Hrud were never modeled ever.

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Make it S3, since with S4 they could reroll their wounds against a lot of troops.

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Fall in a well and die.
Hrud are space rodents.
NOT slime monsters.­
Only communists think that the Hrud are slime monsters.
>pic related
>non communists

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So the Hrud were possibly created by the Old Ones (Slah-Haii), who got fucked up by the C-Tan and Necrons (Yaam-Khoh) as we all know.

But the interesting part is, that it says one of the Slah-Haii escaped death and has gone off somewhere.

What if that one Old One ceated the Tyranids, or at least modded them to their current form to destroy the galaxy he thinks is now under the reign of the C-Tan?

And maybe the Hrud could have Preferred enemy: Necrons?

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There's another theory that says the 'nids were created by one of the c'tan that didn't get sharded.

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>>2+ cover at all times
I foresee a resurgence in flamethrower usage in the near future.

Nothing beats killing Space Skaven like shouting "KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

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Honestly, I think it would be kinds awesome if hurd had setting were both spess skaven and lanky bug guys. Maybe they have odd as fuck morphism like orkoids. Or they are all shapeshifters or something.

If anything they should not say anything about the difference

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it would make for one helluva codex...

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These remind me of the death gods from death note.
And they looked wicked awesome.

I love the skaven, but those creatures would look much cooler, then just space skaven.

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I'm still waiting for the day when the CyberDemon will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting factions of Warhammer 40k...

He's like the ONE demon that you think might be able to take-on Khorne...

>in b4 some dick mentions that the CyberDemon can be destroyed by the lone space marine you play as in Doom

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Stun-lock it with enough guardsmen
win forever.

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What if the Hrud was the remnants of the Old Ones and their lesser experiments? So you can have Hrud bug guys and Space Skaven.
Their fighting style would be using a low number of units, but can be modified to hell and back? That's what my preliminary thoughts are.

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Oh man, I wrote an entire Hrud Codex a long ass time ago. But unfortunately it was so long ago that it was of Space Skaven and therefore basically meaningless now.

I like the new Hrud even more though. I may try to convince the guys at my local hobby store that we should create rules for a Hrud unit for use in scenarios.

Probably mediocre psykers with mediore bs, above average ws, and insane rules about the dangers of getting into close combat and degenerating. Like, you get hit by being near them. Then their psychic powers could cater to that by allowing some kind of teleporting rules or even invulnerable saves from ballistics. No drop-podding.

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On lexicanum it says they were once, well it doesn't say they were beautiful, but at least not butt-ugly and lived under the sun.
Then after they creators were defeated by their enemies the sole survivor turned them into who they are today and left.

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I kinda like the idea that they're space skaven, but also that they're bizare creatures cloaked in shadows.

Maybe have them look like naked mole rats.

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This thread is semi-relevant to my interests, though I want hrud stats for the ArrPeeGee systems more than TT.

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Wait... that could work somehow.
What if the insect-form Hrud were actually a kind of biomech or slave unit? You can have the real Hrud being somewhat like mole men.

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The description of a Hrud weapon for Dark Heresy.

Comparing its stats to other weapons would give it the 40k stats of:
Range: 24"
Strength: X
AP: 5
Type: Assault 1, Gets Hot!

X - Always wounds on a 2+. Against vehicles, it scores a glancing hit on a 3-4, a penetrating hit on a 5-6.
Not a nice weapon.

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What, shiny black eyes, with bizare mandibles?

Possibly they're special helms. I mean, look at Eldar and Space marine helms, they look very little like their faces.

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no, because they wouldn't be Hruds in this case
and it's bullshit
>What if that one Old One ceated the Tyranids, or at least modded them to their current form to destroy the galaxy he thinks is now under the reign of the C-Tan?
Then Space Marines would be little girls who worship Gork, who is in fact an Eldar god, because eldars are in fact homosexual necrons.

but they did, an there's no way to make chaos-tainted ratmen and the spawn of the Old Ones cooperate.
Hrud=/=Space Skaven.

