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so what do you think /tg/?

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weeaboo scum

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The silver one looks really cool.

The other one... not so much. It's really well painted but well, some images just aren't meant to be on a rhino.

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>Culture: japan
>Danny choo culture
I really don't know what to think, anon.

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Your money, your paint, your model. Do whatever the fuck you want with it.

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Network. Meant network.

But yeah, the orange one looks pretty clean.

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I don't think the OP was looking for a discussion on property laws.

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Post pics of the silver one?

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>Oh hey look Hiigaran marines that's pretty-
>Weeaboo shit.
>Brain suddenly clicks.
>America is Taidan Empire.
>Everything is gone.
>Tokyo is burning.

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OP I can feel the rage of your opponents from here. Carry on.

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You know i'm weaboo myself, but IMHO japanese elements doesn't fit the wh40k. At least these modern ones. But i must admit color scheme is very nice.

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I suppose that's what Tau are for.

Although Eldar have ninjas and shurikens, and I'm sure there are some really cool samurai-style Space Marines.

It's really the old Japanese culture which applies to 40k, not the modern.

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The old WWII ones would fit like a glove, though, what with their HONOUR!, their MASSACRAN CIVILIANS and their BERSERK CHARGES!
I think they'd fit very well as a khornate army.

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But it already is.
Banzai charges = Bayonet charges
40K is already weeaboo

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>shame upon having used to go there constantly

But yeah.
Far too grimdark and serious for this moeblob shit.

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>japanese elements doesn't fit the wh40k. At least these modern ones.

it fits perfectly, it's also immature, the fanbase is scared of growing up, cliqueish beyond redemption, and the art is mostly shitscribble level.

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Okay, I laughed.

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Clean this up right now young man!

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Love to see what would happen to OP if he put that shit down at a games workshop....

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>japanese elements doesn't fit the wh40k. At least these modern ones.

Hai, I am your God-Emperor. My primary attribute is that I do nothing. My troops are all kamikaze freaks with swords who are going to be shot by their own officers. Somebody took my Spaceship though.

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fkn weaboo

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Aside from the Emperor bit, you're either a 10 on the retard scale (o - faking it, 5 - needs special ed, 10 - drooling vegetable) or a troll.

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don't worry kid, I'm sure your mom is asleep, you can swear on the internet.

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You know i'm weaboo myself, but IMHO japanese elements doesn't fit the wh40k. At least these modern ones. But i must admit color scheme is very nice.

Cool thing that there's an entire Guard Regiment based on Imperial Japanese army.

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Shit, I know I drew a samurai space marine for you guys, now I can't find it. Oh well.

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Orange and white doesn't look too bad. The brushed steel one looks like ass. I think it's the solid mithral silver coat that kills it.

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Emperor's true sons are called Sensei, and can ascend to become Sensei Masters.

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I am sorry, but there are not that many real-world armies that thought that swords were not completely useless and treated their soldiers like bullets while having a God-Emperor Figurehead ruler.

In fact, Imperial Japan was the only place like that.

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Where is the power katana?

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And the spot on the corner of the tank betrays that the hull was done either with spray paint, or an airbrush.

Furthermore the periscope lenses on the hatch are messy. I think you just sprayed the thing orange and used transers for everything else you could, then sealed it with some sort of varnish.

In short; your freehand work needs practice. I suggest buying a manifying visor.

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God Emperor - Emperor of Japan
Space Marines - samurai
Imperial Guard - conscripts and tribesmen
IG Command Structure - WW2 army command structure
Imperial Navy - WW2 era Japanese navy (battleships everywhere)
Inquisition - Kempeitai
Grey Knights - Kamikaze pilots

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China, and anything ruled by Muslims since the crusades ended. Iraq, for example, was notorious for using human wave attacks to demoralize the enemy. Did Saddam claim to be a god-emperor? No, but he claimed to be a muslim. An un-bearded, alchoholic, delusional despot of a muslim that mass produced 'plastic keys to paradise' and gave them to teenagers to martyr themselves not in his name, but in Allah's.
So, no, NOT a god-emperor, but a name makes all the difference, doesn't it?

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