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Battlefleet Gothic thread? Just ordered the rule book and an Emperor-class battleship today, plan on getting the cruisers later.

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BFG fan here. Unfortunately there aren't any others in my area.


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i am starting to get into it, i hope i can find people to play with.
or i can just go to the bunker in Seattle

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Chaos space marine player here. Hope you Imperials like being boarded.

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Hope you enjoy torpedoes.

Thousands of them.

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I'll probably be in the same situation at the start but I plan on trying to get some of the 40k crowd here in Bismarck, North Dakota into it.

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Imperial player here: eat my massed torpedo salvoes, bitch

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Chaos has torpedoes too, you know.

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Not as many as the Navy.




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necron here, i wish we had some torpedoes

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You have the whips, sepulchre, and portals. Your rape level is high enough as it is.

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Just from some of the back and forth here I get the feeling that I should trust in torpedoes........

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>Hurr what are pictures, I only read text durr

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Torpedoes carry the Imperial Navy.

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If anyone tries to run straight through an IN torpedo line, they don't usually come out in one piece on the other side.

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Speaking of Torpedoes, is it worth replacing the prow 'Eavy Gunz of Ork Kroozas and Terror ships with Torpedoes?

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is the rule book worth ordering? or are the PDFs they give you good still?

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They're good, and besides, you can find somewhere to download the full rulebooks. No need to pay for it.

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Chaos has like 3-4 ships with torpedos. As opposed to about 60% of the IN fleet list.

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Chaos can also steal Imperial vessels as of the latest updates, so if they try, they can do the same. Then again, not really their strength, which is boarding spam and outspeeding.

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I really should work out what to do with the vast load of BFG eldar I've got, most unopened. 3 cruisers (eclipse and shadow) ,and something like 12-15 aconite frigates, 12-15 hellebore frigates, 12-15 Hemlock destroyers, and the same number of Nightshade destroyers...

and I've never used them once.

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Fight someone who has invested solely in cruisers. Field 750 pts worth of cruisers in massed squadron. Drink his tears as his cruisers burn.

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i was wondering how that would turn out. i like escort ships too much to try something like that. small ships are awesome to me.

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I keep saying this, I'll say it again:

Email GW and Forge World. Tell them you love Battlefleet Gothic.

Because they too, love Battlefleet Gothic and it's being considered for the 'Space Hulk' treatment (But so are a load of other games). So tell them!

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Pass this round.

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Did it the last time you asked and got a sweet reply.
I'll repost it at some point.

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We've been playing with the printed out rules from the GW website and paper proxies, because fucking hell, the models are over priced

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so i have a dragonship and 4 shadowhunters, is that a good place to start for a craftworld list?

also, what are order dice and do you gents use them?

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You could try making your own

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Marine player here.

Enjoy dem Bombardment Cannoms and Teleporting Terminator Boarding Parties

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>ordered the rulebook
>rulebook is free
>herp derp

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Ah, I see what you did there;
Y'see, the rulebook is a freedownload, but they don't do it on POD via the Black Library, so if you don't want an actually book that doesn't smell of photocopy shop, you need to go to ebay.

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Vassal is your friend

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Because Necrons aren't overpowered enough...

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Necrons are awfully hard to beat. Some of the races haven't been tested well enough

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The same reason is why I never finished my Admech and Bei-tan fleets.


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To continue this mans wonderfull advice, on sup/tg/ there is a Bfg room (very creatively named #Battlefleetgothic)

Anyone who doesnt know people that use vassal and/or doesnt like just hoping for someone else to get online are free to join us, or anyone else ofcourse.

Back to topic: I fucking love bfg!

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Shameless Bfg bump

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Another rude bump for every forever alone bfg fans

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I've heard that rumour from another source. Basically, they'd love to do full plastic set of ships for all the races, but don't think it'd sell.

So are looking at doing one mega-set.

That'd be awesome

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I'd rather they did a video game

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why would you want that?
Miniatures is the main point of 40k

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I would fucking love to see this. Have heard similar rumours about a relaunch, and would use this as an excuse to buy an eldar fleet and haven spire to go with my Iyaden

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GW are looking into a special edition in order to keep the IP 'theirs' is what I have heard.

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Is special edition means putting out some a new boxed set making it easier to get my lazy friends into it then thats good enough for me. I've been trying to get them into this game forever!

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The FW tau models are lovely

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This about the thread on Dakka Dakka?

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Then take your dollies and fuck over to /toy/
/tg/ is for games.

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Bit harsh their chap. TG is for tabletop game, but we also do The Hobby, which is painting models and making 'em fight.

We do the odd bit of /v/ as well.

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Try it. I have Roks to spare.

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bump cause there needs to be more BFG in the world.

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I have nothing intelligent to add, but bump for BFG.

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Me and some friends are thinking about getting into BFG. One of them wants to do a Space Marine fleet, probably Salamanders. One'll likely do orks, another tau, and probably a chaos player, too.

Me, I want to do AdMech. Anything specific I need to know or do? I haven't given the rules or the list more than a cursory read, but... I really like the way the AdMech ships look, so I really want to go with them.

