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Is anybody else excited for We Be Goblins and Goblins of Golarion?

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pathfinder goblins are so fucking cute

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I can't wait for them to finally fix the alignment system so I be a Good Aligned Goblin Paladin and still eat babies.

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Pathfinder goblins are the best goblins. Entertaining, clumsy, comedy gold...Until they eat the faces off the local farmhand while he's still alive...

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Pathfinder goblins are beavis and butthead

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what do girl goblins look like

do they have mohawks

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gtfo tripfag

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hello summerfriend

please try to keep discussion on topic, AKA Goblins and how cool they are.

Goblins need to be careful cuz a lot of things are choking hazards to them.

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>hello summerfriend
Yeah, it's not like hatred of tripfags (especially tripfags who comprise literally half a thread) is a permanent installation of /tg/.

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It's a permanent installation of faggots, actually.

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>goblin thread
>ooh awesome i love goblins
>see this shit

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>acquire gold
>more goblins
>less faggots

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Not Pathfinder, but cool.

also, more goblins less faggots

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fuck bitches get money

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Okay I realized why I fucking love these goblins.

Their faces, their expressions, and the way they move? Every single bit of it reminds me of the Oglaf Dwarves.

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more goblin-dogs, less faggotdogs

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oh god those guys are fucking great

>> No.15142185

they remind me of hey arnold.

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The Rise of the Runelords intro was a pretty shitty module, but I still love it for being the debut of the Pathfinder awesome goblins.

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i'm out of pathfinder goblins, but i love them all

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aaaand this is as close as i'll get to subjecting you to my Warcraft goblin folder. i love 'em, but for some reason wow is always a touchy subject.

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Which goblins are best, smart ones or dumb ones?

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How can such an idiotic species be so awesome?

>theyr firers

Yes, captcha, they are firers.

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The ones are that are inexplicably cunning, but are nevertheless utterly batshit.

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i'm partial to the smart ones, but both types are crazy pyros :)

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My money is on them either being cunningly stupid or intelligent with utterly no common sense or self preservation instinct- like lemmings in pop culture. But Einstein lemmings.

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giant rat riding samurai goblins

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another samurai goblin

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goblin tunnelers

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