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"Yes, brother?"
"Have you noticed anything about Brother-marine Helvestus?"
"...Not really. Why?"
"His backpack looks wierd."

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nids finally realized whit the Greys have exploited since the 70's: humans are less likely to kill the cute ones .

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they're also suckers for PATERNAL feelings, protect their young and they'll let you move in

>> No.10605018

Ten minutes later:

>> No.10605107

Meh, I'd do it.

>> No.10605153

those E.L.F species which are luckily compatible whit humans should try and form cross-species families, those of you which still are religious despite being an engineered life form should try and pray the babies are not deformed mutants

>> No.10605212

yes, some humans will kill anything for fun and/or profit, don't blame it on the species, though. we know your spiritual centers were razed by mercenaries, but be kind to their wounded and plead for a reservation if you don't wanna face Xenocide; no your bioluminicent blush wont be cute enough to save the planet all for your kind, they did earn it according to their own traditions, learn to welcome your new diminutive overlords.

>> No.10605333

YES they are infamous xenophiles, and have fucked aliens even less humanoid than your species wit merry glee. NO, you cannot whore yourself to win the planet back, they're still vicious xenophobes, and you're too dumb to hide your backstabbing intentions from a species whose culture is built upon selfishness.

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after all, humans regard culture and cooperation higher than biology, if you let go of your conflicts and learn to love their quirks they will rarely bother you. who knows? you may even enjoy their food.

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