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lets have a BFG thread.

pic related this little guy is now in charge of your battleship.

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dad are you space

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Get that fucking AI off of my Ark Mechanicus!!

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Space Sphere is making an appearance in my Rogue Trader campaign as the autistic navigation software. Highly heretical navigation software.

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Yes. Now we are a family again.

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Yes, mate, I know you're in space. We both are.

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>>14720136 pic related this little guy is now in charge of your battleship...

...for all of three seconds before the nearest techpriest deals with the soulless abomination by sending a ten second, two thousand amps pulse through it.

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Wheatley confirmed for super-bro.
If Glados' body didn't make him get "The Itch," he probably wouldn't have betrayed Chell.

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Well, my Necron fleet now has a new warrior. First through the portal.

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"Yes. We're in space. ...Can we go to the Warp now?"
>"Space cops."
>"Gotta see it all."

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Picking up a Chaos fleet and the box sometime this week hopefully.

It's really weird seeing BFG models. I mean, you've got this model that's probably 7cm tops, and that's the biggest ship in my fleet. I mean, 7cms is smaller than a Greater Daemon, much smaller than a tank in 40k...

But then the little ships. 1cm. And you have a dozen of them. And a dozen 2-3cm ships. And several 3-4cm. So that 7cm ship is just a massive, impressive ship of complete destruction and engineering perfection...

I love the scale of BFG. Can't wait to start playing.

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I'm pretty sure that a hardwired prerogative to perform Science doesn't also make you homicidal. That comes from inside.

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>Implying that a Tech-Priest wouldn't have a reasonable chance of confusing it with a servo skull.

I mean, they look pretty similar, and appear to be about as intelligent. They'd probably just think it was an overly ambitious servo-skull that want's to help.
Eventually however the truth would come out. Then things go a bit SHODAN.

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Gotta go to space!

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I remember when I got my fleet, I couldn't believe their size.


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We need to find a way to fit in all three of them. The Space, Adventure, and Fact Spheres would all make for pretty fantastic NPC AIs.

I've got a real soft spot for the Adventure Sphere.

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What's your favorite thing about space? Mine is space!

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I started painting some of my Chaos Ships again, one thing that really impresses me is just how much tiny detail goes into each cruiser. I could probably spend about as much time painting one as I could a whole squad of something from 40k or Fantasy.

At some point though, I'm going to have to repaint one of my Cobra's so it looks like our Rogue Trader vessel the Negro Cavallo.

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I like Rick too.

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Does no one love Wheatley?

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Can you guys throw up some pictures of the fleets with a ruler or models as a reference to scale? I'm looking at sculpting a few fleets (Tyranids, Necrons and Daemons (counts as Chaos) mainly, maybe Eldar if I can get good domes. Oh, and Orks, but that should be easy) and I only have Imperials as a guide.

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What a stupid question. Everyone loves Wheatley, it's just that the Space Sphere is the meme we're desperately trying to force as Portal 2's Cake equivalent right now. We can go back to appreciating good writing once we've got an irritating spammable catchphrase sorted.

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So...Just read through the rulebooks and starting a Deathwatch fleet to tie into our group's Deathwatch game. Rate the list, please?

Venerable Battle Barge (Chaos battle barge) with Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Lord and advanced shielding (550 pts)
Inquisitorial Cruiser (270 pts)
Space Marine Battle Barge (425 pts)
2 Space Marine Strike Cruisers (290 pts)
Squadron of 6 Nova Frigates (300 pts)
Squadron of 4 Hunter Destroyers (160 pts)

Total: 1995 pts.

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Well, I can't right now, I'm doing science, but I can tell you that the battlesuit in the image is on a 60mm base. He is there for scale.

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Sadly I think only one of my players would get the reference, but I think I will put the space core in my D:tD 40k campaign.

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Heard that 2000 points is a pretty big game for BFG, usually 1250-1500 points is a standard game. Take that with a grain of salt, I don't actually play.

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Forgot his comment about being stuck overseeing a bunch of smelly humans, did you?

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2k points is about what you should have total for your fleet. Most games will be 500-1000, some will be 2k, and you will need 1500-2k for campaign play. Someone saying 'rate my 2k fleet' is basically saying 'rate my collection for this entire faction'

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Wheatley is a awesome core. the way he was written made you care for his character. then he went insane with power. but i also have a soft spot for the overly ambitions space core as well just like the curiosity core.
how do you know they are soulless? i thought the cores were from the tests of turning humans into machines.

