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seconding this, that's where I stopped following it but my mate still comes round and puts it on cause he's still loving it

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based draw anon

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Thanks anons.
They can look good on librarians, I think. They're supposed to have psychic hoods incorporated in them and the faceplate is cool.

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It needs a shot in the arm. either the episodes need to come out sooner, or they need to expand on their side content to make up for the time inbetween. The humor fluctuates more, and unless you're keeping up with new stuff to make the bad jokes not flop as hard, it's going to come across as hit-or miss.

also they need to drive the plot forward ffs

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in this case, symbology is correct, since you are talking about the use of a system of symbols used, rather than how something acts AS a symbol. ie Military symbology

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>actually bothering to do individual heraldry on the tilting plates
I can not tell you how much I appreciate that.

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They're knightly

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Stop. Read this. Why do you spend your hours painting little autistic plastic soldiers when you could be out on the waves, fishing for Marlin or wrestling with your fellow semen off the Iberian shore? Why do you bother with working 9 to 5, if that, only to waste that money on little toys for kids? You slave away at your next batch of minis and try to get the best paint scheme devised, when you could change the face of literary style and American literature as a whole. You could be the next Hemingway if you tried, even if you drank like a fish; the only necessary parts are soul and a work ethic to boot.

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Not only do I do that, I try to use the same colors on the tilting shields of the squad.

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Maybe I could be the next Hemingway, but you sure couldn't.

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I ment Warhammer miniatures, so we get ugly miniatures
MTG kind of cares I guess, because they let wizkids made a bunch of 3d token figurines, but they didnt let them make heroclix itself

She ate everybody

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I could also be the next finno-korean hyperhitler, you know.

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I'm autistic and I've been told that I write and speak in a stilted and overly-verbose manner

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>now let me tell you why this artistic endeavour is more valid than this other one
quit trying to justify the sunk cost of your EngLit degree you massive faggot and just suckstart a shotgun

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You are at home, brother.

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The blue tassels was a serious mistake and ruins the over all composition of the model. If you want to incorporate a contrasting spot color into a color scheme, it needs to be subdued and low saturation, or else it looks out of place and pulls the eye away from everything else very dramatically.

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I'm learning to draw fat anime tits instead

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I liked a good few of the early episodes where it was mostly riffing on shit, I appreciate the legitimate joy that’s put into it, and the Alfa boys seem pleasant enough, but I can’t stand it now that it’s gone from “hey, what happened with X” to “tune in next time for more WACKY adventures with golden boy and Old One-Eye (not that one, haha!)”

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Relic chainsword canoness currently tearing it up in a campaign

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The blue tassels are actually a lore thing. The bright blue and yellow colors are inspired by the prayer flags buddhists hang at holy places.

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I was hoping to, but the game crashed and it looks like it’s not coming back together.
Ah well, my character pull kinda sucked anyhow so nothing’s really lost

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based and milkers-pilled

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I am seeking to become a Renaissance man, and painting is one facet of the endeavour.

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Rad, she going to earn herself a name?

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She's done enough to earn one already, first unit to get battle honors. Still trying to come up with one. I like Josephine but I'm not sure that's Sister-y enough

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does it look like that?
then I love it

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Just painted some Aggressors and 50 Daemonettes.

Cryogenically freeze my brain in a proper container,
think of the knowledge scientists might retain
from one of the world's best painters.

it's a Trifecta, don't you see? It's Me, Dali, and DA VINCI!

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Even still, you should consider how your color choice will look in context. The colors around another color effect how it's perceived. Pic related, a more subdued pale blue when surrounded by yellow looks like the exact same color as the darker more intense blue surrounded by more blue.

The blue you're using is just about as intense as your primary color, yellow, which makes it incredibly jarring. Your primary color should always be the most saturated color, with colors getting progressively less intense the further you move away from the primary color on the color wheel, unless you're intentionally going for a busy discordant look.

You're a great painter by the by. :)

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Here's my Vulkan He'Stan conversion

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My dear Guardian boy

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I buy the isopropyl alcohol at my local drug store. the ingredients are just isoprpyl and water. works like a treat. As long as you don't use enamels or other strange paint...

sometimes i use some on a q-tip if I want to redo just a specific area. its great.

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Interesting stuff anon, thanks for sharing. I'll keep this in mind.

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And this was after they advertised that all grot brigade detachment a year ago and after they added a proper gretchin HQ choice... Shameful.

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I mean, I did let 4chan name this guy.

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Ynnari in another White Dwarf article.

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fulfill your destiny, Antti Park

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Do stores even carry 99% or do you have to buy online?

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Thank you for hearing me out fren.

Something like pic related is what I would do, it still feels very much blue in context, but dosen't steal the eye from the rest of the model by being drastically discordant.

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It'd be fairly easy to beef up the base to make him more imposing.

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be careful sanding and trimming resin, do not inhale it as it is bad for your lungs. It's also softer than it seems so go slow.

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how the fuck is your tiny script on the chest piece so neat and clean? hot damn that is amazing

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So with Splinter cannons now being Heavy and geared towards marine hunting, are we likely to see blasters becoming the go to on Kabalites, and seeing 4x Splinter Cannon Scourge squads deepstriking to fuck up key marine squads?

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>no salamanders gf
why must you do this to me?

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I think I get what you're trying to say. That color does let the eye stop for longer on the helmet and the body. I may actually repaint the tassels to be a bit more subdued.

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Anon, it's a script transfer from Indomitus flipped on the side to appear vertical. The only freehand on the mini is the lettering on the greave.

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Many replies later and no one realises I used the word “semen”

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everyone noticed. its an obvious joke, and did not warrant recognition

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Where you hoping to scandalize 4chan with a naughty word?

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