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very nice
Now we need a female dog warrior

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Then prepare for a wild night.

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I think the best choice would be the symbiotic path because if you keep hidden you will do little with trying to achieve your objective. Being too careful and discreet.
Domination of the host is too risky since the host might try to resist you and might also try to affect your actions in a obstructive way. Would be extremely dangerous if it were to happen in the middle of a fight with someone extremely dangerous.
Going symbiotic will make the host aware of your presence, but if you are diplomatic about it you can struck a deal with the host. A scratch each other's back situation. You can use the host's body to interact with the environment and to pursue your objectives, while in return you can give your host passive boons both mental and physical.
Though I believe that there are also downsides to this if we're talking about wolf spirits and hosts that transform into werewolves...

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