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That's interesting when he probably can't smell.

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AdMech dogma; any and all true AI are soulless heretek.

And while we know that one core had a human imprint in it (GlaDOS), that one also casually deleted all its human personality files with no major effect on personality or capacity, so they probably didn't do anything much in the first place.

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Cool. 60mm base? ... I reckon I can work out sizes for the more circular ships from that. The Imperials give me good guide for traditional ship-shaped ships, but sculpting round ones is a bit of a shot in the dark.

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>>sculpting round ones is a bit of a shot in the dark.
Then you're going to hate modeling Tyranid ships. Pic related.

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Oh god. What if they installed the personality cores directly into mecha?

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>with no major effect on personality

>"You are my best friend!"
>"Ok, what is the safest and most efficient way to get rid of you forever..."

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i just got my escorts and battleship. Do all escorts and light cruisers use small flying bases? none of my smaller ships came with flying bases on the bright side i got a awesome deal thanks to ebay.

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Actually, I was looking forward to Tyranids because I can essentially get the basic shape of an equivalent Imperial ship and greenstuff a carapace and some tentacles and claws on it. Necrons have proved to be harder than I expected and I'm not even going to attempt Tau or anytime in the near future.

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There's a ship. There's another ship.

Ship, Ship

Take that ship!

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>>Ok, seems I can't fucking kill you, so please just go away forever instead. Now. Here's an elevator. Shoo.

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Fact: Space Marines do not exist. Falsified holopicts of massive Space Marines battling Orks on Armageddon are, in actuality, holopicts of normal sized Imperial Guardsmen wearing buckets on their head and fighting grots.

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Hey Captain.

"Oh Emprah its talking to me now. I knew I shouldn't have listened to the Explorator!"

Hey Hey.
Hey Captain.



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Fact: Space Marines do not exist. Falsified holopicts of massive Space Marines battling Orks on Armageddon are, in actuality, holopicts of normal sized Imperial Guardsmen wearing buckets on their head and fighting grots

Fact: there are no such things as female Space Marines. There are, however, male Sisters of Battle.

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GLaDOS takes over the Fabricator General.

Adeptus Mechanicus rituals and procedures turn into testing. Lots and lots of testing.

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89% of magic tricks are not magic. Technically, they are sorcery.

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Fact: Eldar frequently have sideburns and macho full beards under their helmets. Eldar without this sign of pure manliness are forever shamed to be without helmets.

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each Jackal ship is piloted by a different personality core.
best squadron ever.

leader Rick: lets take down all the enemies in a blaze of glory!

Fact Core: The enemy is firing; our shield have a 16.6666666666667% chance of deflection, we are all going to die because adventure core is a blow heart.

Logic Core: The human body when atomized is comprised of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, iron, fluorine, zinc, silicon, rubidium, rhubarb, strontium, bromine, lead, and trace amounts of other elements.

Curiosity core: ooo, look at that explosion. those torpedoes are going really fast. What kind of ship is that? oh look at that thing! where is the next enemy? Is the battle over?

Space core: need to see it all. soo much space with all the battlefield and all the ships. i am the best at space fighting!

Rage core: blaaaaaarrrrrgaaaaaaaaaag (I am going to kill them all)

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>leader Rick: lets take down all the enemies in a blaze of glory
Rick would be awesome in 40k

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GLaDOS takes over the Fabricator General.

Adeptus Mechanicus rituals and procedures turn into testing. Lots and lots of testing.

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Fact: The Eye of Terror is a myth created by a council of delegates from every sub-sector in the thirty-first millennium. Travel to the Eye of Terror is prohibited, contrary to popular belief, not due to Chaos and the Black Crusades, but rather because the Eye of Terror is in fact, a wormhole leading to the inside of a massive star.

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Technically this would be the best thing to occur on Mars for the longest time. Progress would actually be had.

# Pillar one: Science without results is just witchcraft.

# Pillar two: Get results or you're fired.

# Pillar three: if you suspect a coworker of bein' a witch, report them immediately. I cannot stress that enough. Witchcraft will not be tolerated.

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Time for space walkies?

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If found guilty of witchcraft, you automatically qualify for the new position of "Test Subject"

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Have some ships I painted, I'm thinking of building up a small fleet but I only know of 1 guy who plays, and I know for a fact that he is a VERY competitive player.