It's obvious that they did it, but doesn't the fluff say that it was after the War in Heaven, rather than during the Birth of Slaanesh?


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not a helmet, the Hrud corpse from Xenology clearly has a very similar skull.

Why do you want so hard to pretend that they are Space Skaven?
Can't you just open another thread and make up a Space Skaven codex, instead of taking off the appeal of the Hrud? That is to say, being creepy, bug-like evil feys that kidnap children and sweat poison?

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Part of me wants to not have anyone know which hrud is the original type

I do want to have everything in rags and rot away when dead

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Because people want to remember the old days, when hrud had tails, and Skaven existed in 40k.

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You do realize spess skaven don't have to worship chaos to work right?

They need rattiness, and a willingnessbto kill everyone and everything.

Chaos isn't needed, anymore then orkz need to be chaos because orcs into chaos and ork gods are probably warp based

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They want to remember the old days? Then let them remember the Rogue Trader. In the Compendium, the Skaven were off-handedly mentioned.

There, you have your Space Skaven, and they're called Skaven.

Do they really NEED to be called "Hrud" at the expense of what little fluff the actual Hrud have gotten? No they don't, and wanting them to is illegitimate.

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>non-chaos Skaven

That would make them loose a lot of their appeal.

>> No.18972636

No, they want to combine the two.

Still though, I see your point. Although at least give the hrud back their tails.

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in Xenology, they do have tails, with their genitals at the end.

Plus, combining the two would at least fuck up the fluff of Skaven, by having them be called "Hrud" instead of "Skaven".

>> No.18972642

What if the Skaven are working with the Hrud?

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then why stop at simply making them have a handful of units in the Hrud codex, and not their own separate codex as a separate race?

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A "rudimentary tail" less than a foot long. Hardly the thing seen here.

Still though, it's probably best if we don't go into it. The amount of people to see under a Hrud's robes is probably in single figures.
For codex purposes, they're cloaked freaks who rot everything nearby.

On a rules front, maybe give the warriors a less powerful version of the Dark Eldar Shadowfield? (An invulnerable save, but if it ever fails, it's gone for good).

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I've written a few paragraphs of fluff about the Hrud, a few months ago.

If you can get over the bad writing (english ain't my first language) and a few fluff errors, maybe there's stuff in it that'd interest you.


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Well fuck, then gimme my Kroot, Demiurg, and Vespid codex!

>> No.18972683

Since the picture in the OP is just an artists' interpretation (in universe), I figure I'd post the actual Hrud corpse.

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>>dem human hands
I just got a Lovecraftian chill.

>> No.18972699

one of them is an imperial bionic hand, the other has four opposable fingers

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D'aw. I am disappoint.

>> No.18972714

>Orks fleeing from anything

>> No.18972723

whatever, imma post it:

Most adult Hruds are skilled craftsmen, able to build advanced pieces of weaponry out of scraps and scavenged hazardous materials. Their most famous firearm, the Hrud Fusil, relies upon the engineering of Warp-plasma, an energy that no other species in the galaxy has managed to harness, and that the Hrud, perhaps due to their supernatural abilities, use almost casually. Its effects are similar to a prolonged exposure to the raw powers of the Warp, resulting at least in body-warping mutations, madness and extreme pain, and are particularly efficient against psykers of all races. Only trained Hrud warriors are familiar enough with such weapons to use them safely and -somewhat- reliantly. This is based mostly upon the fact that Hruds conceive and assemble their own weapons and equipment, following the example and teachings of their tribe's Craftsmen and Oracle.

