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Yup, space games. Talk about them here. BFG, Firestorm Armada, Full Thrust, I don't care. Go nuts.

In my case, I need some help with Battlefleet Gothic. Namely, whether escorts are useful or not in a Space Marine fleet.

My 1500 list is as follows:
Master of the Fleet, one extra reroll
Battle Barge
3 squadrons of 3 strike cruisers
3 firestorm frigates

Thoughts? Changes? I have yet to run a Space Marine force, my chosen fleet being the Necrons (I know, I know), but with how awesome the Strike Cruisers are, I wanted to jam as many in there as I could. My general plan of action was to smother shit with bombardment cannons and thunderhawks and hope for the best.

In any case, SPAAAAACE general. I'll bump with useful BFG stuff in the meantime.

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Have some shiny chaos fleet marker things.

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And of course, gotta have some Ork markers.

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>no one ever wants to play space games with me

Its not all about the ground battles guys.

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Some Eldar-y goodness.

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But space is different! It's scary!


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I usually play chaos, so I dont generally use escorts to much (a few infidels to provide anti-torpedo fire)

but I can tell you right now, imperial escorts are fantastic for their price (not eldar/deldar grade, but nothing is that good) aslong as you use em right (dont get shot at close ranges in closing).

whats the point I'm trying to make, dont worry I'm getting there.
It depends heavily on how you play your list, and that one is pretty good (especially that you have squadroned the strike cruisers, you really need to do that to make them not-bad and frighteningly scary instead)

Generally the escorts are a little unneeded for the marines, you allready have the maneuverability in the strike cruisers, so it comes down to "How much of an alpha strike fleet do you want to play" becouse escorts hit very hard for their points but they cant take a hit worth shit)

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...And some excellent 3D work.

I've also noticed that Tyranid fleets dont seem to have any trouble killing my Necron Harvest fleet. Makes me sad.

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Hrm. I had originally wanted the Lance-armed escorts to finish off the ships weakened in the first pass by my Strike Cruisers. I figure 3 lance shots should be enough to push a cruiser into crippled, after 9 Bombardment cannon shots. However, at 1500 I didn't have much left after the Strike Cruisers, Battle Barge and Master of the fleet (145 points I think), so the escorts were really the only option. I appreciate the advice, in any case.

As for chaos fleets, I've only been on the receiving end, and they're a lot of fun to play against. The mix of quick ships, ordnance, and lances is very dangerous.

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one more thing, if you would like to have a little update on the rules (no they are not official, but its the former lead-designers work and well...bfg isnt official any more) I got a set of updates and erratas...do take a look at the alt configurations of strike cruisers, might spice things up if you (like me) enjoy using variations of trusted vessels...especially the one that changes the torpedo tubes into a str 5 front only bombard cannon battery...now thats firepower


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Ooo, different variants make me happy. I'll take a look, thanks.

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if you ever feel like talking over something a little faster then /tg/, there is a room at the sup/tg/ irc called "#battlefleetgothic" (yes I know, horribly creative of me) were I tend to hang around, you and everyone else (shamefull viral etc etc) are welcome.

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Sure, sounds like fun.

In other news, Forge World Striker Cruisers are half the price of the GW ones, and twice as sexy. Shit's hilarious. Even with the shipping cost, Im still saving 50$ over buying them from GW.

Totally getting six of these and painting them up all shiny.

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Oh thats just beautifull, didnt know forgeworld still made bfg models...I guess you learn something new everyday huh?

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They're Tau fleet is dead sexy as well, and is an actual threat on the tabletop. Plus, gorgeous Ramilies Class Star Fort. http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Battlefleet-Gothic/RAMILIES-CLASS-STARFORT.html

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*Their, not they're

I shouldn't spell when I'm hungry.

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Are the markers posted in here to scale when printed out?

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A little smaller than full-scale, but should still be usable.

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the Tau fleets gives me nightmares *so many torpedos, so many bombers*...ordnance, ordnance everywere against my poor poor 5+ armor

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Have some rapecrons.

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I hope you don't need to sleep tonight.

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Thanks for finishing those off, I had to go to work.


Wanna beat the tau? Get on their flank. Those massed fore attacks aren't so scary when you get around their sides. Easier said than done, obviously, especially with fleets like the Imperium. The Eldar and Necrons can pull it off though.

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>Master of the Fleet, one extra reroll
>Battle Barge
>3 squadrons of 3 strike cruisers
>3 firestorm frigates

The thing with Space Marines are that outside of 40k, they are a bitch to use effectively, but when you DO get it right...

In BFG Space Marines real strength lies in boarding actions. They get a ridiculous number of bonuses towards doing so, so surge forwards and try to get as close as you can. I've had a pair of escorts take down a fairly undamaged Heavy Cruiser through boarding action so read up those rules pronto.

Although I will admit that said boarding action was as risky as fuck.

I can't really help you much more than this, I was never able to get Strike Cruisers to work for me particularily, and I've never used a Battlebarge before. One thing I am fairly sure about, Strike Cruisers need to be treated like Light Cruisers, they are NOT as hardy as proper ships of the line, give them special orders only if you're ABSOLUTELY sure you need to, as you're going to need to Brace more often than not with them.

Thunderhawks are good, especially with the +1 they get to their Hit&Run attacks, although if you get a chance to use Terminators, use them.

That's basically all the help I can give you.

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Given that the new Forgeworld designs were in canon designed around fighting Nids, how well do the new ships and the Tyranid list stack up? I was looking at them and I didn't really think it would work so well for the Tau given that they have to move towards the Nids in order to bring their full firepower to bear.
Generally speaking towards in not a direction you wish to be going when facing Nids.

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Appreciate the advice, you've given me a bit to think about. Playing Mahreens is already a radical departure from my usual fleet playstyle (Necrons, HIT THE BIG RED BUTTON ZOOM ZOOM MOTHERFUCKER). I figured that I'd be using Thunderhawks to weaken the larger ships, and boarding actions whenever I get that opportunity.

There aren't a lot of people here who play BFG, and the majority of the fleets are Imperial with a smattering of Tau and I think one single Tyranid player, although he hasn't been to the shop in months. I'll be able to tailor my list a bit, although at 1500 there isn't much wiggle room.

Every time I think of boarding Tau ships, I get all tingly inside.

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Fighting the tyranids is always a crapshoot. They're obviously a close-quarters fleet, but because of the way mutations work, and the similarity of the models, its often hard to tell at a glance what that particular bioship is armed with as it hurtles towards your line. With the new(er) tau, they've got great firepower in their escorts and cruisers (especially at close range), so while being boarded is worst-case scenario for the Tau, you're kinda SOL here. Mixing it up is really your only option.

I've only heard of games with the new Tau, never seen them, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I could see the Tau being good against Tyranid fleets with lots of cruisers.

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I dont understand this. Isn't aerial supremacy the key determining factor in warfare?
I dont give a shit how big and bad you think your spess mahreens are if they get incinerated from orbit thats game.
Battles are won on the ground, wars are won in space.

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I don't think he said anything like that to the contrary

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Space Marines win in space combat by pulling alongside and punching boarding talons into the enemy ship filled with gene-engineered killing machines.
We've known this since Space Crusade.

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Nids do it this way too. They're just better at it.

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