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i am probably going to have the same problem, except i dont know of any one that plays yet. i just started collecting ships because the game looked fun.

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For some reason re-watching Wolf's rain I was reminded by the Bot in Ep4 or portal, I guess the nose was just so silly.

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I'm the best...
I'm the best at space.

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>casually deleted all its human personality files

No, sorry. GLADoS likes to lie.

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>You are the farthest ever in space.
Why me space?
>Because you are the best.
I'm the best at space?

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GLaDOS, you idiot.

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And you will help science advance. One limb at a time, if necessary.

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Easy way to remember? GLaDOS is an acronym for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. The "and" is usually never capitalized in shit.

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take the lemons!

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I thought it was PotaDOS

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what is the general of how many escorts they put in squads?

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DO NOT use the Space Sphere for an emergency core transfer. You'll wind up blasting the whole facility into orbit.

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POTaDOS, to be exact.

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>implying that going into space isn't awesome

portal 3 should have it's big reveal be that they were on a giant starship the entire time

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2-6. How many depends on whether you rely on them for capital ship support or took them to help round out your points total.

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What if you put in Adventure Core?

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Stand by for action!

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alright well i kinda have a rough estimate for the ships i have in mind. probably going to throw 2 scythe cruisers 1 tombship and then throw 10 dirge escorts out there for my first battle and see where that takes me. i'm probably going to lose but it will give me a feel for the game.

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For your proxying pleasure...

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BFG is a great game for proxying since the only thing that really matters is a round base of the proper size.

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Wow where did you get those paper proxy ships? Those are awesome!

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Looks like he screencapped the ships from the Vassal BFG module.

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You wouldn't have more of those proxy sheets kind anon?

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Woah...I can't believe I didn't think to use the Epic fliers.

I don't really have much interest in Tau but those fliers are pretty cool.

I need to rewatch Wolf's Rain, shite's awesome.

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When I used to play, it was just me(Dark eldar) vs my buddies craftworld eldar. Basically the game ended in under three turns because we just spammed weapon batteries on each other.

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Man I forgot how nice the Forgeworld Tau ships were.

I'm not really much of a Tau fan but those are very cool...how many points would that fleet be?

Man I need to rewatch Wolf's Rain, really awesome anime.

...I should also start looking up some of the better space ship animes too.

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I keep saying this, I'll say it again:

Email GW and Forge World. Tell them you love Battlefleet Gothic.

Because they too, love Battlefleet Gothic and it's being considered for the 'Space Hulk' treatment (But so are a load of other games). So tell them!

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Pass this round.

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BFG is rumoured for a 'Mega Set' in 2012, part of their Christmas Rush.

Wouldn't hold my breathe though.

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File: 1.60 MB, 1641x949, Necron Tombfleet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.61 MB, 1637x935, Eldar Fleet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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That'd be my first GW purchase after more than 10 years.

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please let this rumor be true.

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this is news to me, where did you hear this?

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File: 1.12 MB, 1645x871, spacemarine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bumping with more proxy sheets.

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File: 1.89 MB, 1625x919, orkfleet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Also, for those proxying - make sure to mount these on correctly sized bases - 25mm diameter for escorts and cruisers, and 50mm diameter for battleships.

Reasons you can give to friends you're trying to get into BFG:
-Relatively simple to pick up an play with basic rules - draw the comparison to a board game if they have no experience with miniatures games
-If they like space opera settings, point out it does space opera style capital ship combat quick and easy.
-for naval wargame enthusiasts, point out how each faction and the rules try to capture different eras of naval warfare (Imperium = Age of Sail, Chaos = carrier battlegroups, etc.)
-BFG is actually a great way to learn the metric system (well, at least learn how to estimate in centimetres).

>> No.14729552

If I'm going to be printing out a basic fleet to try and get some people at my dorm interested, what fleets do you recommend and what point-size? I would have thought Chaos and Imperial as 'standard', but do you think there are better options?

>> No.14729672

i would like to know this as well. would be a good move for GW unlike the rights to LOTR they bought.

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>learn the metric system
You silly anglic nations, it's time to stop basing your measurements off of some long dead king's extremities.

Just keep in mind:
1 inch = 2,54 cm
4" = ~10 cm
8" = ~20 cm
1' = ~30 cm

That's how I did it when I was learning inches for measuring in WHFB and 40k.
Also, learn how long your own fingers are, how much one handspan is etc. It helps.