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AdMech is basically Imperial with a few bonus ships, AFAIK.

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Our local club holds a annual comp, started last year.
I used a loaner fleet, Imperial, I'd played like three games beforehand.
Come in top half of 16 players, Best day ever, Currently converting tyranids battleforce with fexs into 1500pt fleet for this year. Gonna be good stuff.

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The great thing about BFG is that GW has released the rules for free on the Specialist Games section of their website.

Playing with models is nice but they're not essential; if you've got friends who are interested but worry about the cost then the solution is simple, provide some paper tokens (ideally glue them to cardstock to make them sturdier), and then tape them to an appropriately sized base.

Cruisers and escorts are on 25mm diameter bases - the GW small flying bases are ideal, but in a pinch you can substitute regular 40k infantry bases. Battleships are 50mm diameter bases, which may be trickier, but if you've appropriately scaled your cardstock token then it should be no problem.

Torpedo and Ordnance markers are also in a printable .pdf on the Games Workshop site.

And here! Some printable ships to get you started!

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Do note that these aren't consistently sized - they might be a little too big or small, just make sure to stick them to an appropriately scaled base.

If you're a real stickler for making everything match up, you could simply resize the images to correspond to the correct size. The "bases" the ships are mounted on should be 25mm across for the cruisers, and 50mm across for the battleships.

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Even if money isn't an issue, paper tokens are great to play with because they're portable and don't take up a lot of space; quicker to set-up, and don't need to worry about painting and the like.

I've known a few people who get rather intimidated by miniatures in general, but playing on a "flat" board makes the game seem more like a traditional board game and thus more accessible.

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Also, if you've got a decent colour printer the tokens can look pretty good on their own. All these are straight out of the BFG Vassal module.

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Haven't gotten around to Orks or Tau yet, so that's it for now.

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Interesting do you have the rest of the fleets?

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Now I too can corrupt my friends!

Thank you, anon!

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Still have to get around to Orks, Tau, and 'Nids, but the tokens are in the Vassal modules. Might be able to throw them up later if the thread is still around.

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Don't bother with the Ork ones, until GW approves the FAQ changes. Until then, they're a pretty crappy fleet and playing them effectively is nothing like how Orks should work.

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Also, if you'd like to rescale the image sizes to the "proper scale", simply take one of the images, crop it down to just one of the "bases" (the circles at the bottom of the ship). Then, check the image size and note down the percentage ratio to the "proper scale" which should be a 25mm diameter. Then apply that percentage correction to the larger image.

This pic demonstrates what i'm talking about - I cropped the larger Chaos image down to the one ship so that the height of the image corresponded to the base size. I then checked the percentage correction needed to get the height down to 25mm.

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You can always tell those who never actually played this game competitively, or at all, by the ones that bitch about necrons being overpowered.

Yeah they got some nice special rules, fleetwide armor 6. point-for-point, they're also outgunned by anyone, and their 'armor save' has a huge strategic hole in that it's useless against pot-shots.

but the biggest issue is, I could table entire fleets, but the moment it comes time for victory points calculations, I lost.

Their leadership may start at 10, but criticals hammer it down fast. Bracing for impact prevents phasing a ship out, so anytime you are going to get hit hard you have to choose between maybe living, or disengaging it. Generally you have to brace, because you're outgunned as it is, and with the price of your ships (and consequently the size of your fleet) you cant afford to lose any of their firepower.

It's just a poorly designed fleet, and its not overpowered... unless it's fighting eldar.

The only tourney competitive necron fleet I found was one scythe cruiser, and everything else jackals. Only one capital to end up a drifting hulk.

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Glad to help. The great thing too about paper is that you can literally keep all the supplies for a game (for both you and an opponent) in a ziploc bag and play nearly anywhere (well, maybe not outside on a windy day).

Other cheap methods of proxy include building ships with modeling clay or lego, if you want something a bit more three-dimensional. Or, if you have any minature toy spaceships - Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. (the Hasbro Micro Machines series is a pretty good size and come with mountings that you can glue/tape to bases), those also work.

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Special Order dice are six sided dice that have all the special order symbols on them. It's just a fancy way of marking which ships are on special orders, since you can rotate the dice to display which special order the ship is on.

They're nothing special aside from that though; you can simply use paper tokens, card chits, beads, or whatever you like to mark special orders on your own.

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Torpedoes are strong not so much on their own, but rather because they constrain the options your opponent has.
Torpedoes are generally easily countered by simply maneuvering out of the way - but that in itself is pretty critical.

By dumping torpedo salvos in areas, you can deny that part of the board to your opponent. Putting a torpedo salvo in the opponent's line of movement will force him to move, or eat the torpedo salvo and brace.
Carefully placing your torpedo volleys can force the enemy into killzones of your choosing.

While fighters can easily tear through torpedo swarms, every fighter token deployed means one less squadron of assault boats or bombers harassing your ships.

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has anyone played against or with Dark Eldar? While limited in ship selection they seem able to tailor each ship to the mission at hand. The DE seem super fast and designed to close and board, accurate analysis?