>> No.18972725

Even though outsiders see them as greedy, wildly opportunistic creatures, each Hrud respects his fellows' belongings greatly and theft is a surprisingly rare occurrence amongst a tribe. They are, however, ready to use any means necessary to come into possession of a rare, valuable item. Scavenging and bargaining through slave emissaries are their primary methods of gathering resources, but raiding, pillaging, and of course robbing others are also extremely common. They are especially fond of Wraithbone and multiple other Eldar psychoplastic products. Not only are they useful, precious, and edible (delicious, even), but they are also strongly affected by the Hrud's warping aura. Most substances degrade unnaturally fast at their touch, but Wraithbone can literally rot in the vicinity of a handful of Hruds; hence their need for large amounts of this matter. Some Eldars believe that the Hrud invasion of Saim-Hann had no other goal than to simply dismantle it and use its remains as psychic fuel, raw materials for experiments, and of course food.

>> No.18972727

Hrud science relies as much upon tradition as it evolves thanks to the inventions of each individual. Many Hruds' creativeness simply consists in adapting known techniques to the few resources available at hand, but all tribes, no matter their size, comprise several builders, engineers and armorers whose talent borders on genius. These gifted Craftsmen, as they are called, are a vital element of a tribe's survival, and their authority can challenge a Tribelord's. Some of the most superstitious communities even regard them as sacred, as many of them claim to have been inspired by Qah himself, are prone to an eccentric behavior, Making them naturally close to an Oracle, and often share their secrets. Even if they never conceal their engineering methods, Craftsmen scarcely succeed in teaching them fully, as no Hrud, save for other Craftsmen, is able to strictly follow their most complex instructions and deepest explanations.

>> No.18972729

The primary cause of the Hruds' expansion throughout the galaxy is their ability to live off the resources of most other races, and to stay out of notice long enough to spread their kin. But another, slightly less important factor is their insanely high breeding rate. Mating habits are obscenely casual amongst the Hrud. They have no concept of marriage, and even the richest Tribelords do not own their mates. As a result, such practices are extremely frequent, and most adult females can be recognized by the dozens of variously developed Hrudlings growing on them, bulging beneath their robes, hanging like foul rotten fruits from their abdomen, and crawling at their feet, feeding on dead skin, at almost any given time. Hrud parenting is nearly nonexistent, as mothers simply ignore their chittering, animalistic progenies, sometimes using them as meals.

>> No.18972733

Infant mortality rates are also very high, but not enough to balance down the constant flow of newborns, only accelerated by their time-warping field, or "see-mist". Once Hrudlings have become strong enough to be a bother, they are usually gathered by apprentice Slavemasters, whose training consists, at first, in managing a herd of barely-sentient, voracious little monsters, or using them as cannon fodder during wars. Those who survive a Slavemaster's nursing until they are able to talk are then accepted as actual Hruds, and are officially acknowledged by their parents, who identify their progeny solely by smell, but rarely keep close relationships with it. Young Hruds are instead raised by the Oracle, and by the whole tribe, but remain bonded with their genitors and ancestors. Surprisingly, family ties are considered a critical part of their society, possibly because of the very lack of stable familial cells, which contributes to the unity of each tribe through the recording of the horribly entangled bloodlines that compose it. The Eldars, whose social organization still relies upon ancient noble houses, were always confused by this feature of the Hrud people, and have been more and more repulsed by what they have come to think of as thinly-veiled depravity since both races became enemies.

>> No.18972736

A Hrud's anatomy is a wonder of chemistry: They are able to consume, digest and metabolize almost any kind of material that they can gnaw down or drink, among which multiple poisons, rotten meat and several kinds of plastic compounds. Not only are they capable of producing a wide variety of violent toxins through their claws, but they can also secrete pheromones to communicate silently between each other and -more importantly- to influence others. Humans can effectively become addicted to the emissions of the Hruds. Most of their slaves would be unable to survive for more than a few days without being exposed to them, and several regiments of the Imperial Guard have suffered similar effects when battling the Hruds. Some Hruds go as far as to extract specific substances from their own bodies, distilling and concentrating them, then selling the results as powerful drugs to gangers and junkies, or merely weaponizing them. Some of their most addicted clients have no choice but to join them as slaves and pets solely to survive.