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The basic 'learn the game' setup proposed by GW was four cruisers on each side, Imperial Navy vs. Chaos Warfleet.

Choose those four ships from each sides' standard cruisers, they all cost something around 180 points anyway.
Add a flagship battlecruiser/heavy cruiser and/or ships with launch bays for complexity.

>> No.14730609

Silly turd-world faggots, stop basing your godless cultures on Earth-only metrics unless you expect the rest of us to leave you behind when the new frontier opens.
Oh, wait ...

>> No.14730958

Thanks. Escorts?

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>turd-world faggots
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of all scientist on this planet using the metric system. But I'm sure your god is going to fix it.

I'll be over here, laughing my ass off in my humanistic secular society while you learn in school how god created the world in five days or something. If you consider this progress and leaving us behind, best of luck to you.

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Escorts are relatively special in BFG. . they generally have a lot of firepower (and turrets) for their points, but are very fragile.

Maybe introduce them by giving both sides two squadrons of four. . .but you could use point values to build fleets after two or three games, anyway.

>> No.14731483

There really isn't 'standard' so much in BFG. Every fleet is (relatively) balanced with the others. But the ones that play most similarly are Imperials, Chaos, Tau, and Orks. Eldar have their own special rules, Necrons are a bad choice overall for newbs because of their unique drawbacks, and Nids and DE are maybe the single most complex faction to play as for someone who isn't familiar with the game.

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Happy explosion day gorgeous.

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Imperial Navy, Chaos, and tau. Alright. Using the proxy-sheets posted, can you recommend a good starter fleet (say, ~750 points?) that shows off the style of each faction?

>> No.14731705


I got started with a friend doing 500 pts of Chaos vs. 500 pts of Imperial, using the basic fleet lists in Ships of the Gothic Sector - it makes for a well balanced game.
-At 500 pts, players are only going to be able to buy cruisers and escorts
-also notably, Chaos must spend 50 pts on a Warmaster and place him in the biggest ship, which gives the Imperial player a slight - and very needed edge - in terms of ship count.

I took Chaos for that engagement - here's the fleet I used - a good "starter" fleet for any player learning:

1x Chaos Warmaster - 50 pts (goes in the Devastation)
1x Devastation cruiser - 190 pts
1x Carnage cruiser - 180 pts
2x Infidel escorts - 80 pts - 500 pts even
This fleet has a bit of everything - gun batteries on the Carnage, lances and launch bays on the Devastation, and torpedoes on the Infidels, so it's excellent at teaching the basics of combined arms fleet actions, and the player of this fleet will need to use all his ships in concert to win.

For the Imperial side, I'd recommend
Lunar Cruiser - 180 pts
Dominator Cruiser - 190 pts
2x Sword Escorts - 70 pts
2x Cobra Escorts - 60 pts - 500 pts even.
This will get you acquainted with the classical Imperial style of play - open up at long range with waves of torpedoes and nova cannon, then smash straight into enemy lines and fight close in with gun batteries, relying on your armoured prows for protection.

Both of these factions are best to start with, since the other factions all change up the rules in some way.

>> No.14733023

Not a veteran player myself, but for Imperials:

1 Lunar-Class Cruiser (180 pts)
2 Dauntless-Class Light Cruisers (220 pts)
Squadron of 4 Sword Class Frigates and 1 Cobra-Class Destroyer (total 170 pts)
Squadron of 6 Cobra-Class Destroyers (180 pts)

Spam torpedoes and weapons batteries and use the cruisers to keep attention off of the escorts. For the Emperor!

>> No.14733040

Note that since the list is precisely 750 pts, it doesn't need an Admiral, but any higher and I'd have had to rejigger it a bit to fit the Admiral in. Chaos fleet coming up in a second.

>> No.14733093


1 Slaughter-Class Cruiser with Chaos Warmaster (265 pts)
1 Slaughter-Class Cruiser (165 pts)
Squadron of 6 Idolater-Class Raiders (270 pts)
Squadron of 3 Iconoclast-Class Destroyers (150 pts)

Chaos strategy boils down to kiting. All the ships in this fleet have a 30 cm move, and the warmaster's high Leadership means you can manuever very easily. Use that speed to stay out of range and kite the Imperials to death. Beware of torpedo spam.

