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Dragon Game 1 and 2, Rise of the Jade Regent Friday and Saturday, CotST... all finished.
Blingmaker is still running... but that's Blingmaker.

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okay, just so we're clear.

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This reminds me.

How many jumps do we have that allow you to turn people into dragons?

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>/wbg/ Worldbuilding General

Sure, I got a very simple one today:

I'd just like a quick second or third opinion on how I'm doing my "Chromatic Dragons":

-Brown Dragons, Fire. Lives everywhere, smallest and most common Dragon, comes in shades of brown and dull green.
-Black Dragon, Fire, Poisonous Gas. Lives underground and in caves or mountains.
-*Blue Dragon, Boiling Water. Lives in large bodies of water or cold climates.
-Green Dragon, Poisonous Gas. Lives in jungles, woods, swamps, third most common Dragon.
-Red Dragon, Fire. Lives everywhere, second most common Dragon.
-White (Rare) Dragon, Fire, Poisonous Gas. Lives deep underground and is the rarest kind of Dragon being an albino sub-species of Black Dragons; wings have devolved and become small and useless.
-*Chromatic Dragon, Boiling Water, Fire, Poisonous Gas. Lives anywhere, can be born from any Dragon clutch, is second most rarest Dragon. Possesses five different coloured heads (Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Red) and a light to dark purple body.

*Should I give these Dragons Ice Breath? I didn't think Ice Breath was a good idea if only because I didn't see it being practical in nature, by that I mean: if they lived in a cold climate they'd just be making more ice or if they lived underwater they might freeze themselves if they're not careful.... But I'm welcome to being convinced otherwise.

*I'm saving lighting breath for Oriental themed Dragons who won't breath fire.

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should have gone with a better pic of best girl.

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I wonder why more people don't use The Demesne. Or Dragon Prince/ss.

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We all make jokes about laying the dragon instead of slaying the dragon.

But has anyone actually pursued a relationship with a dragon in game?

How did it turn out? And issues crop up with that character, or the dragon even? Did it last long?

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how about a queen?

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so what's your app for Dragons 3 gonna be?

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She absorbed a fraction of the essence of a foreign goddess, then started a very large family

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Demesne Dragons/Dragon Royalty/Kobolds/Dragonblooded are now in your game, Wat do?

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What if i told you that there is gonna be Dragon Game 3?

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Well my mother is the queen of the land... however she's also EVERYONE's mother so that's kinda cheating.

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the detection spell actually just has an absurd range on it. 100km, So pretty much if you're in the same country as your soul mate, the amulet activates.

Atolm's a lovely bundle of joy.
Celisse is adorable, she's like the little sister i never had.
Freyda is cute, especially when she's embarrassed and trying to stay stoic.
Lameeka is adorable too! very energetic and excitable.
Zev is pretty awesome, i feel like she's just skin wrapped around an ambulatory mass of snark, just waiting to come out.
Astarte is great too! She's got some decent snark, and is technically a nudist... well only when she retracts her armor and bursts into flame to casts magic unimpeded.

Hey, buddy... i got a present for you.

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I'm glad you enjoy my sessions. Lewds available but not paramount is my motto.

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Dragons, and Yet More Dragons

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Im assuming that they like pick related

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The most recent session of Dragons has concluded!

This time...

>The party begins slowly crossing the rope bridges in the next room.
>Loud roaring is heard
>The Golem from last session makes its return, shaking stalactites loose from the ceiling and starting to destroy bridges.
>The party begins QUICKLY crossing the rope bridges.

>Astarte takes the long way around due to initially being separated from the group by a destroyed bridge. Ends up getting across with no issues.
>Atolm can fly, so he spends the combat bombarding the Golem.
>Freyda pulls Lameeka back onto solid ground after she whiffs a jump due to her fat ass (She rolled a 2), and then throws Celisse over before jumping herself.
>Zev jumps and glides over a different gap to safety.
>Atolm shoots it in the leg and it falls over into the abyss.

>Party proceeds.

>Trapped room with glass-shard-shooting pillars sensitive to movement.
>Trap/hipbold stealths and reflex-saves her way across room
>Disables trap mechanism through application of violence.


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Freyda, draconic goddess of intellect

Domains of mind, magic , and guilty pleasures.

Astarte godess of body modification

Domains of self improvement, magic and technology

Atolm god of ego

Domains, illusion, time, strength w/o size

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Consider their parentage, these ladies are doomed to have issues with doors and wooden chairs

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