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What airbrush did you get?

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>mfw historical peasants seethe about 40k

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building a blood angels army to celebrate start of 9th, anyone mind giving some advice?

>sanguinor (140)
>librarian dreadnought (143)
>astorath (110)
>assault intercessors (100)
>assault intercessors (100)
>intercessors (100)
>intercessors (100)
>5-man sanguinary guard (170)
>5-man sanguinary guard (170)
>sanguinary ancient (85)
>5-man terminator assault squad- thunder hammer/storm shield (210)
>5x assault marines (85)
>5x assault marines (85)
>5-man devastator squad w/ heavy bolters, cherub (120)
currently totals 1718 out of 2000 with new point values.
mostly wondering what I should do for heavy weapons, I think I'm pretty solid on chopping horde and MEQ clearing, and have some strong ability to clear stuff with the elites/HQ, but I've got nothing in the way of ranged anti-tank, what'd be the best way to go there?

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Do it

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>blood angels
Still god-tier taste, emperor protect brother

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have you tried the upcoming Shadowcast Eternals?

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Alright lads how's my first Blood Angels list?

(Total 1999)

>Battalion (1438)


Librarian Dreadnought (172)
-Warlord (Gift of Foresight)
-Wings of Sanguinius, Quickening
-Veritas Vitae, Stormbolter

Terminator Librarian (149)
-Unleash Rage, Shield of Sanguinius
-Force Axe, Combi-Melta


Tac Squad (93)
-Heavy Flamer
-Plasma pistol, Power Sword

Tac Squad (100)
-Heavy Flamer
-Stormbolter, TH

Tac Squad (92)
-Stormbolter, LC

>Elites (364)

Terminator Ancient (129)

Assault Terminators (364)


Stormraven (352)
-Hurricane Bolters, MM, AC


Razorback (116)
-AC, Stormbolter

>Vanguard (561)

>HQ (180)

Chaplain (90)

Sanguinary Priest (90)
-Jump, Power sword, Boltgun

>Elites (381)

Death Company (132)
-1x TH
-4x Power Sword, Boltgun

Sanguinary Ancient (101)
-Boltgun, Sword, Deathmask
-Standard of Sacrifice

Sanguinary Guard (148)
-Boltgun, Sword, Deathmask

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We're just that good.

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Which army should I pick if I like to suffer?

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What's a good Gold airbrush paint? I tried using vallejo Shiny Gold and the consistency left a lot to be desired.

Something akin to Retributor Armor would be nice, but I don't want to blast my guys with a rattlecan.

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>Caring about what Girlyman wrote ten thousand years ago

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>favorite AoS art?

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roll greenstuff into a blob, smush around on it a bit, put a smaller blob on one part, smush the top of the smaller blob, put a small sausage around the connection point of the 2 blobs, done

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>Tfw you're already golden, elite and fabulous

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Bad. I played against the guy twice, and won twice with my BAs. I saw him win against some Orks though. The flyers are cheap and hit hard, same for the ravager but the coven units are lackluster. They're tanky because evrything has a 5++, plus the army-wide 6+FNP, but they hardly kill anything.
Wait for the Codex to see if they have some nice coven stratagems.

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>are flying librarian dreads as much fun as it sounds I wonder
They are.

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>Stormcast on the door iirc

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Emperor bless you, Anon.

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Because "why does it not have a soul anymore" is a very subjective question, anon and doesn't allow for reaction images.
Don't try to pretend your post too wasn't just an excuse to post that image, mine is, the guy's below me also is.

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