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Greetings from a /k/ommando, recently I have started to read some old fantasy books and wish to get into D&D, I have a few friends who would like to play as well but none of us have any experience at all so what should we be doing, I have the money to drop on this stuff as long as it doesn't go over $100 because that is my limit if I go over that then The Desert Warlock won't be able to buy his chinese type 56, so what should I do or start out with?

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If your dead set on DnD, instead of supporting the shit-show that is Wizards of the Coast, just download the books from /rs/

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>I have started to read some old fantasy books
That's a terrible reason to get into D&D. It's like reading the Bible and then attending one of those megachurch events. I don't know what you liked about the book but I'm positive that you won't find what you're looking for there.

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so 5 guys are going to be huddled around a desktop computer when playing the game, no we need the physical components like books and maps or just a book rather then be at a computer all day

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5 guys huddled around the DM is not much different, and a hell of a lot more expensive.

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This technique works best with multiple players, each with their laptop, each having downloaded the books before hand. I even downloaded the character sheet, then just used adobe illustrator to modify it. Extremely neat and compact. As for minis, I'm sure you have little plastic things lying around your house. This is mostly just when your starting. If it turns out you all think that roleplaying sucks asshole, then no lost investment. If you like it, start buying good things, and as always, if you enjoy the product you pirated, actually buy it.

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I wont find fun in a game, and I also wont find adventure? Alright then I guess I won't like it because you obviously know me.

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Honestly, it's been a long time since I've been at a game table where there isn't at least one laptop, let alone 2 or 3. Smart phones laptops and computers have been integrated into pretty much everything, might as well get used to it. I mean, if it's worth $100 for the physical books, go for it, but that sounds like a huge waste of money. Coincidentally, 3.5 and pathfinder are available for free online legally, and if you're a /k/ommando I recommend checking out gurps for tactical combat. /k/ tested, /tg/ approved.

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Go download the AD&D 1st-edition books off of /rs/ and use those until their reprint goes on sale in April.

If you want a more "newby friendly" experience go over to basicfantasy.org and download BFRPG. Its a freeware tabletop RPG that is patterned after early D&D, but had a lot of new ideas built into it for a great newby experience.

Stop being a faggot. New D&D is the best thing to happen to D&D in a long time.

True, but D&D isn't a religious experience. Its just a game.

Don't spend real money on anything that isn't necessary or going to be obsolete in a year. Use the free online resources for now then get the new shiny or the reprinted classic.

Worst comes to worst print out the pages you need in every game and only huddle around the PC/Laptop at level up and encounter building.

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Wait, ad&d is being reprinted? Why was I not informed.

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Yep! To pay for a rec center and statue to Gary going into Lake Geneva.


April 14th

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none of us own laptops, out of the 5 of us only 2 of us have computers, and his computer is a 98 with less than no ram, but mine is a desktop. So we are kinda screwed on the whole downloading thing.

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BFRPG is an abomination. Either go with Swords and Wizardry (for the real old-school experience) or OSRIC for AD&D as it was supposed to be.

They're both free and they're both awesome.

There's also Microlite74 for when you're sick and damn tired of reading a lot of fiddly rules and just want to play something.

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Why is it that /k/ommandos are always the most old school tech hating hermit bear people?

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OP, ignore the faggots. Do what you want, and don't let their injured pride at their favourite edition dieing be your guide.

For the basics, you need one Dungeon Master's Guide, one Monster Manual, and a couple of Player's Handbooks to pass around. Print some character sheets.

Actually, considerign you already stated you have a desktop, you can afford to have the DM be on the computer and thus you only need the Player's Handbooks. You can probably get them on Ebay or Craigslist or something to lower your costs.

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>BFRPG is an abomination.

Thee clusterfuck of optional rules not included in the core document aside, you have no clue what you are talking about.

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What the fuck are you? North Koreans?

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>ignore the faggots

what faggots? the ones telling the op not to waste money on shit he doesn't need to?

Have you actually played it? BFRPG is great as long as you are careful on what options you add to the game.

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>BFRPG is an abomination.
Only if you want to rigidly adhere to the old versions.

If you just want an old school game with some common-sense changes (Ascending AC, separation of race and class) then BFRPG is great.

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"Survivalist" became an insult in polite society because of those types.

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if you can post on 4chan you can download a .pdf of some iteration of D&D.