>> No.14733130

Thank you very much. Working on trimming out copies of the ships and arranging them to be printed. Any good program for doing that, or just stick with MSPaint?

Also, I'm contemplating attempting to print out the basic rules pdf. Yea or nay?

>> No.14733146



Ork Terror Kroozer with Warlord, boarding torpedoes, and Mega-armored Boarding Parties (240 pts)
Ork Kill Kroozer (155 pts)
Squadron of 5 Savage gunships (100 pts)
Squadron of 6 Brute Ram Ships (250 pts)

The name of the game here is 'boarding'. Use the terror ship's insane boarding abilities to rip into enemy ships, while the kill kroozer and Savages take out shields for a Tellyporta hit and run assault. The Brute Ram ships, well, ram shit, quite dangerously, in fact. Ork ships are a bit random, but very good at getting into the fray fast and kicking ass once in there.

>> No.14733178


Printing out the .pdf works. There's a .pdf on the Games workshop site of the quick-reference card as well - that's probably the best bet - print one out double sided and it will have everything you need at a glance.

Also, try playing using the escort squadron rules (they definitely need them to be worthwhile), and allow ship turrets to support each other (having ships in base to base contact combine their turret scores - the Imperial player may have a difficult time countering Chaos bomber waves otherwise).

In fact if you can, try to include as many of the rules in the Advanced section as you can initially, they make for more interesting games. You may want to try introducing celestial phenomena - a planet is a great basic celestial phenomena to put down for a starter game - put it in the middle of the board (use a jar lid or some other circular object to represent it). Planets block line of sight, and additionally, any ship within 10cm of the planet can execute an additional turn anytime during their movement. It makes for a much more dynamic and meaningful game.

>> No.14733194


Finally, things to remember for your first BFG game:
-If you're using the fleet list above, remember the Chaos player has one command reroll he can use for any special order check (but only once).
-Remember that as soon as one Special Order is failed, no other special order checks may be made. So the order in which you make checks is important (generally it's best to start with the highest leadership and work your way down).
-Torpedoes and bombers ignore shields when scoring hits.
-Keep clear the differences between Boarding and Hit-and-Run attacks.
-Blast markers take effect immediately - if you shoot and hit a ship's shields, subsequent weapon battery fire suffers penalties. Hence, it's advisable to shoot with weapon batteries first, then lances (as lances are unaffected by blast markers).
-In a pickup game it's best to roll for random leadership; this actually doesn't have as big an effect as you might think. Or for simplicity's sake, set leadership to 7 across the board for all ships.
-All ships must move at least 10 cm in the move phase unless they perform a Burn Retros special order.
-Escorts can turn anytime during their movement, cruisers must move at least 10 cm before turning.
-You cannot have more squadrons out than what's listed on the profile. So each Devastation = 4 tokens of any combination
-After the first wave of attack craft or torpedoes are launched, a ship must perform a Reload Ordnance check to do so again.
-Finally, remember a ship can Brace for Impact any time it's facing damage, even if it was previously on Special Orders, but only before dice are rolled.

>> No.14733206

And finally tau.

Explorer Class Starship (230 pts)
Hero class Starship (Either configuration) (180 pts)
Merchant Class Starship (Standard configuration) (105 pts)
Merchant Class Starship (il'fannor dal'yth configuration) (105 pts)
4 orcas (125 pts)

Tau play a little differently, because all their weaponry is frontal, and instead of looking for a big broadside, they are trying to score a major frontal bombardment. Their ships are a bit slow, but their weapons have good range, and you have several carrier vessels, so use that to your advantage and keep your ships together for devastating collective salvos.

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File: 1.75 MB, 1631x949, Taufleet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Paint works well enough. Note that the image sizes aren't exactly to scale; so just make sure to stick them on appropriately sized bases and it'll work out. Alternately you can try resizing the images so they are the proper size.

>> No.14733248


I don't claim to be an expert, but these are decent, basic fleets, each with its own gimmick common to the faction, and with a minimum of complicated rules. They should be good for a first few games until everyone has their own rulebooks and decides what they want to play.

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Thank you very much.

>> No.14733277

Looking kind of Big Core there, Demiurg.

>> No.14733317

Big Core?

>> No.14733365

Not the poster, but,I've seen it floating round the web. It's been on Dakka and Warseer.

