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I just find it funny how SUPER POWERFUL LASER SHIELDS are extremely rare outside of Capital Ships.
Or how Star Wars actually managed to popularize LASER SWORDS EVERYWHERE, but Enchanced Movement Gear is extremely rare(exoskeleton for acceleration, rocket boots, etc)

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The arms race is fucked.
No weapon lasers yet.
And all normal guns have muzzle flashes, allowing melee droids to deflect them effortless.

Even inside Spaceships, you just need armored suits that is a little stronger than the walls. The end result is that if the enemy open fire with high power weapons, you risk breaching, friendly fire, and damaging systems.
The suits don't have to entirely be physical, parts of it can be carried by exoskeleton muscles and a supplementary force field.

And maybe something like a high explosive gas that is undetectable, to prevent enemy from fielding high caliber weapons.

This is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and why there is battleaxes in SPACE.

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