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We've had 70+ 40k MMO threads, I approve of this change.

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You found me beautiful, once.

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Honey, you got *real* ugly.

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shit i was about to make that joke

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I'm still game! Have you ever fucked a windpipe? Her cooch is like that, but muscled too!

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I'm Bruce Campbell and I approve of this Army of Darkness reference.

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That's a male.

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Lol, I'm sorry, but Sarah would rape it with her mind

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Tiny picture is tiny.

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So sorry, meant to post this one

Yeah, probably. Although they are natural psionics.

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Jim Raynor tapped that so hard he fucked the humanity right out of her.

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I hope her humanity starts bubbling back and she ends up an emotional wreck but jim kills her anyway.

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She ruined any chance of redemption she had when she killed Fenix.

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What humanity?

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Zeratul you're such a whore

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Fenix deserved to die, he was a dick.

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Fenix was the bro of bros, you dirty son of a whore.

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You shut your whore mouth!

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>bro of bros


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She isn't kerrigan, and never was from the time she burst from the chrysalis on, the overmind has been playing or just as planning and she is a puppet.

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I don't think she should become a wreck, but I think she should become flustered at times under stress.

As for deaths, I am predicting this.

Kerrigan will kill Zeratul
Kerrigan will kill Jim
Jim will kill Kerrigan

Or, to instill rage, Artanis will kill Kerrigan after she kills Jim

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I trade a bro to be the royal consort of the galaxies empress.

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Kerrigan mind fucked Raynor after her tranformation.

I demand romance and alien sex.

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Jim won't forgive her for killing Fenix.

Am I the only one that finds it weird that Fenix was older than Tassadar?

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Same here.

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>Kerrigan will kill Jim

It's like fucking Lothar all over again! Fuck you, Blizzard!

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Jim has a Penis. Kerrigan will work that thing. Jim will forgive Kerrigan.

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Only slightly older, they were friends growing up.

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It is possible, but I don't think so. She has already betrayed him. Hopefully he realizes that there isn't anything human in her anymore and she has no issues with killing him.

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Meanwhile, on Char...

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Yeah, its only a few earth years older, but it is still weird. Tassadar just seems a lot older.

Its probably just because he was more idealogical and wiser.

I hated the mission when you kill Fenix, simply for the reason that you have to kill Fenix. Duke I didn't care about. He is a tool, first for the Confederacy and then for the Empire.

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Was it ever made clear if their was romantic feelings between jim and kerrigan? Seems likley it was more like watching that nice girl with a bad life spiral out of control and you can't seem to help.

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Manly tears were shed during that cutscene ;_;

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Aye, it was a bit of a cunt move killing Fenix.
Btw: If anything, Mengsk is going to be the one who kills Raynor. Assuming Kerrigan doesn't kill Mengsk first.

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I chose to give Duke and Fenix the most pathetic deaths I could.

Duke I scragged by flying Scourge (or whatever the little suicide drones are called) at him until he exploded.

Fenix, I had a Queen use Spawn Broodlings on him as my first move when I hit the Protoss. He died like a bitch, without even getting to kill any of my guys first.

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Arcturus will die, Valerian will take his place.
Valerian is MUCH less of a dick and still a very capable person to run the Dominion.

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I think they liked each other. Kerrigan, IMO, showed that she had feelings for Jim when Mengsk let her fall to the zerg

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They fucked

before and after tranformation

Kerrigan still likes jim

Jim is kinda pissed.

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See, I don't think they did. Otherwise, Jim would have an infested penis.

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I don't think so. I see him dying as a sick, weak old man. A failure, not even worthy of a bullet.

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>before and after tranformation


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It's in the books.

Kerrigan felt Jim was depressed so she fucked him through telempathy.

But that just made Jim feel more guilty.

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Rolling to disbelieve.

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If Jim and his men had died trying to save her from the swarm I wonder how different of a person she would be.

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>Kerrigan felt Jim was depressed so she fucked him through telempathy

Tongue the inners of his anus WITH YOUR MIND!

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Arcturus was the fucking man. He was generally a peaceful prospector then his brother stirred shit up and got him and his family killed by Ghosts sent by the Confederacy. Whilst off planet his home was nuked to fuck and back and he returned to scavenge together the survivors into a rag-tag army to fight the oppressors.

He overthrew the corrupt Confederacy and then immediately survived/fought off an expedition force that consisted of the entire military might of Earth and its colonies.

The man would be a fucking hero in any other story. We are too quick to mark him an irredeemable villain just because he stabbed two (three if you count yourself as the Magistrate) individuals in the back.

The fact that he IS a villain is an amazing story situation.

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Fuck that, that mission pissed the hell out of me!
When it ended, I had defensive lines set up able to take down anything the game could throw at me - only reason she got left behind was because the plot forced it.

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Ha, same here. 100 supply of Siege Tanks were aimed at those ramps. Amusingly, I failed the mission because when the Zerg started swarming I got vision of the high ground and they auto-shot the buildings - after the splattered all their units.

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stilll being arcturus' bitch

he was dicking her y'know

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Some horrifying manifestation of survivors guilt.

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i can't believe i've never seen any kerrigan/raynor fapfiction

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I thought the UED's expeditionary force was quite small, and forced itself to use mostly older technology since the Koprulu sector didn't have the infrastructure to support anything newer.
Remember that you had a mission where you captured Dominion's battlecruisers, and also the UED's forces had many confederate remains too. So it was hardly Earth's complete military might.

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I think that's due to Starcraft being around before video games were popular with the masses and before fapfics were common for just about everything,

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Some people like to argue that Jim is going dig up about the Xel'naga to find a way to burninate kerrigan.

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There was the whole "I will rule this sector or see it burn to ashes around me" speech he gave you during the mission where you and Raynor try to leave. That's where he went full villain for me.

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Kerrigan mentally fucked Raynor?

Or maybe, she made Raynor believe she was fucking Her, but instead she was actually masking her true appearance.

Implications.... disturbingly awesome.

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It's out there. This one chick, Ixxra, wrote a bunch; mostly Protoss-centric, Zeratul and Tassadar getting into all sorts of kinky situations. Lots of homosexual stuff, but a few bondage/torture type situations with Kerrigan as the domme.

The really ironic thing is, though, Ixxra absolutely hated the idea of Protoss females with breasts (even when a bunch of official concept art came out around the time StarCraft: Ghost was in development making it official), but she had at least one Protoss anal scene in everything she wrote and got absolutely crazy if you suggested it was equally outlandish for a species with no digestive system.

She got mad and me for making some crack about Al Gore and ragequit'd the internet, haven't heard from her since.

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Behold, Kerrigan's final form!

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Fuck, I remember Ixxra! Didn't she write that one story where Fenix fucks Raynor in the ass?

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I am now imagining the Queen of Blades as a JRPG-style multi-stage boss fight.

Feels good, man.

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>boss fight
Best. Boss fight. Ever.

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Kerrigan remained on Char, where she would keep hunting down the Dark Templar, Tassadar's forces and the remains of Raynor's Raiders.

During the running battles, she tormented Jim Raynor through the mental link, giving him pleasure and then guilt in his dreams. However, this untrained link also let Raynor interpret zerg communication, which he and his allies put to good use. After weeks of evading Kerrigan's brood, taking out a few bits at a time

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Candlejack got to th

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