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sup Battleflee/tg/amers

I found some top-down views of all of the BFG ships. I scaled them up and put them on A4 paper so I can print them out and play for £free.

Here's the first lot I knocked up. Would /tg/ like me to do the rest?

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BFG rules are free online for those who are interested.


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nids, want to try a fleet with as many escorts as i can fit in but don't have enough mini's

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just an FYI, battleships and grand cruisers use the large 60mm flying base

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I'll knock them up next.

Dammit, forgot about that. I'll update it.

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I've no idea how good the scale on these is, not that it matters a great deal.

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Man, thank you! those are wonderful proxies and they'll help me scratchbuild my own ships.

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No worries, anything to undermine GW's monopoly.

If anyone's wondering where these come from, they're from a mod for Vassal. Join the Yahoo group for more information:

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BFG is one of the good games from GW, free good rules. quite cheap for a war game if you want it to be too.

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You're right, it is pretty good value for money. Compared to other GW stuff, anyway. It's still more than I can afford though.

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$30 is more than you can afford?
you can build a 1500 point nid fleet out of GW models for that much.

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or if you want to spend a bit more $100 will get you 2000 points of chaos/imperial ships.

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I was looking at an Eldar fleet, I think I worked out £50 (~80USD) for 1500, and I'd want more than that for experimenting/playing about.

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And more importantly, it's more expensive than my friends can/will afford.

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sir, do this and I will be verrrrrrry greatful

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don't forget playing over the interwebs!

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relevant to my interests. been kinda wanting to try BFG, how easy is it to learn?

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Very. The rule book is very big, but it's mostly fluff. The basic rules are about 25 pages.

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I've been working on Imperials, might take a while though, they have way more ships and I'm not sure I've got them all.

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well if it helps I have a couple more of these..orcs 'n tau I think.

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I'm hoping to play online using a virtual tabletop...gonna investigate this yahoo group of yours!

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Just a note for you, the void stalker is much larger than the shadow/eclipse class ships. Probably about 1.5x their size. Might want to scale up the sprite for it by about that margin..

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Sorry, slow getting this done, distractions everywhere.

I thought the scale on that was off. It doesn't matter anyway, everything is measured from the bases. I think I'll just upload all the GIMP files when I'm done so people can scale them as they please.

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His Emperor's Imperial Navy!

These are the proxies I'm most looking forward. So many cool tactics to try.

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Forgot to mention, these are just the ones out of the vanilla BFG list. There are more from the newer lists which I know little about.

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Chaos. Again, ships not in the rulebook not included.

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haha i have a half dozen of those idolators with the skull-laser lance.

oh chaos u so silly

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those are great though a little out of date.

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hey OP, you got Tau?

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To be fair, you've got most of it. All you really need is the Rogue Trader cruiser and escorts and that'll probably be everything.

>Falchion still using the Firestorms image as a placeholder

Goddamn it, when is that and the rest of the Voss pattern ships going to get sprites... I love those ships.

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Yup, they're from when the game was first released. If anyone has any updated ones could you post them?

Sure, I'll do Tau later on today

I'll check to see if there's a new sprite for the Falchion. Where are rules for it? I haven't checked out all the weirder new Imperial fleets.

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Looks like a recolouring of the Firestorm, but better than nothing?

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No marine fleet?

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>I'll check to see if there's a new sprite for the Falchion. Where are rules for it? I haven't checked out all the weirder new Imperial fleets.

The imperial section of the armada supplement on the website. Although the later FAQ's changed a few things like points cost and availability for the Voss Cruisers.

Come to think of it, did the module ever do Admech?

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