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Coffin critter

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I mean, that's pretty much true.
But it does go well with loads of desserts

Hell, a friend of mine works with poor kids, he was telling me some grim food stories (lots of beige), including one kid who's dinner was literally "have some custard".

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I love jam roly poly but absolutely loathe custard in all its forms, vile slimy gunge, I think I might be on a watch list somewhere

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NZ custard is straight up Ichor though.

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if you're american, because your house is almost certainly made of delicious wood

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Living gravel

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We normally have it with custard in the UK because our parents were shitty feminists who never learned to cook because that's oppressive, so when they realized they either had to get a job or learn to cook, they decided neither and just made shit meals for us to subsist off of. And with desserts especially she had no sense of timing whatsoever, and left it in there until it was burnt as fuck. Thus, custard is necessary

Just me? Probably

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Tussalus (the correct name) = Troll/supernatural lice
Skrukketroll = Wrinkle troll
skoppetroll = Crotch/apron troll
benkebitere = Bench biters
munkelus/munkebiller = Monk lice/Monk beatles
melkedyr = Milk animals (I have no idea)
kaffedyr/kaffetroll/kaffelus =Coffe animals/trolls/lice
moldokser = Dirt Oxen
paddelus = Toad lice
potetroll = Potato trolls

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part of the problem is also that people apply these names to a whole range of small, round-ish, segmented bugs, some of which aren't even related.

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>Wait, so you're telling me that rollie pollies are basically shrimp with no claws?

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"Sandwich" is the Class of food, being composed of all those terrestrial meals assembled from any combination of meats, vegetables, cheeses and condiments contained within or between a bread. The largest Orders of Sandwichia are the True Sandwiches (Slicedbreada), the Submarine Sandwiches (Longbreada), and the Flat Sandwiches (Flatbreada), which includes the families quesadillius, paninia, and cubana, as well as the sub-order Burritia (Rolled Flat Sandwiches). Some debate remains over the proper placement of the family Pocketia (Pita Sandwiches) within the Class. Some argue (Anons, et al) that it should be considered a group of Fused Flat Sandwiches, while others contend evolutionary evidence places them in an entirely separate class, Dumplingia.

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Did you have a bit of a stroke there, buddy? You somehow spelt the word autumn "led".

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You were so close anon

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>wood lice
Was struggling to remember what we called them is school, thanks! I still remember we did the experiment where we put them in a box where one side was dry and the other damp and watched them go chill in the damp.

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Like wtf even is louse. Woodpecker yeah, pecks wood. Woodlouse? It louses wood?

Fucking limey british fucks. Call that shit something people can identify. Call it what it is. It's an Isopod. I should fucking know I farm the little bastards

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This would be a shitpost on /an/.

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>As of 2011, the FPAQ produced 94% of Canadian maple syrup and 77% of the world's supply.
Fuck you, we're keeping them.

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What the fuck

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Common Names are retarded, more news at 11

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We may not be able to agree on roly poly, but we can all agree these are called daddy long legs right?

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What else would people call them? Do the bongs have an even stupider name for them or something?

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Rolly polly is an English name for them. They brought them over to north America

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Can I issue a Fatwa against this thread.
This is Shtud. I want all other names considered Haram.

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>Vulgar Armadillo

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actually that's a harvestman :)

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Yes, that's why there are always 100000 dead ones in garages. When it rains and gets moist on the garage floor they can get in there and explore, but then it dries out and they die.

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>A conspiracy arrises that these creatures have been cursed by the gods to never be properly named.

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That's a Benedict Cumberbatch, what eh?

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There are like 6 different spiders, that look different, called Daddy Long Legs.

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Not a harvestman. 8 legs and 2-body segments, it's a spider.
Harvestmen are insects many people mistake for a spider, and call a daddy long legs.

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'little cow'

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Halflings call them "dragon beatles" and the dwarven word translates as "armadillo fish" for some god forsaken reason.

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I accidentally read that first word as ‘women’ and wondered where I had stumbled into.

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no that is obviously a harvestman, see pic related. same features.

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that looks pretty fuckin good
whats inappropriate about rolly polly for a bug that rolls into a ball and is tiny and cute

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4chan. Enjoy the stay.
You're here forever.

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Name doesn't matter, the little guy shall join the hive

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What kind of hive

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thats sad... odd how beautiful it becomes shortly before death. I wonder what other isopods would think of its appearance if they had awareness. Would it be pretty to them, or would they be terrified of it?
I'm imagining a pillbug civilization that sees its members turning blue as a sign they've been chosen by the gods, but its also a horrifying concept because it means anyone around them could also be chosen and they don't have long.

Guess I know what I'm adding to my setting.

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It probably can't see shit, if you suddenly gave it that ability it would be more like a dog asking you a question and you going "holy shit a talking dog!"

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I hope your parents outlive oyu

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