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>recognizing my intelligence is equal if not exact to what she'd planned, implicitly accepting me for who I am rather than some ideal, better than most relationships
I can die happy.

That is a good riddle though. I puzzled over it for a minute and then instantly felt a had an answer. I knew cooking was involved so I was on the right track, where most clever riddles obfuscate and only make sense after you know the answer. It feels like something you could give to a player and solve.

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That's correct. Of course, relative size, individual temperament, and hunger might influence how likely an animal is to make move on you, but even a smaller, full, friendly animal might decide to play-attack you if you tempt it, and that can prove dangerous.

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Cats in general can be very snuggly depending on their mood and temperament, and big cats are no exception. They're just vastly more likely to kill you.

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They don't always, though.

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Well, here's hoping you have a lot of fun then, anon.

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Sounds like good fun. Hope you enjoy yourself, anon.

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This guy gets it. People love animals.

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Gnolls aren't dogs, though, they're hyenas.

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Have a little self-esteem, anons.

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Happy Valentines Day, anon.

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Well, that's something to be happy about, isn't it?

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I am happy for you, anon. What's the campaign about?

I also got invited to join a game just recently, which is nice. I haven't had a group in a while.

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They aren't, but some people do like them, yes.

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Well, whether the game happens or not, you'll have learned something new.

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That seems silly.

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Would you want to be hugged by terrifying beasts with high strength?

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Lions work however they want, anon.

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Everyone knows cats are blue without you.

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Permanent charms do exist, but if for some reason a charm with "you may choose to ignore intimacies you don't like with maybe paying a few motes each time until you rebuy it at a higher essence level then it's free" written in it is somehow unacceptable as a permanant effect then you'll just have to use infinity or something.

Seriously dude it's not a big deal.

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No. But you're welcome to stick around anyway.

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