>> No.18972739

On a more regular basis, they use pheromones to rouse certain feelings and emotions in members of the other races. When confronting an enemy, a Hrud can inspire him intense fear and disgust, or create light hallucinations. Combined with their see-mist, they can literally make themselves appear more, or less dangerous than they actually are. Many of them use this effect to approach and kidnap their slaves; most children who survived these attempts -and, more alarmingly, most of the Taus who met the Hruds- even describe them as harmless, friendly, or even cute. Some Hruds make it a point to avoid shocking innocent creatures, more out of concern for efficiency than out of righteousness. Thanks to the somniferous, hallucinogenic chemicals they generate or synthesize, they take away young humans with swiftness and easiness, and are known as "sandmen". Many others display a cruel, gratuitous sense of humor and delight in the deception of their preys. It is not uncommon for female Hruds, called the "Lamia", or "Larae" to rob infants from their very cradle and to replace them by one of their grotesque little spawns, whose obfuscating abilities are no less developed than an adult's, as a practical joke. A human couple can thus spend months raising it as their own child before realizing its true nature. This habit, quite widespread in Hive Worlds, gave birth to the legend of "changelings". The Martinellian dynasty of Ermin VI managed to hide the misshapen creature they considered as their heir from the rest of the nobility for two years, before being accused of mutation when the monster was discovered, and were duly purged by the local authorities. To this day, the tribes of the Ermin system remind of the event as their most savorous "prank" for centuries.

>> No.18972743

Indeed, Hruds keep themselves informed of every last bit of news, and nothing happens on a world they invested without them being aware of it. Not only is it a key to survival and power, but it is also a racial trait that is present in almost every tribe. For a species with no solid organization, and whose very presence makes matter wither away, preserving knowledge is a primordial preoccupation. It is in fact an almost religious office to compile history, science, legends and information in the most scrupulous way. Carefully engraved, durable shards of crystal or rock are traditionally used at this end. Most Hruds carry at least one of these on them at all times, noting down any relevant event and returning it to the Oracle, who memorizes their contents and stores them in catacomb-libraries, alongside precious artifacts and relics. If the Hruds value historical accuracy, they also hold their legends to be undeniable truths; emitting doubts regarding their veracity is seen as a most serious offense.

>> No.18972745

An Oracle's main role is actually to archive and protect these libraries, as their being psykers makes them the heralds of Qah, which implies transmitting his Word, and preparing his return. Each tribe has at least one Oracle, very rarely two or three of them. Psykers are curiously rare in a race with such affinity with the Warp, and many of them simply do not survive their childhood long enough to be noticed as such. Moreover, customs recommend a tribe to split in two when a new Oracle appears. The previous one will spend subjective decades teaching him the ways of their race, handing him copies of the most important engraved shards before letting him lead a new tribe away from his.

>> No.18972747

As a result of this meticulousness, The Hrud language did not evolve significantly over thousands of centuries. Their spoken language is an unpleasant chatter of hissing and clicking sounds akin to the cough of an asthmatic child, that they associate with pheromone emissions and body language, such as contortions of their limbs or rhythmic vibrations of their antennas. Almost every Hrud is able to understand several dialects of Gothic, sometimes Tau, High Gothic, Eldar and in rare cases, Necrontyr, as well as dozens of battle codes. If they usually appear to word out these languages very poorly due to their lack of lips or vocal cords, some urban legends describe them as very skilled actors capable of convincingly faking human voices. Their written language is a complex combination of glyphs and sigils that are strikingly close to Eldar runes, sometimes incorporating letters of the Gothic alphabet or symbols from other Xenos writings, more as a means of cyphering it than as an actual influence. Aware of the curiosity of some members of the Adeptus Mechanicus or the Ordo Xenos, Hruds take pride in making their scriptures unreadable to outsiders. This preoccupation has been their main, nearly their sole cause of linguistic mutations.

