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How would /tg/ represent represent Research and Development in a Strategy Board Game? I'm developing a board game where nations are pitted against one another, something like Axis & Allies, in the game you construct buildings that allow your team to research new technologies/ advance the tech-tree.
Currently players must purchase RP (Research Points) which cost x amount of dollars (x to be determined later either cheap/medium/costly) Various technologies will cost different amounts of RP (between 1-6) and you can spend any amount of your hoarded RP on any technology or research you like. Basically RP represents a nations Research and Development Budget, players put money towards the budget and then invest the budget how they see fit.
Does this system work?

Do you have suggestions for a simpler/more complex/ different system? If so what?

Picture unrelated (will bump with more)

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You will post all your counters for BFG immediately.

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I don't see why not....


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Hoping for input. Does the system seem balanced? is it too complex or unrealistic? (I know theres a certain level of realism board games cant achieve)


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would a simple version be something like houses/hotels in monopoly-spend x research get a certain colour counter spend so many counters get something else+ players could trade counters-

could have as a bare bones example physics chemistry biology as your base values and to research cloning(or whatever) would cost 2 biology 2 chemistry 1 physics

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where did you find these btw dude?

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Not OP but its the VASSAL BFG mod.

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ddiolch mate

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bump for more input

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