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You lewd cheeky cunt.

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Thank you for your take on the build, I'll take all that into account.
As the description for mending sparks says, it
only heals a little and takes a lot of energy out of you, while mend requires plant matter,and comes with a cure-all flower for almost any infection and disease.

There's probably a flaws in my reasoning, but I'm bloody tired. Time for coffee.

>> No.40333321

No problem, I'd recommend dropping flame weapons and armor as well as mend and either go into arcane for spell break or divine to either god's wrath or angelic wings

>> No.40333416

Is there anything anyone would recommend changing for my build?

Just asking as you all gave feedback to the other guy and I want a bit too.

>> No.40333430

>What would be my downfall, weaknesses?
No greaves. All I gotta do is kick your shin.

But seriously, it's a pretty solid brawler build if you plan on going in deep. Good interceptor, which is a popular tactic for Vanguards and Forerunners.

>1) Divination/Scrying (by looking into the water pool).
>2) Messaging (by, gee, looking into the water pool).
>3) Water control to move Ziona's awesome fleet faster.
Really like these suggestions. Long-ranged messaging is a really neat idea, especially through water. Even if that doesn't really make sense, but oh well.

It's not a bad build. He's a very resilient fighter, I'd imagine that he'd have a lower magic skill rating but a rather high physical skill rating. Jourdan most likely has a similar set up; Masochism from Undead and Frozen Heart are great for any fighter. Range would be a problem, but he could rectify that with a bow, or perhaps take ranged magical spell. I can picture him using vine control to assist him in melee, which is actually pretty neat.

His resilience may be the key to getting in close. My biggest recommendation would be to get a better gap closer, as once you get close, they're not besting you. Maybe some magic-shredding to get through magic defences easier.

>My instrument's a hybrid with a tower shield,
I like that very much. And I was actually just thinking about tribrid and more weapons. Perhaps it would simply just cost 1 extra point to combine multiple weapon functionalities instead of just 2. Then, that could be abused.

>Either scrap the concept of 4 increasing with the amount of 3s
I am actually considering this, since that really is an invisible fluff stat anyways. I don't want to go past 9 though, since I don't want to just let someone spec fully into one tree. It may sound crippling, but the point is to at least put some thought into it.

>> No.40333509

The entire point is that 9 points is not enough for you to expand at all. You either get 3 tier 3s or 2 tier 3s and a single tier 4. This contrasts prior versions where tier 4 could be powered up by all three. This prevents you from fully specializing in a single school. The idea is you can either special or expand. Right now you can partially specialize or expand. There is no full specialization possible.

>> No.40333525

I have definitely considered it. I am even considering reworking some of them.

I really like the idea of how T3 abilities affect how a T3 works, but that would be a little hard to implement. I'll have to give it some thought.

I can provide a template sooner than later, actually. I will probably have one ready tomorrow. It's gonna take some photoshop knowledge to use, though. I'm probably gonna have a readme or how-to along with it.

A support Slayer, I approve. I don't really have much to add, it's a very good tank build. You'd probably be in demand, considering how most Slayers tend to be a little too bold.

I would focus on putting all your power into blocking the heavy hits from large monsters, which I think you could do very well anyways.

>> No.40333540

> just read Guardian's Halo desc. properly
Well that seems alright.
Wardric and Jourdain were what I was semi-basing it off.
I may do as the fellow said above and trade out flame weapons/armour and mend.
Trying to decide whether or not to take the Spell break line or God's wrath.

>> No.40333541

>I am actually considering this, since that really is an invisible fluff stat anyways
I always thought it just had to do with having greater mastery of the element, so it was a smaller bonus than the jump from t3-t4.
As in, t4-t3 > t4+-t4
in terms of flat power and utility

>> No.40333554

>how T3 abilities affect how a T3 works
I mean how a T3 affects a T4

>> No.40333563

Honestly, that's not a bad idea. Having a catalyst gem in my cutlass would be badass. Might be overkill to enchant said cutlass to be my wand, as well. But fuck wands, I guess.

Shhhhh. Mark of Fear is the only Shadow spell I don't like. If push comes to shove, I'll ditch vorpal weapons to keep Nocturne

>> No.40333611

Since we're in the business of getting our dewds reviewed... Looking to be a wade-in sort.

>> No.40333620

Mark of fear is underrated. I hated it until I realized it was free single target crowd control, so unless you're up against batman you have a free shot as long you keep up.

