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there's contrustcive criticism and then there is being a colossal faggot like you

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[commentary] the evaluation of [3] primitive planets != what you have described
[statement] loss attacking eldar >>> loss of planets strategic/military value
[suggestion] Cease biological agitation.

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m00t like Big E was a terrible father. Which is why half the boards have fallen to cancer and faggotry. Yet ironically /tg/ the place he cared the least about is probably the largest (relatively) board to remain cancer free and truest to old vision of an imagebaord (again relatively) that m00t intended. Really makes you think.

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"Okay what if we made a fat character our game, and his thing was he liked to eat."- every game dev

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You could go with >>74819939
Or we could reroll.

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Sounds like she's offering to be an opponent

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At the risk of outing myself as a WB fag, and ignoring that >>74443736 "they probably did that" could be equally applied to any of the traitors and Emps because everything beyond the basic original lore about them makes the Heresy look like 19 autists left alone for a month to see what happens, why was >>74438024 a bad thing? Ignoring the "No more gods angle" it was specifically bad because Lorgar was taking his sweet time and not conquering as fast as Papa Smurf. But can anyone tell me why that was a bad thing? Genuinely? Because there is this underlying reasoning that the Emperor wanted the Crusade done quickly, but has it ever been explained in the lore why a campaign to take over the entire galaxy needed to be done quickly?

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I believe their current leadership trends towards locking things in so they can trademark it.

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A sensible answer

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Got a stupid question.

What are some of the better psychic powers for an Idolitrex Magos of Forge Polix in the Black Crusade tabletop? Also trying to get an asteroid base together in the Ragged Helix, and trying to figure out what would be good for experimenting to figure out genemods.

Fucking FFG, not bothering to realize some players want to do experiments.

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Yes, but if you read the fine print, any Smart A.I. you bought at the full price has already gotten the Metastability treatment and won't have to worry about the issues.

There is absolutely zero need for them to join an uppity bunch of delusional A.I.s if they already have what Cortana's trying to sell.

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You've performed a service for the Adeptus Mechanicus and they offer you one modification or upgrade. What do you pick and why?

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I wait and I crave. Let me get my cybernetics and live out my Mechanicus-esque dreams.

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Got a retard question, y'all.

So I'm in a Black Crusade game, and I'm playing an Idolitrex Magos of Forge Polis who wants to be a sick crafter. I'm talking modifying weapons, custom-tailoring armor, that sort of thing. I like the idea of cannibalizing tech or using resources to make good stuff, since that'll increase my chances of not getting killed because I'll be too useful.

There's just one big problem: How the fuck does one go about deciding what's a good benchmark? There's rules for making already-existing stuff by just getting parts and making it, but what about benchmarks or guidelines for making custom weapons or armor/armor subsystems? It's already frustrating enough that the system assumes you're going to drink the kool-aid from the beginning and cockblock your party members any chance you get, but you'd think they'd have rules for really getting your Dark Mechanicus on.

Anyone got suggestions?

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oh, really?
>start as bugbear for saving face, giving you a +5 if you have allies
>fighter with archery style, giving a +2 to ranged attacks
>battlemaster for precision attack, giving a minim of +1 to a maximum of +12, but were just going to stick with the +1
right now, your at (assuming you have max stats) +19

>5 from saving face, 5 from dex, 6 from proficiency, 2 from fighting style and 1 from precision attack. if you were to roll a 12 on your dice, along with having bracers of archery, a +3 bow and ammo, you get even higher.

for casters, again, sticking with bugbear, your looking at a +16 without items, and at minimum your hitting anyone with plate armor, and if you add in magic times, you get your 95%

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>Getting all Best Quality would make your body look as if nothing is going on under the surface, Good Quality would be visible though and anything of poor quality would be like those honking bionic limb you see on Commissars sometimes

Most Good-Quality cybernetics are not visible save for the external stuff like Mechadendrites while often times providing boons beyond the Common-quality cybernetics. It's the Common-quality that are visible and a bit obvious, while fulfilling their normal functions. More times than not Poor-quality is such a shitty version that they can give you penalties due to how bulky or how low-tech they are.

Best-quality is stuff that are bona fide works of art. Brass inlays, artistic flourishes, all things that look as amazing as it functions. They'll often be much better and provide even more bonuses, things that really could make a person seem superhuman.

I have been burning through Only War, Rogue Trader, and Black Crusade games for a year now, I know my bionics.

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Yeah, it appears they can do the bodies fine but the smaller bits got completely fucked.

Horrible bubbling on the trenchcoat.

