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Wait. Wait. What three card combos are there that don't rely on a single piece moreso than the others? Or do you straight grab like tendrils, omniscience, and necropotence?

Here's some attention anon. Can you do something... interesting or productive? Maybe post pictures of your cardboard?

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>Foils don't look very good
Wut. Foil artifacts and old border foils are the sexiest things in magic.

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I live there. Also, you usually don't write online like a brain-damaged child, those that do are just attention whores

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You misunderstood one thing. He did call out for her and attempted to reach her at the spaceship's ramp. She just didn't notice him and took the cowardly nobelman's son as her "betrothed".

Gunthar (the middle management guy) did all this for her: Became a real hero, overcame his fears, fought hard, trained hard, kept going against the most horrible necrons, and then gets abandoned in the end. Hell he was ready to suicide bomb the necron tomb with a nukclear charge strapped to his chest. All for her. She just abandons him for the more handsome, cowardly, nobleman's son.

She is the one who abandoned him. And that is what made me sad. It was such a predictable betrayal. I could see it coming from the 30% mark of the book.

Also too bad about the Colonel Commissar dying like that. He tried to save some misguided attackers from getting zerged by the Krieg soldiers, while also clearing their way to continue their advance upon the necrons.

And then the idiots just abandon the fight when he is literally infront of the goddamn tomb. Just a short sprint, pull the pin, and boom. No more necrons. That victory would have made all the losses worth it. But NOPE, gotta withdraw cause the victory would be too costly. It made literally 0% sense to me that they just quit at that point. All the dead people and soldiers wouldn't have come back to life, but the planet would be saved. All the industry, resources, components.

>Literally mfw the ending

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