>> No.40333652

Lightning+Arcane combo seems like it could be pretty powerful if you focus on the void stare tree

>> No.40333674

I'm new here, what exactly is this?

>> No.40333702

thought experiment tbh

>> No.40333722

The Spell Break line gives you a hell of a lot of defense against magic, you'd be almost unstoppable.

On the other hand, God's Wrath's line gives you survivability and longetivity. You can last long enough with Masochism and Frozen Heart, but you don't have any regeneration unless you go with Divine.

It's up to you.

Seems like a very good front-liner. You'd be more physically adept than magical, but that seems to be your plan. You'd be pretty damn PTSD inducing.

I may buff Mark of Fear so its delay between marking someone and fearing them is smaller. I do think it's underrated too, since it's quite a potent spell.

They're meant to synergize. I want to see an Arcane/Lightning build that focuses on siphoning all the energy you gather to allies who use a lot of energy. A generator build.

Imagine being a generator for a good Nature caster who just endlessly pumps out Poison Cloud.

Originally supposed to be part of CYOA thread but we were kicked out, presumably.

>> No.40333748

Yeah, is this for an actual game or just people dicking around making characters

>> No.40333749

I understand the purpose of it, I just like all the other T3 skills a lot better and Umbra I simply can't say no to. Maybe I'd give up Umbra to keep all of my T3 Shadow spells...

After all, I don't think it'd be that useful in a situation where myself and my companions are deep in Detritus territory wrecking shit. But I want to be running over terrain like some SnK shit, because PARKOUR

>> No.40333766

>kicked out
One of your fans thought it should have its own thread. Simple as that, the main thread even linked you.

>> No.40333769

When I wrote my only fight scene in that fic, I assumed that the time between the mark and the activation was directly dependent on the power of the caster, allowing it to synergize with nocturne and anything else that would buff such things.

>> No.40333783

How about Mjolnir+Overload.
>Cast Mjolnir at highest point on battlefield
>Every strike that hits you gives you infinite mana buff
>Infinite Overloads

Simultaneous AoE and Single target domination

>> No.40333792

Umbra is sort of an I win button if you have nocturne though

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File: 40 KB, 935x900, 1416318824842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mark: Slayer
Battle Robe Hood and Gloves
Aegis Chestplate and Greaves


Bolt, Plasma Weapons, Shock Force, Blink, Smite, Magnetism, Mjolnir

Void Stare, Void Call

Mikeal Ouren
Iselota Lyenne
Lea Perier

Vharros Tarsis is a bizarre man for being from Ciraezir. He's bitterly quiet, and is equipped rather modestly compared to his fellows. Still, he's fairly accomplished as a slayer, much to the confusion of kin.

Not pictured is his shield, which serves as his mount and ranged attack via Magnetism.

Standard Combat Plan is as follows:
1.Sneak into hidden position with Lea, while Mikeal and Iselota set up in a bottleneck.
2. Start Mjolnir while others draw aggro.
3. Spam Smite until giant warbeast is dead.
4. Join defenders in mooping up the chaff.

>> No.40333837

the no survivability mage, I'm sure it could work, but you'd need hella support.

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File: 1.77 MB, 300x174, 128413726912.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not pictured is his shield, which serves as his mount and ranged attack via Magnetism.
Absolute madman.
I'd allow it.
Now I imagine that his shield also serves as his only friend.

>> No.40333854

static shock: whitewashed basement dweller edition

>> No.40333869

>After all, I don't think it'd be that useful in a situation where myself and my companions are deep in Detritus territory wrecking shit. But I want to be running over terrain like some SnK shit, because PARKOUR
Actually, Mark of Fear can be great for taking on multiple enemies at once.

I never explicitly say how hard it is to cast a mark on someone. I originally intended for it to be relatively quick to cast, which is why the delay between marking and the fear taking over was a little long (they have a chance to get away from you).

I was more or less joking, I know. I'm still there as well.

My word is just my word; if it's not explicitly on the CYOA, then it's totally up to interpretation. Please, imagine what you like, I encourage that sort of behaviour. I like doing that for anything I make.

More often than not, other people's interpretations of things help give me insight, if anything.

>Lea Perier
The best.