>> No.18972754

As they believe to be descended from the Old Ones, or the Slah-Haii, the Hruds show a great hostility towards the Necrons and the forces of Chaos. They also used to be allies of the Eldars, but an obscure, race-wide cataclysm that resulted in the withdrawal of the Hrud Gods from the Warp, and possibly the apparition of their time-effecting powers, ended this alliance. Their relationships are now marked with bitterness, the Eldars only supporting the Hruds insofar as the their losing would represent a greater danger in the far future, otherwise trying to contain the Hruds' expansion as though they were a swarm of rodents. Eldar forces have been known to engage Imperial forces that tried to enter Hrud catacombs, lest the humans would discover the formidable secrets and technologies hidden in the underground chambers, some of these secrets concerning the Craftworlds themselves. The actions of the Harlequins are even more unpredictable when dealing with them, letting many wonder whether they actually know what to do with them or not.

>> No.18972762

As for the Dark Eldars, they are perhaps the only race that still appreciates them for what they are. Hruds are recurrently employed as mercenaries by many Kabals, including the Black Heart, and maintain fruitful exchanges with Commorragh. They are in fact the Dark Eldars' fiercest concurrents regarding slave trade, and rival their pirate fleets. As a result, conflicts are as frequent as contracts between the two races. Yet, entering the Dark City is forbidden to the Hruds, which they completely disregard. Firstly because entering the Webway is already a highly dangerous endeavor now that the Craftworlders are their foes. Secondly because their see-mist may affect their position in it and attract daemons, discouraging many Hruds. Thirdly because a dozen tribes are already present in Commorragh, living alongside the Mandrakes and cooperating with them in the most complete secrecy.

>> No.18972765

Orks simply consider them as a nuisance, unworthy foes at best, and almost never bother fighting them. Which the Hruds are perfectly content with, since it allows them to prosper and multiply at the greenskins' expense. So far, contacts between the Taus and the Hruds have been rare, the former displaying a careless, oblivious tolerance towards the latter parasitizing their installations and pillaging their resources in total impunity. Hruds have always been one of the Squats' most serious opponents. It is said that the Thor League invested their abandoned catacombs on many occasions, thus gaining access to some of their technologies. In turn, the Hruds have always been seeking a way to colonize Squat Fortresses, coveting their vast, fully autonomous infrastructures and endless resources of any kind. In fact, nearly twenty Squat Worlds, after having been wiped out of all life by the Tyranids, are now the home of very influential tribes.

>> No.18972770

Encounters between the Tyranids and the Hruds are rather scarce as well, as the Oracles are able to predict the arrival of a Hive Fleet months in advance, allowing their tribe to flee away safely. The first sign of a world-ending catastrophe is often the disappearance of Hruds from said world, which only the lowest gangers happen to notice. There has been a certain number of occurrences where Genestealer Cults and Hrud tribes found themselves on the same world. These situations usually end with the complete extermination of one of the two parties; with the Hruds being ironically more zealous and more efficient at pest control than the Imperial authorities themselves. Due to the Hruds' lack of actual parenting habits, the infiltration techniques of the Genestealers are not particularly efficient against them. But on specific occasions, a tribe unknowingly kidnaps and enslaves a hybrid, who will in turn contaminate other slaves and ultimately the tribe itself.
tl;dr: hruds are creepy assholes

>> No.18972773

I kinda doubt the Hrud would have something nastier than the Wraithguard's guns. S4 or 5 AP2 looks like a better guess from reading it since it bypasses defenses, but I doubt it would be a vehicle killer.

>> No.18972783

True, I was mostly stealing wraithgun stats, since apart from the instant-kill option they're alike. (2d10 damage, warp weapons)
Scrapping the vehicle damage makes sense though, I agree.

>> No.18972790

>> No.18972831

...The Hrud...
They are..
A sentient parasitic Necrotizing virus...