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Northern Ontario actually 2 hours away from Sudbury in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. We are hunters, bricklayers and carpenters. We have no time for computers and the internet but I do fuck all at work so I am on a lot. Now can we keep this on topic.

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>a group of hunters bricklayers and carpenters playing dnd in the woods together
This is fucking awesome. I normally hate ad&d, but in the setting of a deep woods in northern Ontario, I think it would be achronistic to play anything modern like GURPS. Though, you'd probably like gurps with tactical combat, being a /k/ fag, but still.

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just buy the 4e red box

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Manly men getting their elf on. I like it. Shoot something for me

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Fuck you. GURPS has a long and dignified history and has very little altered about it over the years. It is still the classic amazing game it was in the 90s.

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Ok, you don't care about esoteric system differences, you just want some sweet old school fantasy shit right? Then 4e is probably the easiest thing for you to find. BUT. 5e was announced and will probably ship in... 2013? 14? So that might be a bad investment. Also, by design, it requires mats with grids and figures, when means you can't play outdoors huddled around a fire eating deer jerky like I'm imagining. Aesthetically, I'd say go for ad&d, but I think 3.5 and pathfinder might be just as good. 3.5 will be hard to find in store shelves, but probably cheaper to order old books online. As with all these systems, all you actually need is a players manual, but the monster manual and gm guide might be worth getting too. But seriously, if you have no clue what any given role playing game is like, I strongly recommend reading it online first, or joining an established noob friendly group.

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alright, I will be ordering a 4th edition red box from amazon.ca for $40 and see how it goes from there?

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Have fun.

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Here's your problem OP:
The most recent version of D&D is fairly controversial. Some people love it, some people hate it.

You could:
1. Buy the 4th edition starter set.
2. Download and print (or buy online) something like Basic Fantasy Roleplaying (http://basicfantasy.org/) which is basically a free approximation of early D&D versions. It's slightly more simple than the recent versions.
3. Play another RPG (There are many good ones)

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That will work fine. But you won't be able to do much beyond dick around with the prebuilt adventure or stuff you make that is on the same powerlevel as the red box does not have much in character advancement,

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closet noob friendly group I found is about an hour and half drive from where I live so that is out of the question, however we are not going to be near a campfire eating deer jerky, not the time of the season anyway.

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If you are willing to look at a different game, maybe Savage Worlds will work for you.

you can do any setting with it. Medifan, Scifi, Cyberpunk, Modern Military vs alien invaders, anything.

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>we are not going to be near a campfire eating deer jerky, not the time of the season anyway.

Oh, so an igloo and dinner-by-ice-fishing? Awsome.

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Also the core book is only $10... right?

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alright for $40 more I can get

the set that provides all three 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks (Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual) (copy pasta from amazon) and use 1 inch grid paper and use objects and stuff as the pieces and what not until we decide to upgrade because if it doesn't work out then I have more books for my collection

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The Explorer Edition has sold out and there are no current plans to reprint. The Delux Edition is $50 and everything in the Explorer Edition and has effectively a Medifan, 1920s Pulp and Scifi setting guides built in.

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In all honesty, bro. I would recommend skipping D&D for now. It has a very high buy-in compared to most other games of its quality or better. Even if money isn't as much of an issue as it is for a lot of us down in the States, I'd still say go for something that is a complete game in a single book.

Your best bets are
Savage Worlds



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Let me check if MWG is selling that stuff then come back to you and also last time I tried to get something from amazon.com it was seized in customs.

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Pathfinder seems like the best bet for me, because anything with firearms and we will have arguments over why certain things aren't in the game and end up yelling and everyone leaving

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The fuck? Where you ordering something from north Korea?

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What the FUCK is that thing in the armor and shield? The magic guy is clearly a tiefling but the hell is she supposed to be?

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I think she has horns in her head too, so a 2e tiefling, I guess. The ones that rolled on a table for how weird they were.

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You won't have that problem with gurps tactical combat. Seriously. Most /k/ friendly system. Except for recoil rules

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Enjoy your wise purchase, if you're going to be the Dm I would recommend that you slice 25% of the hit point off most monsters and up their damage by a die size (so D6 is now D8).
I've found it makes for a better atmosphere when shit hits hard but dies harder if you're introducing new players to the game.

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