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File: 1.54 MB, 2560x1440, Teal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Knight Helmet
Soldier curiass
Knight gauntlets
Knight greaves

Longsword/wand Hybrid
Kite shield
Shield catalyst
(Swapped out dagger for shortsword)


(Couldn't decide what my second companion would be)


>Frost -
Frozen Heart
>Nature -
>Force -
>Undead -
Sanguine Essence
>Divine -
Mending sparks
>Arcane -
Spell block
Spell grab
Spell break

There we go, hopefully that looks a bit better.

>> No.40333971

What are your plans for the next update?

Star Dust 3.0 when?

>> No.40333979

pretty sick, I like the addition of mending sparks over vine control now that you aren't running mend.

>> No.40333981

Exactly. As I imagine it, my team would only really be working at night, though.

Or, fuck it, we can run in the day. That would make us nice and unpredictable.

I guess I'll rearrange my build to be more inline with how others are posting...

Mark: Hunter

Armor: All Leather Rogue set

Weapons: Cutlass/Shield Catalyst Combo, two Daggers, Recurve Bow

Spells: Full Shadow set, omitting Dark Shard Storm, though it pains me to do so

Companions: Igor Tsekhanovetsky, Faren Lovell, Christoffle Jurdan

My vision is a team of people who can run deep into Detritus territory, causing chaos with raids and seeking out strategic targets long before they could become an issue for others.

Igor's abilities not only work great for taking out huge enemies, but for also crashing through fortresses and making a nice distraction, while the hunters go to work. Myself and Christoffle would make a good duo, fanatic Divine and subtle Shadow working in tandem. Faren is too interesting to be ignored and his magical power would be a huge boon to the team, however I would have concerns about him going evil. He's got that Jafar look. Also, I intend to bang Abby in my free time.

Nah, I meant Umbra might be restrictive to my companions, not Mark of Fear. I realize, however, using something like Dark Shard Storm isn't really the sort of thing I'd do. Too long to channel, too much energy, not enough precision. Why use Shard Storm when I can just shoot bitches in the eyes?

>> No.40334093

The shard tree could probably be dropped if you have vorpal weapons, but if the shades are a part of your style (despite the whole no vorpal enchant) than it's what I'd consider the best possible pure shadow build.

>> No.40334166

>What are your plans for the next update?
Map and lore having its own page, and the bestiary.

>> No.40334246

>map and lore having its own page, and the bestiary
fuck, that would help so much with deciding where Dennick fucked off to.

>> No.40334323

SDA, what kind of spells do you think suits a prophet? They seem more like a non-combat group to me, or as combat leaders.

>> No.40334394

SDA, when dealing with hybrid weapons, is it possible for one of the weapons to be a shield, such as a Sq Shield/Staff?

>> No.40334410

If a tree fell in the forest, does it still make a sound?

If you read the descriptions of some of the acoustic spells, it does not matter if you muffle the sound, the effect of the spells will go off if the acoustic mage can perform the music properly.

>> No.40334414

I'm not SDA, but Tim the Secretary is a good example of a non-combat Prophet character >>40311734.

Gotta wait for that sweet water magic for more utility spells.

>> No.40334479

How would something like that even work? You can put the shield catalyst talisman into pretty much anything, but the other shields, not so much.

>> No.40334525

You seem to be implying that bolts of lightning *aren't* roughly five times as hot as the surface of the sun.

>> No.40334563

Not him, but I don't have a problem with making your shield a focus for your spells. By allowing a person to slash foes with his sword and simultaneously channeling a fireball from the shield for example besides, it was a thing in 80-90s cartoons..

>> No.40334582

Our magical lightning is probably not as intense as the real thing, just like in Avatar.

>> No.40334611

not that anon but to be honest
a shield that i can get behind, but shoot lightning off of, or one enchanted to auto-cast when hit
could be pretty effective

>> No.40334645


So you would combine it with a wand/staff. Ok, that makes sense. I was thinking more like Shield+Sword or Shield+Polearm.

>> No.40334695

Ya, that was what I was going for. Being a tank, it would be more handy to have a shield to channel magic than a fancy sword. Anyone I block a hit from is automatically in direct line of my next spell.

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File: 132 KB, 1264x632, 52342356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not wanting a shieldblade

>> No.40335105

Speaking as a fellow tank, it might be good to invest in some more damaging abilities, you have to be threatening enough that the enemies would want to focus you, otherwise they'd just ignore you and go for your teammates.

>> No.40335109

New Thread


>> No.40335135

I don't see why I should fight. My character is pretty entitled and this war effort ain't some charity he's looking forward to.

Get some rewards in there.

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