It's basically the 'Next Space Hulk Christmas Set' rumour. It's apparently not going to be Bloodbowl or Warhammer Quest, and may be BFG

>> No.14733429


Don't take Slaughters, take Carnages and Devastations instead and lose the escorts. All that move speed is useless unless you can fight from long range - and the Slaughter is the shortest-ranged cruiser in the Chaos arsenal with only 30cm. While Chaos does alright in a slugging match against Imperials, they aren't quite as optimized for it and need a more combined-arms approach.

They have their uses, but they definitely are not the backbone of a Chaos fleet. I would build from the 500 pt list recommended earlier with the Carnage and the Devastation. Chaos has two things going for them - long range gunnery, and relatively cheap carriers, both exemplified by the Carnage and Devastation class.

>> No.14733453

Thanks for the suggestion, relatively new player myself, and running with a CSM fleet that I am constantly trying to refine, so I'm always willing to listen to advice from more experienced players.

>> No.14733477

I'm going to have to disagree with this.

Chaos ships have ranged, quality batteries. This fleet can only knife-fight with an Imperial fleet, meaning it more or less has to charge forward and hope to break the line before its superior speed can come into play. And that means going head on into torpedoes and trying to break 6+ prow armor.

The Slaughter may be iconic Chaos but it does not exemplify the fleet's quirks. Just look at the other cruisers - 45-60cm weapons on all. Heavy Cruisers? 45-60cm on all. Slaughter? 30cm. Only 30cm.

There's also the fact that Chaos escorts are flying turds, and you purchased 9 of them. Chaos cruisers are very good, doubly so in small games where Imperials cannot easily squadron their cruisers. They are also cheaper monetarily, far cheaper when comparing the cost of 2 cruisers to 9 escorts (which cost the same).

>> No.14733495

Then post your own version, then, and show us what a better one would be. If you feel I did it wrong, posting and discussing fleet lists will help us both.

>> No.14733510


The Idolators are likewise useless. They get lances at only 30 cm range - terrible. Their weapon batteries are also only 45cm. 4 Iconoclasts (180 pts) get you 4 lance shots at 30cm and firepower 8 at 45 cm. Not exactly overwhelming.
Iconoclasts are even more worthless. 6 Iconoclasts (180 pts) gets you 18 firepower combined, sure enough - but only up to 30 cm.

Compare this with a Carnage cruiser (180 pts), which is as durable if not more so, has 10 firepower at 60cm - more than double the range, and at 45cm or closer has 16 firepower.
Or alternately, the Devastation cruiser (190 pts), which is also durable, has 2 lances that reach out to 60cm(!!), a battery at firepower 6 at 30cm, and can launch 4 squadrons of attack craft.

Massed escorts certainly are potent and have their place, but Chaos cruisers are very economical in comparison to other navies. Also, most of the long range guns in the Chaos fleet are on cruisers, not on escorts. This, coupled with the very quick speeds and longer ranges, means that escorts have a smaller role, often acting more as point defence for the Chaos fleet.

>> No.14733528

Dont underestimate what a pair of slaughters can do to anything, those lovely little ones carry grand cruiser levels of firepower and cost halfway between a light cruiser and a normal one.

On a totally different slightly viral point. at sup/tg/ there s a room dedicated to Bfg and more specifically getting into Vassal games with other fa/tg/uys and Ca/tg/irls. #battlefleetgothic, becouse we arnt the most creative bunch!

>> No.14733563


I agree with this and wish to add something about Infidels.
I've found that they are a very good defence against Imperial torpedo phalanxes, how you ask? get a squadron or two of two and then launch individual boarding torpedo (for the turning) into their waves. 160 pt's in Infidels can done right eliminate 4 cruisers torpedo waves.

>> No.14733613

For 750 pts, here's an easy modification to your list
Chaos Warmaster -50 pts - goes in the Devastation
2x Slaughter Cruisers - 330 pts
1x Devastation - 190 pts
1x Carnage - 180 pts - 750 even
The speed and range on the Devastation and Carnage give you the tools you need to soften up a target before unleashing your Slaughters on it.

A "carrier battlegroup" list:
Chaos Warmaster - 50 pts
1x Carnage - 180
2x Devastation -380
3x Iconoclasts - 90 - 750 even

Ordnance heavy, so this one is somewhat reliant on command checks. But you can unleash a whole lot of fighters. For a less one-trick pony fleet, swap a Devastation for an Acheron - all ships will have similar range bands. The Iconoclasts are just filler; they can shoot down incoming ordnance or harry wounded vessels.

