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Stop storyshitting because nobody at the table cares about your "deep and realistic" character

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It's a a transitional period where you're not as limited in capability as children but also don't have the responsibilities or concerns of adults.

It's also meant to be an idealized experience. Kind of like how actually going to war or adventuring in a sewer is fucking awful, but the idealized version is great. The idealized version of high school, where people actually care about the student president or pay attention to the football team or make a big deal of the upcoming dance is not very typical of most people's experiences, but it makes it more fun because something small is given big stakes.

In the scenario of a missing friend, most kids would just wait while letting adults handle it. Maybe make a facebook post, maybe give the cops a call, maybe just do nothing at all. In the idealized version, it's all up to you, only you can solve the mystery, and solving it may be the most important thing you ever do.

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It's a two-part philosophy.
"Every rule has its exceptions," followed by "And every exception has its rules."

It's less breaking rules for the sake of breaking rules, but understanding that no rule is perfect in and of itself, but any time you break a rule you need to do so under careful scrutiny and with as near a complete understanding of the rule as you can manage.

It's less chaotic-stupid, and more Anti-absolutism.

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And cellphones/super easy communication.

Almost every problem can be solved with a cellphone and the right numbers.

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An example of storyshitting is a DM fudging rolls to save a player's life because it would "ruin the story" if they died.

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At least you're actually writing a book and not just storyshitting in a campaign.

Add a warlock who made a pact with a chaotic good Fae for greedy purposes but is slowly being groomed into a better person by that Fae.

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>spend one million years developing technology that allows you to manipulate the composition of materials at the sub atomic level


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Stop watching storyshitters.

More importantly, stop watching D&D streams.

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Dark Knight is trademarked by DC.

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Just treat humans like cattle.

Force them into massive groups with no family structure, kill any that show undesirable traits, and breed the dumbest, most violent, cruelest humans until you have a stock of extremely aggressive humans prone to mental diseases.

Sit yourself at the top of the world, demand extensive sacrifices, and force extreme competition between the "tribes" with each overseen by a demon desperate to hit a quota.

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Fuck storyshitters.

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THACO is considered "hard" just because it's counterintuitive relative to the rest of the system. Everything else works with positive progression, and out of nowhere this one subrule has negative progression. It's one additional thing you need to keep in mind that would be wholly unnecessary if it just followed everything else in the system.

It's like learning a language, and first learning a rule (ie. you use an apostrophe and s to denote possession) and then also having to remember that "its" is a special case. It's not the hardest thing to remember, but it's definitely one of the most common mistakes to confuse it with "it's".

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The OGL.

Now, this is a bit of a long explanation, but bear with me.

The Open Game Liscense is a document WotC drafted up which seemed to be very generous, enabling people to take their d20 rules and to print books compatible with them. What many people don't realize is that game rules cannot be copyrighted, and you could always make compatible games. All the OGL really did was give people the opportunity to put an official "compatible with d20" logo on their books.

What the OGL also did was clarify what was "Brand Identity", ie., what other companies could not copy. D&D couldn't copyright elves or dwarves, but they could copyright things like Beholders, Mindflayers, and other monsters that originated from D&D and were tied with its "Brand Identity."

So, 4e is being developed, and the OGL has backfired horribly because it prevented WotC from getting the Book of Erotic Fantasy to stop using their d20 logo, and they're not only killing the OGL but reviewing what they can protect, and they realize that they can't copyright any of the core races. They're not immediately visually distinct, they didn't originate in D&D, they're basically free for anyone to take.

So, D&D takes two popular ideas (tieflings and half-dragons), and lawyers them up a bit. Tieflings are given a unified look, half-dragons are given a new name you could add a ™ to the end of, and elves are also given a new do-not-steal version. After all that, they're put front and center as core races to help promote what are essentially products within the ruleset.

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Pros: Everyone has a general idea of what is and is not possible. There's a reason most games with magic end up dedicating a large percentage of their page counts to describing and explaining magic, and it's because magic is a huge source of debates and arguments over how difficult it should be to do different things with it.

Cons: You can't just explain things away with "A wizard did it."

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I always just ask for a random knowledge check. It makes the player think that they've earned something.

"You're standing before the altar. Please make a Religion check."
"You recognize the visage of St. Mumblemumble, the patron saint of not fucking around and wasting everyone's time, and just moving on to the next room already."

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Look at the trinkets list.
Also, look at expanded trinkets lists.


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Please read the polymorph spell again, and then see if you still need to ask your question.

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This. 99%+ of magic cards are worthless.

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18's across the board.

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>Fantasy mecha kinda scratches two different itches but I'm glad that exists.

Escaflowne's battle themes are enough reason to be glad that it exists.

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Purgatory is a mountain that goes upwards. Once you go through the bottom of Hell, you pass the point of gravitational orientation.

It's kind of like if you were traveling to China from America via a tunnel through the center of the Earth. You'd be digging down only halfway, and then up the rest.

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It used to modify quite a few things.
In 3.5, if you were 6'0 or taller, the standard height, you were treated as normal.
If you were 5'11 or shorter, you got a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but your carrying capacity is three-quarters of that of a Medium character.

But, that's too much rules, so they dramatically reduced that in later editions. It's a game, not a simulation, after all.

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>making selfish wishes that make your DM want to screw you over

Think carefully next time.

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