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How would you equip a 10 man sternguard squad if you plan to deploy it via drop pod for fluff reason s ?
Sergant with combi plasma, 4 man with plasmaguns/combi plasmas and the last 5 man with stormbolters or their special issue bolters ?

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Remember when Plasma was like this?

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So I want to make an infantry-heavy Skitarii army, and I want to equip all of my units with the maximum number of plasma calivers because I suck at judging odds, statistical likelyhood or even basic understanding of risk/reward.

Problem obviously is that you only get one per box of ten Skitarii.

Is there anywhere you can reliably buy cheap bits that you guys know of? Not fussed if they're knock-off castings or whatever, but most of the major bitz sites just seem to be sold out of everything decent.

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still incredibly accurate

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I use calgar blue for plasma then do a heavy wash of drakenhof nightsade for my plasma guns. Gives it a glossy-glowing effect and looks nice. Might do it with a brighter shade of blue but calgar blue gets the job done well.

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