>> No.14733636


Slaughters are definitely an excellent tool in the Chaos arsenal. The trick is to hold them back for the moment they can cause the most havoc. Otherwise they'll be picked off at range or eat a torpedo salvo before they can bring their armament to bear.

>> No.14733677

To the veterans here, first game I ever played was a 300 point match, a Desolater battleship versus a lunar and three firestorms. (I compared three lances to eight WBs, and decided they were better. May have been stupid.)

Anyway, first of all, was this a reasonable matchup, and second of all, it ended with escorts dead, Desolater destroyed, and lunar crippled. Is this the most probable ending?

>> No.14733702

oh wow... so i have a LD 3 emperor battleship...
Im not getting many bombers out am I

>> No.14733716


Fairly likely outcome. Escorts drop like flies. Don't think of them as meatshields for big ships, if anything, it's the other way around!

Bigger ships are tougher, but escorts tend to carry proportionally more firepower (with the exception of Chaos as seen here) for their points cost.

The big thing about BFG is that games tend to be more diverse as they get bigger. Small games don't allow for very many ships, and thus there is not a whole lot you can do. With more ships however you can start to think about flanking maneuvers, breaking the line, and so on.

A key thing for new players to grasp about BFG is that it's essentially AGE OF SAIL IN SPAAACEE, at least for the Imperial Navy and Chaos to an extent. Your guns are on the sides of your ship, so often the best position to have is being perpendicular to your opponent - this requires some planning ahead.

>> No.14733718

If your goal is to get them launched (into SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!) I think you might be launching them every turn... Possibly more than you have launch bays.

>> No.14733743


LD3 would only be possible if you got something like a "Bridge Smashed" critical hit. Remember that the random die roll converts into a leadership value - 1=6Ld, 2-3=7Ld, 4-5=8Ld, 6=9Ld.

>> No.14733756

Thanks. Not the list I was running with, actually, just one that I put together for the guy who was asking for it. The list I usually end up running with:

Chaos Warmaster with extra reroll (125 pts) (Goes in the battle barge)
2 Chaos Lords with 1 reroll each (100 pts) (Go on the Devastations)
Chaos Battle Barge with Chaos Space Marine crew, Chosen Terminators, and Mark of Khorne (575 pts)
2 Devastation cruisers with CSM crew and Mark of Khorne (490 pts)
Carnage-Class Cruiser with CSM crew and Mark of Khorne (205 pts)
Total: 1495 pts

Very ordnance and boarding heavy, and thus the rerolls and lords. Took it because something in boarding spam appeals to me, and Khornate Space Marines rape the shit out of others doing so. I didn't post it earlier mostly because it is very points-intensive and hard to pare down to 750 points

>> No.14733805


If you look on the Emperor's profile, you'll note that it has 4 squadrons in the port launch bay, and 4 squadrons in the right launch bay.
That means during the shooting phase, you may launch up to 8 tokens of attack craft. However, you can't have any more than that in play at any given point.
Even if you launch less than the 8 total, you must Reload Ordnance before you can launch any further ordnance by making a leadership test in your next Movement Phase. Note that ships gain +1 to leadership if any enemy ships are on special orders, and suffer a -1 penalty if the ship is in contact with blast markers.

Generally you'll want to launch all the squads you can, but there are some exceptions - if you Braced For Impact the previous turn, your ordnance strength is halved (for the purpose of determining number of launches, not maximum token count).

>> No.14733828

I think he was referring to SPAAAAAAAACE!

Ah, it's been too long since I played. Thanks for the refresher.

>> No.14733860

Slaughters are cheap and nasty, very beneficial qualities. However, Slaughters do not scale, and they operate as rogue elements. You cannot design a Chaos fleet around the Slaughter's role because no other ships perform that role. The other two gunboat vessels define the two "lines" of Chaos thought.

1. The Murder/Hades/Repulsive branch. High power broadsides, good range. Get into the thick of it and let your heavier batteries do the talking. Managing to split the enemy formation with this is probably a death sentence for them. In this fleet, the Slaughter is the hound that goes in first and absorbs the hits (it is the cheapest 8 HP you can buy). Or, you take the damage across your entire line and have the Slaughter confound their efforts to reform their fleet, as they now have to deal with trying to keep an annoying Slaughter out of their rear arc while keeping guns trained on your slower gunboats.

