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>Born of Fate
GIMME. I will make a build when my chain hits the sweet spot for it.

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HOLY FUCK YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks mister spoon man

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This guy knows how to wargame

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This thread is exceptionally terrible, even among Red Flag threads. Phenomenal work, gentlemen.

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This guy gets it. You let the cancer fester and the game will be ruined. 8th edition is the first step in the casualization process.

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Sounds fine to me anon.

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Thanks for clarifying friend

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I intended for them all to be played one at a time (and time passes in the story between cyoas), so that while particularly useful combinations are there, you needed a bit of luck to run into the best combinations.

Plus, all and all, you can make a totally comfy build and just bunker down during the fighting, avoiding all dangerous and ambitious applications of the gifts you've been given.

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Either works for me personally. I'm just ever so slightly more familiar with my pic over your own.

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sweet dudes, I so badly want some Death riders. Enough for an allied detachment which is 15 or 25 I can't remember. Although I will need to find some sweet desert turbans and stuff for mine.

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That's fine too anon. Not saying our way works for everyone, it's just worked thus far. If it's more fitting for your play style, or the story at large, or the personal story of the character then by all means you do you.

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then everything is ok

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thank you fine sir

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aww yeah man, thats the stuff

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