>> No.18972870

Interestingly, an item named in the Inquisitor game was the Hrud Panacea, a healing item, used by Jan Van Yastobaal to deal with his chronic health problems.

Kind of ironic given the plague and filth of the Hrud.

>> No.18972885

In before Necromorph-like units as elite choice, like flayed ones for the crons.

>> No.18972891

Not if they ARE the plague and filth.

>> No.18972932

anyone read me fluff?

>> No.18972977


>> No.18972981

Wait, I can see it.
Hrud Panacea should be an item that allows you to insta-kill any kind of Hrud unit (could be used as a commisar-like execution on your own troops), but who heals any non-Hrud creatures instead (you could use it if you fight with non-Hrud allies, to help your teammates).
Why ? Because the panacea was created as a poison for killing Hruds. The healing power for other life-forms is just a side effect.
Now, we are fluffy !

>> No.18972988

>>18972627 Do they really NEED to be called "Hrud" at the expense of what little fluff the actual Hrud have gotten? No they don't, and wanting them to is illegitimate.

Hrud were originally Space Skaven, see >>18972127

>> No.18972997

>literally says "skaven" in the labelling

>> No.18973007

The picture is from The Gothic and the Eldritch, the text below them (not in the picture) says that Jes sketched some 40k Skaven, which are those in the picture. And they look exactly like >>18972988

>> No.18973011

>they look exactly like a featureless lump with a ratlike tail

>> No.18973021


What ever they used to be is meanigles.
The Hrud are now these:>>18972683

>> No.18973025

Those suck though.

>carries an old-style rifle
>dressed in rags

Keep lying to yourself.

>> No.18973026

this is bullshit

>> No.18973027

Xenology is not canon.

>Tau with human feet

>> No.18973035

>those suck
no they don't

and this one >>18972988 isn't any more ratlike than the current depiction.



>> No.18973036

You know, I'd always figured these were just clan skyre, but rereading Gothic and Eldritch, they are in fact 40k Skaven.

So yeah, weaponry mentioned in that concept art:
Steam/Gas powered rifle firing warpshot.
Toxic Metal Bayonets.
Phospherous Bombs, Gas Grenades, Satchel Charges, Plague/Toxin Grenades.

Now ironically, these depictions actually resemble a xenos depicted in rogue trader, along side a rogue trader/sensei.

>> No.18973039


No they don't, you know what sucks? ratmen.

>> No.18973041

>lumpy with a tail
>carries an old-style rifle
>dressed in rags
Your opinion is flawless.
>because a freelance artist made a fuckup despite the hooves being mentioned in the text, it's not canon
You went full retard, man. Never go full retard.

>> No.18973045

or for the ratlike tail, warp based weaponry, and toxin and disease emphesis?

>> No.18973046

I'd say "situational", instead.
Make it overcosted (like 50pts, and you can only take one per army), and it should be fine.
It's not as broken as, let's say, Jaws Of The Wolfy Wolf Of Wolf.

>> No.18973048

oh, you want to go that way?

okay then, the Kroot depicted here >>18972988 doesn't look like a bird, THEREFORE THIS PICTURE IS NOT ANY MORE CANON THAN XENOLOGY

>> No.18973049

Yes, because those are reminiscent of rats in general.

>> No.18973052

which are all present in their current depiction.

deal with it, not only rats can have all of this

>> No.18973055

no, fluff-wise, I mean

>> No.18973057

I wasn't saying they weren't.
I was saying that's why people were connecting them with the skaven.
And the ratlike tails arn't around.

Now they have beehives.

>> No.18973060

Can't argue with that.

>> No.18973061

it has six fingers on each hand, and a flat face, it's neither a Hrud nor a Skaven.

>> No.18973065

Females have a beehive at the end of their tail. we don't know about males.

>> No.18973066

But you see, that picture is from an official rulebook, while Xenology was done by a freelancer.

>> No.18973077

>Simon Spurrier
>the guy who wrote Fire Warrior and Lord of the Night
Oh, you mean the artist.
You're a vile little aspie.

