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Not sure. Supposedly they were a "Brigade" that left, but I don't see any mention of any formations called "Brigades" in the old Liao Housebook.

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Zoomer battletech anything is a weird concept to me. Even clix players were mid-late millenials, and Pokemon is old fashioned to them. I figure most zoomers that play is because their late-x, early millenial parents are teaching them to play.

Well whatever man. Just so long as we don't get fortnite-dancing Timberwolves. As long as they're not playing Alpha Strike I guess their heads are on straight, at least.

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When it went down I was shocked. Not because it went down but because people were genuinely bothered by this. I thought 1D4 chan was a forgotten relic of noughties /tg/ with a handful of dawn of war memes and maybe a couple of homebrew things. I didn't imagine anyone was using it five years ago much less now.

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>racism is a political issue

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Most of them ARE attacked on sught, they've always been more of a "niche" player race option for people bored with "humans, shit that look like humans, and shit that looks like humans that glow" and the most common ones (Gnolls, Lizardmen, Minotaurs, even Kenku) were always looked at as monsters. Hell the only one that's come into "acceptance" is fucking Dragonborn and it's no secret a number of people are either ambivalent to or dislike them.

...Catgirls were always bait for shit though so you know, whatever.

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Why stop at one Weirdboy

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no, not since 8th came out have I encountered even 1 situation where someone tried to blatantly cheese the rules, maybe canadians are just better to play 40k with.

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has Korea been done yet?

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New to 40k and Warhammer in general, but why doesn't GW ever seem to give anything else but Space Marines any love?

There are a lot of really fucking interesting sides to 40k beyond them. Even within the Imperial Guard there are the Mordian Iron Guard, the Death Korps of Krieg, the Steel Legion, and even just the Cadians would make an entire extremely interesting media universe in themselves even after they got fucking destroyed. 40k is honestly the most interesting sci fi universe I've ever come across and it blows my mind how niche it continues to be when a fraction of it's lore could easily be the next massive franchise if done correctly. Yet the only 40k media we really get are Space Marines and the Imperial Navy.

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I'm a sucker for huge cliche cavalry charges arriving at the last second to save the day

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I'm so glad I was born in the US, bros...

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no more original than anything else posted ITT

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I'll have a crack at Shem I suppose

>The Shemites have been kicked out of 140 different countries, but each time it was not their fault
>The worst of these cases was when the king of Saxogotika systematically murdered over 6 billion Shemites in a single day, turning many of them into oil lamps
>Constantly preyed upon by their neighbours, the poor Shemites struggle daily just to make a living, despite the fact that they are easily the wealthiest nation in their part of the world
>When the king of Saxogotikas treachery was made known to the world at large, for some reason the Paynim Caliphate had to give the Shemites a part of their nation
>Since that day, the Shemites have engaged in constant wars with the Paynim Caliphate in an effort to take even more land they claim they used to own 2000 years ago
>The kingdoms of Llrogres and Aquilon unanimously agree that the Paynim Caliphate is in the wrong, and should just concede their nation to Shem
>During the conflicts with Shem, millions of Algornian civilians have been killed, most of which were women and children
>Shem denies these anti-shemetic accusations

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Couldn't understand any of it.

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What? I'm just legitimately ignorant about the book and asking questions to understand it better without actually reading the thing.

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Well it's not relevant if it's right or wrong as long as it provides an illusion of coherence.

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Create two settings.

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Most of the ladies I've run into put more emphasis on the narrative of the game, so something like this could crop up. Myself, I wouldn't be bothered either way, but it's better to get a gyst of what the group wants. She might want to have that control, but the rest of the group in the same situation might say something like.
>"Uh, I stab the dude?"

So long as the player isn't using it to give themselves little advantages or mitigate risks they would have taken had they known they would succeed in hitting.

>"I stab the troll"
>"a roll of 4 is a miss"
>"I carefully ...."


>"I stab the troll"
>"a roll of 16 is a hit"
>"With all my strength ...."

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>How to win with Orks
>Just field trukks with nothing in it

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>worst -punk

I was going to say screamo or metalcore, but eh...

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This is why the first thing one of my co-players did was buy a fucking mule to carry most of the party's shit they weren't wearing or had equipped. We're going to forget to mention we pick up or drop our stuff for the sake of initiative or whatever, so just pile all the shit on an animal designed for it.
The fact most people don't think to do this is in hindsight extremely stupid.

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I play /tg/ related games quite a lot but I'm not a regular /tg/ poster, sorry, dunno what you're talking about besides some general hostility towards oWoD in the general thread (although I don't visit it much).

The joke in my circle is more related to the general association of vampires with sues, partly thanks to Twilight but also before that since it's a popular creature amongst the kind of edgy teenager that produces this kind of character. But I quite agree on all your points so calm down senpai.

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Can you make money contributing to your hobby? Will people pay you for making settings, adventures, or other such content? Is it feasible, or just a pipe dream?

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