2. The Carnage/Acheron/Desolator branch. Not quite the firepower output if you're combining both broadsides, but tip-top range and comparable if you put your dorsal guns into your side arc. In this strategy, you try and outmaneuver your opponent, whittling them down with your range as you dance around any phenomena present and put on a few points of damage at a time. This plays a lot like GK pre-new-codex. Stormbolters outranged most ground troops, plus with the Shrouding they often couldn't shoot back. So you kept on 'kiting' from long-range and then when the melee fracas inevitably arrived, they were often in poor positioning and already wounded. The broadsides on these ships are still decent. Not monstrous like group 1, but the extra damage tacked on should be more than enough. In this fleet, the Slaughter serves as a harrier. It keeps a buffer zone for your cruisers, if they make a mad dash for your 'sniper' ships (Acheron/Desolator) the Slaughters will make them pay. Meanwhile, it disrupts their formation and buys you additional turns of shooting.

>> No.14733878


An example of this in play (because Ordnance is always confusing!)

The Crimson Death, an Emperor class battleship, starts the battle with all launch bays ready to go. It launches 4 squadrons of fighters, and 4 squadrons of bombers in the first turn.
It's now out of ordnance and must Reload Ordnance to launch any more. During the Ordnance phase, the 4 bomber squadrons make their attacks and their tokens are taken off the gameboard.

During turn 2, the Crimson Death fails it's Reload Ordnance check. It can't launch any more fighters or bombers, but the 4 fighters it launched before are still in play.

In Turn 3 the Crimson Death successfully Reloads Ordnance. It can launch up to 4 more squadrons of attack craft, since there are 4 fighter tokens in play already.
The player decides to wait for a better opportunity and doesn't launch anything.
During the Ordnance phase, the Crimson Death comes under attack by 8 squads of Chaos bombers. The 4 fighters remove 4 squads of enemy bombers and are also removed. The remaining 4 squads of Chaos bombers attack the Crimson Death, and the player decides to Brace for Impact.

On Turn 4, since the Crimson Death Braced last turn, it may only launch up to 4 fighters even though it has no tokens in play, since it's launch strength is halved due to the Brace.

>> No.14733906

Thank you very much for that, it's helpful.

>> No.14733910


Actually, the ordnance limit was introduced about a year after the first release of the rules, because without limits on ordnance battles were quickly devolving into "carrier wars", where both sides would stay far away from each other while building up a massive wave of fighters and bombers via repeated Reload Ordnance checks. It made for rather boring games.

>> No.14733928

Secondly, Chaos needs to learn to deal with an ordnance deficit compared to nearly every navy out there, and ESPECIALLY Imperial Navy and Tau.

The Devastation is almost a must-have due to cost-inefficiency (I might reconsider based on the new Styx points drop, but it wasn't THAT much).

You have almost no torpedoes, but the Infidels and boarding torpedoes (as mentioned already) can do a pretty good job clearing

Devastations mostly launch Fighter CAPs unless they get a clear shot at a Cruiser (Bombers) or a squad of escorts is threatening your flanks (Dreadclaws). It's necessary for the fighters to absorb the enemy's ordnance. Imperials, for example will typically match you 1:1 with attack craft and have 20+ torpedoes on the table to maybe a paltry 8 from you. You need a way to establish parity, and fighters are it.

So 750 pt fleet? I'd honestly start with the "Gunboat" fleet, so...
Warmaster - 50
Murder - 170
Hades - 200
Devastation - 190
3 Infidels - 120

Or (this leaves you dangerously low on ordnance):
Warmaster - 50
Murder - 170
Murder - 170
Devastation - 190
Slaughter -165

>> No.14733953


I'll note boarding torps aren't bad either for increasing the efficiency of Chaos bomber strikes.

Remember, in the ordnance phase, turrets may only fire on bombers or torpedoes, but not both. So if you strike an enemy ship with a wave of torpedoes and a wave of bombers, your opponent faces a tough choice - use his turrets to cut down the torpedoes, or cut down the bombers?

This is doable with regular torpedoes of course, but the 45 deg. turns that boarding torpedoes can make certainly makes it a lot easier to coordinate the timing. Hit and runs aren't amazing, but crippling a couple of weapon systems can really make a difference at a crucial moment.

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