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My. God.

That would be amazing.

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> Laura getting salty
It’s happening, pals

She’s the player most attached to their own character; Matt didn’t incinerate Luc’s body, but he could destroy Jester’s. I’m genuinely concerned how Laura would take that while hoping against hope it’ll happen

Wait combat is over, end of consequences

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its almost becoming a good episode.

Is it possible that the time off consequences have arrived? not liekly

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>how do you want to do this

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Hitting lava is 5d10
Submerged in lava is 18d10

So Matt is correct.

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Imagine being this cucked.

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Cheers to Matt "Kid Killer" Mercer

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Wait did he really nerfed that shit too

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Infant Incineration.

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>Matt's look of dread thinking about social media blowback

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10d10 for wading through lava, 18d10 for being submerged. 5d10 is a bit low but for just stumbling your foot in lava it's not the worst

>> No.78024858

>Matt "If there age is on the clock, they're ready for the cutting block" Mercer

>> No.78024859

wading through a lava stream is supposed to be 10d10 but I'll accept 5d10, could have been nothing at all

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What are you doing? I'm going to make some tea and have a piss

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Matt "Brenatto Broiler" Mercer

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i guess

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Remember when Vax stepped on lava and was forced to deal with lingering penalties for several rests?

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>this ad

>> No.78024879

>this grotesquely cute add clashing with the death of a child

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You know the first thing most of them thought was "Holy fuck Matt is about to get DESTROYED by the fanbase"

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Break time is a perfect time to coom to some Critical Role porn so here's a link to CR Lewds collection . https://mega. nz/folder/PExQ1AqY#SumeYdwazUiOBXTPKi_dWg
Have fun guys

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if it was still an offline game that prob what he would do.

there was a moment in the campaign close talks machina where Laura asked about some interaction she had with a random nobleman that happened prestrem.

Matt said he had Vex cloned and basically (the implication) made the cloned vex a sex slave.

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I would kick this player out of my group immediately if I found out he posted that. This is the type of faggy cunt that ruins it for everyone else.

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Man this episode been pretty lit.

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Looks like the Brenatto family...has run out of their Halfling Luc.

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What I'm wondering is, what stat block was that? Because if it was something original, I imagine he could've just severely reduced that explosion damage.

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Blaming the DM on a very simple situation is unfair. Second more importantly if the players are having fun thats all that matters.

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I was wondering how long it'd take for matt to get cancelled over this

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Eating Onion rings, pulled bbq pork burger, and a massive sprite

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Honestly I'm also thirsty for some tea, good idea anon. Also I'm trying to configure arcanum to run on windowed mode, don't think it can be run on fullscreen windowed. It's just annoying not being able to alt tab because the screen doesn't change, but at least the game loads fast enough you can just save and quit in 5 seconds.

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tfw one of the players in my group lost her character because she went off into the woods alone and a roving troll found her. Some really shitty rolls for her later she was killed, had her arms and legs cut off, and was assumed to be used as a troll onahole until her body decomposed.

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Someone please collect these nicknames given to Matt

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So Adam Koebel got canceled for narrating a scene of a creepy mechanic "raping" a robot, because that triggered people and they insisted that that was equivalent to Koebel raping the player. Is Matt about to get canceled for reveling in the grotesque pleasure of murdering a child?

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excited to see what sam's next character is

>> No.78024919

Now that the fun part's over I'm considering just going to bed and watching the rest on Monday. As based as Matt was, I know he's probably scrolling through hate messages on Twitter this very second and will not do anything crazy anymore today due to the backlash

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You should substitute sugar for honey anon, it's the best decision I've made with it

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they've just been sliced!

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Yeza is fucking hot in that page, I’ll have to check out the whole thing.

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who else /greentea/ here?

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Lucky bastard

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This is prerecorded dumdum.

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