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>5man Raptor squads
>2 meltaguns, combi-melta and powerfist on the champion
>world eaters so they get extra attacks
two squads like that seem pretty good for world eaters and can help solve the antitank problems

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I play World Eaters and Death Guard but dont paint them red/bronze or green/gold I do my own warbands with custom chaos lords I converted and wrote fluff for.

A bro bought me both Typhus and Kharn as a gift though, shall I paint them in their own schemes (along with Mortarion and Angron if I get them in the future) or follow my scheme for fluff?

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If it has white or blue on it, it's a chapter. Only imperial gays paint their armor white or blue.

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8th for Khorne!

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That, and using sorcerers sensibly, more or less like a sanctioned psyker. They must have some competent mechanicus too because they have some tanks never seen anywhere else. They have kind of stormtrooper teams for special ops, backed with a competent sorcerer that instead of trying to do a big ass ritual sacrifice, supports the team and it is not that crazy. I like that take on a cultist warband, to say the truth. I don't remember much about the sons of sek, but chaos commissars sound a bit weird

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>Melee race

Make way for the Avatar of Khorne

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If you need to ask if you are retarded... You know how it goes. Also, you have to be 18 to post in 4chan. Fucking summer.

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So Black Crusade GM here. My players have just finished their second adventure, False Prophets from the core rulebook. I'm gradually introducing different game mechanics into the campaign as they become relevant, so as not to overwhelm myself and my players. For False Prophets, we started doing the Tertiary/Secret Objectives thing. Here's how it went.

>PCs get invitation to a Tzeentchian library, the Temple of Lies
>PCs are: 1) a snobby techpriest; 2) a stupid Khorne Berzerker who has since mutated into a minotaur; 3) a slaaneshi Pirate Princess with a bucket-load of Hallucinogenic Grenades.
>Berzerker tasked with destroying a particular book
>Pirate tasked with stealing that same book
>They eventually figure out what each is up to when they both find the book simultaneously.
>Pirate deceives Berzerker, tells him that if he takes this drug she's offering, he'll be able to destroy ALL the books. Berzerker fails Scrutiny test, takes the drug.
>It's Obscura. He's slumped on the ground, drooling, in a trippy stupor for the next 5 hours.
>Pirate picks up book, turns around to bolt.
>Slams right into the muscular chests of the Temple's Inevitable Guards, buncha badasses with magic guns and axes
>They know what she's up to because she failed her Willpower test to obscure her intentions from the mindreaders the Temple uses.
>She stammers like crazy, trying every insane lie she can think of. "I love books, I wanted to keep it safe from THIS lunatic, he was gonna destroy it!", etc.
>Guards not buying it since they KNOW she's lying, thanks to the mindreader.
>She eventually folds and gives it back.
>Hours later, PCs come back to try to steal the book again.
>Berzerker Intimidates whole group to stay behind, so he doesn't get tricked again. It works.
>For now.
>He gets to book, Intimidates Guards into handing over book. He's about to destroy it when rest of group catches up. They passed Willpower tests to shake off their fear.

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GMing a Black Crusade game now. About one session away from finishing our opening adventure, Broken Chains. For those who don't know, it's a beginner adventure that starts the PCs as prisoners aboard an Inquisition prison barge. You awake from stasis after 200 years, find out the ship has been adrift in the warp the whole time, the prisoners are all feral savages, and the Inquisition agents have also just woken up from stasis and they're trying to steer the fucking ship to the local Inquisition Fortress HQ to cleanse the ship. You have to capture the ship before this happens.

PCs are:
1) Khorne Berzerker that obviously rapes everything in melee, but then becomes immobilized after one kill because he slips around in the pools of blood he makes. He has to use a grapnel gun to drag himself out along the floor when's flat on his ass because his character is a klutz with a terrible Agility score.

2) Pirate Prince fish woman whose way too trusting of daemonhosts, spits a spray of electrical warp matter due to a mutation, and bought literally 100 Hallucinogenic Grenades in character creation. Really bizarre.

3) Heretek whose really fucking snobby about this one book he wrote. He quotes passages from the book whenever he makes an attack, but usually shit like the footnotes, so it's weird.

They just gave the daemonhost a new body and are planning their raid on the bridge of the ship to take it from the Inquisition. They've got the daemonhost, the savages, and the ship's murder servitors at their backs; they're gonna do fine.

After this, I want to take them through the adventures False Prophets and then Rivals for Glory. That should land them with a ship, a prophetic book, the potential to conquer a planet, and a serious enemy warband. I'm looking forward to this campaign.

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Murder-rape the princess, the king, everyone in the castle, sack the castle/city, and call the lich they freed at Death Frost Doom to bring his zombie army in to wipe out the entire fucking kingdom, then use their new Necropolis as a staging ground for invading neighboring lands.

My players are fucking monsters. Idk why the king would even be grateful to them in the first place.

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Rolled 6 (1d10)

I demand we make a Chaos Warband. Get the fuck in here, you vile heretics.


Rolling for Legion or Renegade Chapter

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I'm looking for a Black Crusade game.

I'm a player and have Mumble and Skype for voice chat, and Fantasy Grounds for gaming.

Anyone interested in letting me join?

I'm making this specific thread because the usual Game Finder thread isn't getting me any replies, everyone's D&D over there.

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Black Crusade is the game I know best, but I'm willing to learn the other FFG 40k games.

I've got Skype and Mumble for communication, and I've got Fantasy Grounds for gaming.

>Availability/Time Zone
I'm in NYC, US Eastern time. I've got class from 6-9 on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I'm free all other times. However, I can only dedicate a day or two a week to gaming since I've got some pretty hefty reading homework.

[email protected]

I'm new to Pen and Paper tabletop games, and have played Black Crusade only once before. I want to be the type of player who's actually fun and pleasant to game with, and I'll make it a point to be fun, friendly, and not autistic/annoying to the rest of the group.

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Well, everyone in the group are all friends, so we all hang out anyway, and we're trying out tabletop RPGs, starting with Warhammer 40k Roleplay since we're into 40k proper. From a game-session POV, it wasn't that great, but from a hang-out POV, it was actually pretty fun, since we were all coming up with ridiculous bullshit to put into the game. But even then, this player is habitually unprepared. I once went to his place to play 40k, and he hadn't even glued his fucking minis together, much less thought of a list.

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