Are tyranids any good?

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Dark Eldar have the same weaknesses as regular Eldar - that is, they fold quickly in a close up fight.

"Close and board" is something you can manage more with Space Marines and to some extent Chaos. For DE, boarding is more of a finishing tactic - a DE fleet should use it's speed to stay at range and wear down an enemy fleet (leech torps are good for this), trying to split off stragglers, then close in to Impaler range and board the crippled ship repeatedly.

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actually the base sizes are 32mm and 60 mm
the small and large GW flying bases

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nids are good, like everyone else.
You'll want lots of escorts. and more than 1 hiveship which you'll be best to run as a carrier since its they only carrier you can take. Though any set up is decent depending on how you play. Avoid BIo-plasma on Hiveships though. Their too slow and cumbersome to ever reliably get in range with it. Cruisers are good but not needed.

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sup folks, doing an image dump of my fleets! enjoy!

Space marines... Grey knights!

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My new eldar fleet! just picked it up from the painter today (yes I didn't paint it, but studying medicine eats time)

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Bumpan with my in progress ork fleet.

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Kill Kroozer 1

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Kill kroozer 2

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Roks Front

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I'm gonna bump this thread to the top of the first page.

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So I wrote up a prospective 2,000 point Imperial Navy list, and if anyone can give me some advice I'd be eternally grateful.

Emperor - class Battleship (415)

Overlord - class Battlecruiser w/ turret (245)

(2) Tyrant - class Cruisers w/ 45cm weapon batteries and prow torpedoes (390)

(2) Dominator - class Cruisers (380)

(2) Lunar - class Cruisers w/ torpedo tubes (360)

(7) Cobra - class Escorts (210)

Total - 2000

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and this is all that's left of the squats.

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Someone halp?

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Overlords are only effective in pairs

Don't take Tyrants when you can take dominators.

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Eldar player since release here.

Yeah you mad.

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But Tyrants have guns with +50% range.

Also I heard nova cannon spam isn't really effective.

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then replace them with lunars and gothics.

Dominators have a stronger battery, and overlords will cover the long range, especially now that you can purchase a left column shift for their firepower.

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Dark eldar!!

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Ok so

1 Emperor

2 Overlords

2 Dominators

2 Lunars

2 Gothics

That better?

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a quick zoom in... A Callisto in the foreground

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Now your going to be punching things from range while your close range ships move in for the kill.

Terran Escorts/Idolator escorts

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Jupiter command vessel/Desolator/Wages of sin in foreground

Saturn command carrier/Despoiler and all it's variants in the background

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top view

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that table looks fucking awesome

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Alien escorts/Infadel escorts with Ceti cruiser/demonship

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Iconoclast/terran escorts

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Mercury escort

you can't stop the signal!!

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This or Necromunda.

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Demiurg and Necrons

>> No.14650965

Quick question, does the limit on ordnance apply to torpedoes or just fighters/bombers/assault boats?

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Holy shit i have too many damned imperial ships

>> No.14651082

Okay folks, that's all from me for pics for now... your turn!

>> No.14651185

just attack craft

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File: 1.75 MB, 1631x949, Taufleet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Posting the remaining fleets. Tau first.

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File: 1.89 MB, 1625x919, orkfleet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Orks here. Doubling up mostly at random. I'm unsure of what people tend to field or the like, so I'm just filling up the page with what I feel would be commonly used.

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File: 911 KB, 1641x915, DarkEldar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dark Eldar. Only two ship types... kind of depressing.

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File: 1008 KB, 1647x931, tyranidfleet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And finally, Tyranids. Like Dark Eldar, they have a few base types that are individually customized, so you'll need to figure out a way to tell which ship is which in addition to the paper markers.

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File: 1.83 MB, 1649x943, planetdefence.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bonus sheet for planetary defences, including the Blackstone Fortress and Ramilies Star Fort (in two colours). Handful of blast markers included too.

>> No.14653395

People have said that the original orkz didn't play all that orky. I played my first test game with a pair of friends and didn't really feel like that was the case. After taking some pot shots from an opponent, I got to pretty much turn my fleet right at him and charge in, prow guns blazing. Pretty much everyone agreed that facing down a charging ork horde head on, even in space, is pretty intimidating. Had a few low gunz strength rolls, but a few chunks of 6 strength rolls too, so it felt random enough to be satisfying.
So what are the problems with the ork fleets? I did get a chance to peruse the 2010 update and like the new stuff a lot, by why do people complain about the old stuff? I'm willing to admit that it might have been our all around newbishness and a string of amazingly good luck on my part that made the orks not suck. Also, ork advice in general? I read about Rokks and battlekroozas and space hulks, but can't seem to find stats for them in the pdfs.

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>printable tokens
>black background

>> No.14653876

The Additional ships like Rokks and battlekroozas and space hulks are in the Armada expansion book.

Go to the GW website in the specialist games battlefleet gothic recources section and download "Xenos Fleets". There you will find your stats.

However the wiser choice is to simply go to /rs/ and download the Battlefleet gothic .rar

It has so many useful resources for players.

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