>> No.18973078

but you see, this picture was done by a freelancer (I don't recognize the style from any other dude)

plus, everything published by GW is canon

deal with it

all of the fluff is canon

plus, all the fluff publishd since then about the Hrud, even if it didn'tmention their appearance, went accordingly to what was established in Xenology.

if you want to respect GW's design choices, abandon the idea that Hrud are space skaven.

>> No.18973089

They haven't been mentioned in any GW publication since Xenology. Ward will bring back the true Hrud.

>> No.18973100

They've been mentioned by Forge World, which is totally canon according to GW.

>> No.18973108

And in Dark Heresy and Black Crusade.

>> No.18973113

>GW publication

>> No.18973122

IIRC there was a Hrud antagonist in one of the Dark Heresy adventure books. It was part of the Haarlock Cycle. Don't recall the exact book, but basically, it was a showdown in an old mill.

I know that DH =/= TT; but there is at least a basis for objective (ahem!) statistics comparison.

I think it's pic related, but cannot recall with 100% accuracy.

>> No.18973123

FFG is just as canon as any GW publication according to GW.

>> No.18973127

yes, it is
now, it's just you, being an asshole, and wanting, for some obscure reason, to refer to the things known as "skaven" in 40k by the name of a completely different species.

>> No.18973140

Okay, as a suggestion, make Codex: Scavengers, it's where the skaven name came from, it's neutral enough, doesn't scream fantasy immediately.

>> No.18973144

do that in another thread, we're doing Hruds here.

>> No.18973194

>>18973122 OMG Haarlock

One of the most frightening characters in the fluff.

Counts as Asdrubael Vect.

>> No.18973207

what's sofrightening about him? he's just an asshole pirate who ended up with cosmic powers.

>> No.18973224

Just checked the series, can't see a Hrud.

Are you thinking of the Slaugh?

>> No.18973229


>> No.18973235

I dont think the Hrud as they are in the art would work.

they're just bland blobby looking things that sometimes wear hoods.

They dont seem to have any solid aesthetic appeal that would make me want to buy a model.

>> No.18973248

well, just wait for someone to draw a pic of a cool-looking hrud. Humans don't look cool either, but all the bling does.

>> No.18973254


That's the point, every 40k faction, even tyranids has a particular kind of bling that makes it appealing to look at. Heck, look at Tau, perhaps the blandest faction in the current game and the reason half the Tau players I meet give for their army choice is 'Fire warriors looked cool'.

Which they do.

>> No.18973268

>>18973229 slaugth not hrud

Ah, yes, Anon. You are correct. I just remember categorizing them as hrud-like in my mind. You have to admit that they play on similar tropes.

Appy-polly-loggies for the dezinformacija.

>> No.18973281

It's all cool, just wanting to make sure.

I gotta say, I do love all the minor races of 40k.

The Slaugth, the Hrud, the Slann, the Rak'Gol, the Sahaduins.

>> No.18973314

That picture was just concept sketches for possible kroot warriors for when tau first came out. They didn't draw it with hrud in mind.

>> No.18973355

Why didnt this motherfucker's species get a faction?

>> No.18973361

because they consist of exactly one individual.

>> No.18973403


GW will never release a codex for them though, so the only place where less known xenos can appear is the Tau codex.

>> No.18973424


They could easily retcon that.

Seriously, he's the fucking 40k verse's predator.

>> No.18973425

>2+ cover save at ALL TIMES
Nigger are you Fucking nuts? That's an absurdly high save against anything that's not packing a flamer. Maybe a +3 to cover that they are in or a permanent 4+ cover at least but 2+?

>> No.18973526

Go shadow field, where it's 2+, but if they fail it, it's gone forever?

>> No.18973540

the thing is that there's no reason for the Hruds to lose their field.

>> No.18974255

There's no reason for a lot of things in the rules. Never heard of a combi-weapon in fluff that could only be fire once.

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