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ITT we discuss your favorite Print-And-Play games.

First up: Zombie Plague
It is really well done, especially if you print out Flytrap's Zombie Plague: 10th Anniversary Edition

Second: Barbarian Prince (http://dwarfstar.brainiac.com/ds_barbarianprince.html) Most of you weren't born when this came out, but it's free, it's engaging, and it's challenging enough to be interesting for hours even if you don't "win".


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another 1 player print and play (forever alone :/) Island of D. check boardgamegeek for that one. good.

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we made our own version of quirkle by drawing on cardboard. easy as hell and cheaper than 22 bucks at FLGS

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any of the DwarfStar games really. Star Viking and Goblin are favorites.

any of the old metagame MicroGames-Ogre, GEV, are classics..Ice War is a personal favorite of mine and the first wargame I ever bought back in 1981

and for your DL pleasure

your welcome

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I humbly submit Dead Of Night. It's like Zombie Cinema for folks who can't find Zombie Cinema without paying international shipping cost.

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Hi >>15099255
I'm OP.
Thank you for your link.
I want to kiss you awkwardly around your mouth region.

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~chuckles~ you are welcome. Im jusy glad there are others who enjoy the old classics as much as I do...I will say that a couple of the PDFs are a bit out of order....but only a couple of them

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For 1-player games, try "Jasper and Zot" and "D-Day Dice."

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you can make your own coloretto really easily if you have card stock and a printer. one of my favorites.

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cool thanks!

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Also, you can make a version of Dominion with poker chips and label paper. BUT, I implore you, please consider buying the game at some point. The designers and publishers don't make a lot of money as is, the industry needs what it can get.

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I'm over 4 hours and 2 "lives" into Barbarian Prince since re-investing myself in it. It's an amazing mechanic. Very involved yet very flexible. i'm considering re-making it as a deck that you can flip to instead of a stack of papers. Do you know if Star Smuggler is similar?

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for the most part yeah-they are using the same style of system...sorta a chose your own adventure with boardgame elements to it.

of the 2 Barbarian Prince is better in my opinion but Star Smugler is prety damn good in its own right

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Hey OP here. Agreed. My original intent with this post was to discuss games that were designed for print-and-play, or re-released as such after the fact with permission. There are some gems out there.

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How to Host a Dungeon is also a fun one


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Battlefleet Gothic. With free rules, it's one of the most affordable GW games.

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Awesome! this one is new to me. I'm totally gonna check it out~!

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