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>get the points updates for genestealer cult

What the fuck am i supposed to do with this?

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And you my friend are suffering from the negative symptoms of caffeine withdrawal and dependency

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>a little
Okay; does that ruin the game or what? It's like people crying over not being able to see a 12 year old's nipples in some niche weeb game that gets brought over to the states; unless seeing her nipples is a genuine mechanic that effects game play, its not a big deal. How some LITERAL NPCs get described in the fluff shouldn't be so major a change that it ruins the whole module.

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>touhou anime.

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Boars are fucking dangerous bro. Just because some Greek bastard dunked a boar doesn't mean shit. They spend all day masturbating, they have really strong forearms.

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Why are there two men in that photo?

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>some ancient gods have animal heads
>therefore those people must have been annoying faggots who pretended to have the soul of a wolf and masturbated to dog cocks
>and therefore its okay that these annoying faggots exist now
Not even that guy, and not even totally against furries, but jesus fuck what a leap in logic. You must be completely down the rabbit hole to be so downright defensive and delusional

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>blood bonus
>for women


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Tell me about Hive Fleet Kronos. What did they do to make Carnac so angry?

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they're good at acting because they're all actors. everything else is mediocre to shit. Im sorry your group and DM is so poor, I hope they get better with time, or you find new people to play with.

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I keep getting focused because my group always sees me as the biggeest threat. Whats a non grouphug/pillowfort commander that looks deceptively weak?

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You are LITERALLY making it so that other people can't play it!
Hogging copies for your own gain is equal to HOLDING A CHILDS LIFE HOSTAGE.
You better get some friends right now or i'm going to go full white knight deus vult on you rawr >:C

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You would not believe this...

>Be me
>Be new to tabletop games (only about 10 hours experience from a different campaign)
>Introduced to a new campaign from a good friend of mine
>He wants me to roll a character to replace someone in his party that died
>Roll a Valkyrie
>Things start off slow, we are sailing to a deserted island to colonize it for a Sheikh and no one really interacts with me, they are in heated in character discussions about previous incidents
>We get there and we begin setting up a settlement
>My friend keeps sending me private messages through steam giving me vague warnings about the evil sorcerer in our party and telling me not to help him
>Roll with it
>After the settlement has been established they are electing a mayor for the colony
>We all roll to give a speech
>My friend gets the highest roll
>First order of business as new mayor is to lynch the evil sorcerer in our party who apparently killed the guy I was replacing
>Sorcerer (who is like a 30 year old man) begins screaming through his microphone calling him some of the most obscene names I have ever heard
>DM is pressured into not allowing the lynching
>Evil sorcerer throws my friend into a pocket dimension where he dies
>This is allowed by the DM
>I am alone in a party with some guy and his buddy I unwittingly tried to lynch by helping my friend
>Find out that the DM trashed the campaign because of the conflict
>Haven't played a Tabletop RPG since

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>Yuri/Yaoi are part of the same agenda as leftist influenced media like Steven Universe, normalising sexual deviancy and "alternative" values from a young age.

This shits been going on since ancient Greece dude. There are tapestries as well as first and second hand accounts of what we know as homosexual activities. They even had a ladder-hierarchy about how gay a sex act was compared to others.

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Smoking from a pipe is better than cigarettes and do indeed smell better, but if that story where true you wouldn't be so triggered. Let me explain how a normal person would react:

>Smoking sometimes smells nice! Especially tobacoo from a pipe
>Hahahha you hipster
>I do it to remember my grandad, and that's my own business

Your reaction:

>Smoking sometimes smells nice! Especially tobacoo from a pipe
>Hahahha you hipster

See >>53290172 , Why are you guys so insecure? Its really odd.

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>People claim its a ruse
>Don't even remember the shitstorm that happened when the whole backstory was "Oi we forgot them but found this paper that said they existed way back then"
>Don't even remember the sperg-rage when all their models where slightly taller and all the comparison meme's

Oh boy. Won't let me post through spam filter though, just search "GW bringing nubian" and its the first hit on DDG

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From this thread I take it that Tolkien(s) are pretentious autists?

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> Changing the entire lore of Orcs just so you can have sex with one.

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Throw some space alien dicks, an Apocalypse Button, and a couple magic-user spells in with some of your house rules and see if Jim Raggi will publish it, then.

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Even as someone who roleplays on tabletop I cannot get over how fucking nerdy it is to roleplay in MMOs.

Seriously it's embarrassing.

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>the not-Catholic Church were the bad guys all along!

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