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The problem is the players in my LGS are pretty much all WAAC, so taking things for fun is generally not a good time at all.

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And BT are just better IF.

Really the original founding's are fucked at this point. Iron Hands and Imperial Fists have pretty much 0 support from GW, despite being featured in the art all the time.

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It would also put them nearly on par with the snowflake chapters, but they'd still be massively lacking in special characters and such.

I'm not sure what they could do with the Iron Hands. Maybe allow them to work with a new sub-chapter made of the zombies from after Istvaan?

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[Spoiler] it's actually not too bad if you stick to a mostly Averland Sunset portfolio. It's when you want to go up to a bright, non orange yellow like yriel that it gets tricky. Two layers of yriel on white isn't bad, but it's very difficult to fix mistakes on cleanly. Tldr base paints=based paints[/spoiler]

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>>dreadnought arms on a rhino
I love the las predator this edition. Mine repeatedly overperforms. Glad folks with the autocannon finally got their time in the sun too.

And yeah, I definitely found myself a bit low on at in games against mechanized guard players this edition a few times until I learned to get enough redundant AT for sure.

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