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Let's say you wanted to build an army with two goals in mind:

1) Make Space Marine (or equivalent, but mainly them) players cry, even if at the expense of well-rounded ability to take all comers, and

2) Not a Space Marine equivalent yourself.

What do you choose?

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Guard, mainly Elysian Drop Troops.

>> No.10300442

Dark Eldar eat marines alive.

>> No.10300444

Imperial Guard of course.

>> No.10300465

Guard. You'll also make 'nids, Eldar, WH/DH, etc. cry

Until Tau get first turn and asplode all your artillery.

>> No.10300468

Tyranids work.

Speaking thereof, is that image part of a series?

>> No.10300488


where's the fun if they're dead?

>> No.10301762

Just stick 3 trygons in every list you make and you'll be fine.

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