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>I saw this hiLARIOUS story on teegee about Old Man Henderson
>I'm going to make a giant backstory full on bullshit because I want to play something like that
>I'll bet no one's ever thought of this before.

Had to kick 3 of these fucks in the last month. Unsurprisingly, every single one of them got into a huff and threw a fit because I wouldn't even look at their giant fucking novel of a backstory after saying "one paragraph, 3 at the absolute most."

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Woah it has a bare head option. These Khorne dudes are more human than the Stormcast!

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Wait, if we move the walls, they could just invade us without the drill.

That doesn't help us at all!

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>mfw Chinese afterlife is literally a giant courtroom.

The ride never ends.

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>Crits are lame I said
>They don't even do that much damage I said
>I make a level 9 character with a 15-20 Elven Curved Sword
>Focus on being a slippery motherfucker too, so high Initiative
>Make him a Slayer, why not?
>First combat he gets initiative, attacks
>48 damage after sneak attack
>Survives to second round
>Full attack
>Crits both attacks
>Since he was flanking by this point, he gets sneak attack damage too
>116 damage

Jesus Christ.

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