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ITT unusual character deaths you've had or seen. The death need not be final, resurrected characters work fine.

I'll start.

Blue Mage in a homebrew game. Killed by a group of attack lolis dressed in french maid outfits, wielding chainsaws and vulcan-style machine guns. He was revived post-combat, but still.

Being religious, he's making a scene in a church, screaming at God as to how he's offended Him.

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What are some of the weirdest ass things your pcs have kept with them, and for what purpose?

I'll start:

A Mage in a multiverse campaign- had 42 terabytes of Lesbian Clown Porn.

Use: To confuse and horrify.

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So I killed another player's pc, and he and the entire group were pissed at me. They don't want me back, and I don't think I want to go back.

>Party is mostly chaotic
>I'm the only CG, Three CNs, One CE
>Make a warlock whose schtick is he stole his power from a devil
>Everyone else is edgy mcwristcutter or a Deadpool wannabe
>We got to our first village
>One party member is short gold to get something they need
>CE Fighter: "I got this."
>Breaks into home with wife, husband, and a boy
>Grabs mother and holds blade to her throat.
>"Give me all your gold or she dies."
>They comply, I'm saying ic that this is fucked
>"Okay, now fuck your kid in the ass or I'll kill her!"
>declare eldritch blast on the fighter's back.
>"Dude what are you doing?"
>"You're trying to force a guy to rape his kid? Are you fucked in the head?"
>"I'm trying to make a reputation!"
>DM says I'm not a good fit for this group
>Tears up my sheet ceremonial-like.
>I leave as fast as I can.

Has this shit happened to anyone else?

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I... I have no words.

All I can hope for is that op will eventually reveal this is all a lie and we can all go to bed knowing Marty is simply a cautionary parable, nothing more.

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>pick the most asinine ideas I could come up with off the top of my head
>people liking it
Disgusting. There's nothing creative in just ripping off a real-world culture. The only difference is people too lazy to read about them are now being exposed to something other than medieval Britain and think it's amazing and novel. It's not, it's the same thing - if you have the curiosity to have read about it beforehand.

Why not be creative? Why just use a pre-made culture? Why not at least mix in elements of two or three? And that doesn't even begin to express my exasperation with the concept of "[race] is [culture]".

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Wait, I was thinking of playing an arcanist. My playtest bloodrager was already kind of powerful and show-stealy, to the point that the GM and I were coming up with contrivances to keep me out of commission for rounds at a time (which I'm fine with, everyone needs a time to shine and a time to not).

But now I kind of what to build an arcanist for another campaign, especially the blade adept. Will I have the same problems as my bloodrager?

How is shaman looking?

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