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Shitting your pants and claiming yourself the victor is a time tested and impossible to defeat strategy.
You chose well.

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Memnite and blightsteel colossus, same deck

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>this is what Kaldheim took from us

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Getting Bog Witch vibes from this one.

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You are so alone you have come to this place to surround yourself with those who hate you just to feel some small shred of attention.
And you're still talkin' like you're some sort of genius.

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Landfall cause simic, now with one more sac outlet than usual.

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Yeah but this one is hot.

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The lapse in her shitposting rn is her frantically looking up what a 4chanx is kekekekekekek

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I'm on the fence, I got him from a pack that was gifted to me, not my money and pulled out cards that seemed to go well with him.
But I don't have a game plan beyond playing with creature types.

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yeah if the bog witch was fuckable as hell, maybe

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Isn't that a reprint of a card from alpha?

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>those abs

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She's small in a small frame but I think she's cute.

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It was one of you impersonating me, that's how free my rent is in his head.

Being smarter than you retards does not a genius make.

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>smarter than you
Says the person spouting nonsense like conservative iq's versus liberal iq's
The tests don't ask your political affiliation dumbass.

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>isn't that a reprint of a card from alpha?

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Why would I shit my pants after manipulating you into giving up the innocence act and shitting up the thread while attacking each other?

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>avacyn will never swoop down from the heavens, pluck you from the ground with your head between her thighs and crush your skull like a watermelon
Why even live guys?

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>so how will we represent the concept of "life"?
>how about a tiny little glowy silhouette man with a sword

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>Thassa? Never heard of her.

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>isn't aware of IQ tests that directly measured intelligence to politics
Talking about something you're ignorant about is exactly what I expect of you, thank you.

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Aww baby is butthurt again!

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>you can feel her freaking out and posting her shitposting topics in real time rapid fire
She's pissed bros lolololol.

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I've met more racist people who lean left than those who lean right

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Are you saying racism is bad?

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This is what I meant. Bog Initiate. Bog Witch is a fucking duuuuuuuuuude.
And on reflection the 2 cards aren't much alike.

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ugh that face. today's theme really has been "things that are difficult to masturbate to" in these threads

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>isn't that a reprint of a card from alpha?

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>sudden out of nowhere mention of popular topic (avacyn but sexual)
>toski posting
>replying individually to every single post calling him out
It's amazing.

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stupid sexy faeries.

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Any test that is openly calling for your political affiliation is going to be avoided by the more intelligent people who come across it.
Such a thing is plainly seeking a specific conclusion to draw.
Any suchstudies would likely be done at post-secondary institutions, which are hostile to conservatives and have been for about a decade solid, so the results will of course be heavily skewed toward liberals.
Any IQ test that asks your political affiliation is not an IQ test that is objective, and therefore is unreliable drivel.

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>so angry you're attacking each other

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drop like a fucking rock its not that good

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>Sygg? Never heard of him.

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>Any IQ test that asks your political affiliation is not an IQ test that is objective
The IQ test exists independently of the subsequent question of their political affiliation, retard. And your other excuses are delicious.

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Her running through her gamut of options the same way every time she gets blown out is getting sad.
Its only been like 3 days since the trend was pointed out and its already worn out.

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anyone have that image of the 4 card combo for infinite spirits?

>> No.78024903

yeah sure i guess they're both similar in that they're female? not seeing the similarity between a snu snu huntress assassin chick and some goth drama student showing you her tumbleweed collection

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Is toski anon the same guy that asked for helping building the avacyn deck every day? Seems about right

>> No.78024928

spamfag? Probably since he kept getting 3 days for soijack tier shitposting and I doubt jannies slap toski anon with anything

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A rare depiction of Muhammed the Prophet of Allah.

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racism isn't bad persay, hating stereotypes is normal to me but I'm not one to hate someone because of their ethnicity. I am able to see the difference between the black man who goes to work and keeps to himself and a nigger who smokes crack from his section 8 shithole all day

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>footfags eternally BTFO
i just wish they didn't have the weird disjointed torsos too, nice tits and ass though

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