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Anon I think I recognize your filename format from the female assassin thread

You have great taste (no homo) have you given any thought to uploading your collection to a Mega?

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I need some old ass crone witches. If they look like they'd fit into 40k even better, but I'll take anything.

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That one's not bad I'll take it.

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Lol these legs

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What a low quality thread, at least lately it started getting good.
What kind of elementals?

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Anyone have lovecraftian inspired knights?
Mainly looking for helmet with tentacle faces.

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Sadly quality lovecraftian knights are way too rare. But I do have some "tentacle faces" in my saved pics.

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Nice twink

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Someone should tell him which side of the blade in hook knives is the cutting one.

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Never really uploaded anything to Mega before, is it possible to do it for free? My art folder is almost 7 GB.

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OP is confused. Luckily, I'm here to help. Here's a firbolg.

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Ugly doesn`t equal true, anon. OP just brough a generic elf girl, you brough some rando fat goblin jew.

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What do I do, fa/tg/uys? I can't draw worth a damn but I've just started editing pictures. I can take different pictures and mesh them or manipulate colours/poses with a little trickery but I can't truly create anything.
Should I continue doing this or find something else as I feel like editing the work/works of others for anything other than personal use in offline games is an egregious overstep on the original artists work.

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Drawing is a skill like any other.
Practice your hand, learn the theory and master the subject matter and you'll make it.

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Do whatever you want, whenever someone tries to talk shit about using others` work tell them to stop using your oxygen.

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It's a firbolg, you don't play.

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Your unabashed optimism is the salve /tg/ needs right now more than ever. Here, take a meaty fella

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Thanks lads, I'm working on drawing but until I can put the image that is in my mind down onto paper properly I will never be happy, I just get so frustrated. Why is there such a disconnect between my brain and my hand? I can write, I can shoot and I can throw a jelly bean into my nephews mouth from across two rooms but I just can't draw.

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They say it takes 400 hours to be proficient in a skill. It doesn't count as 'trying' until you've put in that much.

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Problem is I pick it up, I try for a few hours and then put it down again for days/weeks. Going to set an alarm every afternoon at 6pm, will try for at least an hour a night, make a game of it, see how many days streak I can go unbroken.

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I can't hold my hand straight due to injuries, I do something similar because i use to be a decent artist. go for it, no shame in collaging/mashing things together to create something new.

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I need well-dressed dwarves, please, the upper parts of society
Noble dwarves, businessmen, whatever
No adventurers, workers, or smiths

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No this is!

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Fantasy dwarf or contemporary dwarf?

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Well, never mind, image limit reached

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My firbolgs are closer in concept to the Green Man of Celtic mythology. They're forest guardians that often weave vines and flowers into their own flesh as a form of symbiosis.

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Anything that isn't a male human fighter or an elf archer is a special snowflake

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Different guy but this whole 'not my firbolg' movement is one of the worst examples of pretending to care so you can be mad.
No one cared about firbolgs since 2ed, no one talked about the race in 3e, they were a seldom used enemy in 4e.
They were ripe for a rework into the nature giants they became in 5e.
I mean, I don't like how Critical Role turned them into cow people but for fucks sake don't pretend you've been a firbolg fanboy all this time, you just want to be mad cause 'new thing bad'

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It just doesn't make much sense for a powerful race of half-giant vikings to suddenly be neutered into a race of rainbow haired cow hippies. I get that we already have Goliaths but if I really wanted to redesign them I'd try to bring them back to their celtic roots.

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Both are good

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New thread: >>78038474

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