When I first started playing Astra Militarum my boyfriend bought a few sets of the Krigers and I painted them purple without realizing how expensive they were. :P

Meh, the "Great Game" lore seems really stupid. "No matter what you do, you're still helping us!"

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Oh, well in that case, I'd say the reason it doesn't is cause they wanted to move away from it when they designed 40k. With 40k, they took all they're fantasy stuff and tried to make it as SciFi as possible - 40k's not straight SciFi course, but things like turning the a race of cold undead in fantasy, the Tomb Lords, into a race of cold unfeeling robots in 40k were pretty cool work arounds. They really wanted to just move away from as much magic stuff as possible and give it a believable(ish) explanation, so I'd say that's part of the reason it's not around more. However, I'd say grimdarkness actually played a big role in the downplay of necromancy, rather than despite it. I'd say 40k feels more grim dark because when you can properly die in it - as ridiculous as 40k is, death is pretty final. In Warcraft, for example, no one ever really dies. There have been so many deaths of so many villains that eventually got put into a new raid eventually that there really is no final death in that world. You could say that really works for Warcraft though, it being a much more lighthearted take on a Warhammer-inspired fantasy world. But I think that that's a large part you get so little necromancy in 40k, and when you do it's not with liches that escape death with their minds in tact. Significant characters can die, and frequently do, and after that there's not trump card they can play. In 40k your soul is a psychic manifestation and it can be destroyed. There's a finality in 40k and a cheapness to life that ultimately highlights how little value an individual actually has in 40k. The only ones who have immortality are the ones who don't deserve it, ala DEldar and Daemon Princes, or those who can't afford to die in the first place, ala Craftworld Eldar spirit stones. I get you though, it seems like GW would have thrown it in a while ago, but I think they realized it just doesn't fit the world see how long that lasts

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Not OP but here's a tip for you:
"Waiting for my paycheck to come in" for most normal humans doesn't mean the have 0 money left. I have (if converted to burger-dollars) ~20k in savings which is a year living comfortably, two uncomfortable if necessary in an emergency (This is not counting my savings for retirement / buying a house).

Due to me being a normal human with self-control, i don't dally into (any) of those savings when i want to buy shit, i wait until i have money saved beyond that (i.e from a paycheck), and me being only ~5 years into my career those accounts still swallow a big chunk due to the retirement + house fund obviously being quite abit empty at this early stage.

So stop projecting and contribute to the thread instead.

Now for OP:
Honestly buying a collection of H.P lovecraft changed everything /tg/ and horror related for me. For me (probably due to me being retarded or something) it opened up new vista's of creativity and ideas i never had before. REALLY recommend them.

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I like it, I had thought of doing something like it for a chapter in the Karybis Abyss. The only thing I think its missing is fluff descriptions for the genemods. Particularly if they change the appearance of the person receiving the modification would be helpful.

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>assaulting a chaos ritual site is a psychic inquisitor, a vindicare, an admistritiaum adpet that found the cult and got gang pressed into it, an engineseer, and an eldar warlock
>chaos happens, and the thousand sons sorcerer TEARS OPEN A PORTAL IN SPACE AND TIME and everyone falls in

>the inquisitor manages to erect a shield for his little group, not caring about xeno filth. the survive the trip though the warp, but the inquisitor dies shortly afterwards to their injuries. stranded on an unknown planet, the three think the emperor has abandoned them, until the engineseer manages to pick up a faint signal on his auspex

>the warlock, sensing the impending clusterfuck about to befall him, shields himself, praying to lileath, manages to survive the journey. stranded on an unknown planet, he must read the runes if he is to escape this world

>the chaos sorcerer, sensing his impending doom, decides to try and back out of his end of a deal with a daemon, intentionally disrupts the circle in an attempt to get away. this is not the best idea, and he is flung into an open warp portal with his rubricae guard. he manages to survive and finds himself on an entirely different world than the one that he was about to sacrifice to the warp. lost and cut off from his brothers, how will this wayward Son return, and who's to say that this is not a scheme by his Patron?

>twist: everyone landed at different times in the galaxy and at different places. the 1K son lands circa 1600 CE, when the quarians still walked suitless across the galaxy. the Warlock arrives in 1969 CE, and the imperial party lands only in 2167, ten years after the FCW.

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Mine is the Space Wolves. Every player I've run into who plays them is an ass, and the lore/gameplay for them is complete garbage.

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You are a ranking member of the Prefecture Magisterium, the Mechanicum's secret police. Preserve the dogma of the Mechanicum, and root out hereteks.

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I have a feeling that they're going to gut the recruitment system and basically carbon copy SW:A, where you just flat out recruit a ganger and then they upgrade.

Younglings can't be targeted because of the more "family friendly" approach to the hobby GW has.

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