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The flip side of that is its so basic that children understand it.

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I'm the asshole you deserve

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In this post apocalyptic cyberpunk dystopia schadenfreude resulting from dunking on nerds is the only joy we truly have left.

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>The Anti-Life Equation. Absolute equality for all!
Careful you don't cut yourself on that edge there big guy

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In the states there is an issue I'm told. I'm not from the states so its not an issue around me aside from the rhetoric that makes its way to me.

An African American man who I trust once told me that the only way to fix white privileged was to go back in time and stop the 19th amendment being passed.

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Do you even into cybersecurity? Unhackable is a myth normies tell themselves to sleep well at night. There is always an exploit.

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>TFW I am a futa jumper but am just ambiguous about that when I talk about my jumpers shenanigans

I mean, there's no real reason why you should mention your girly body has a penis in most discussions.

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It makes perfect sense if you've read Moldbug and Nick Land and realize the inner party and outer party have inverted.

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>I don't say stuff like this often
Somehow I don't believe them

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>what army does your wifes boyfriend play?
he literally told you

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dont run 300 but just 200 boys

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>whenever I do it comes through over-detailed so all the little imperfections are obvious and it looks unclean
paint cleaner knights without imperfections, then it won't come through in the photo

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mobile midrange
just my poopy opinion tho

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don't be silly anon
thats not an option

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>port vampires to 40k
I make them red space marines that drink their enemies blood and have some kind of bloodrage or something, maybe call it red thirst

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I agree, but i think if he greens the pauldrons it'd look weird
maybe greenstuff another layer of fabric around, to mimic the hood or smth

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pick up your army?

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just tell him he can, but you'd prefer it if he didn't

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give me ur plastic monsters/robots then.

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>How do I make a mostly
you just start with and then you can to finish it.
simple as that.

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>implying I'd want to be friends with a manlet

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>no shills
>no agression
>no autistic fits
I play T'au

>yo're welcome

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No problem, I remember, it had only 1 left.

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>Caring about optimization

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