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Why cant I buy plague marines on the website anymore

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>Horny GMs
But that's the most important ingredient for a successful session, Anon. Don't be a grumpy That Guy.

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>after puberty
This opens up for interesting character concepts and I will subscribe to your newsletter.

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powerful mages in my setting usually turn out to be beautiful girls because the old perverted wizard men turn themselves into cute girls.

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>Evil guy steps in to defeat 3° bigger evil alongside heroes.

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Don't listen to >>54151122, there are no Slaaneshi cultists in this thread.

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Sounds fun.

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Hey /tg/
I think this is the best place to ask this.
What are your favorite fantasy races, I was working on a story idea and wanted to incorporate some more flavors into the mix.

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Buh? So. So I spawn banelings from starcraft?

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>Also, explain cherry pie?

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Turtle fish paint
Artist of a bunch of pretty good doujins, he did a jinx one.

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Has your magical realm ever happened in a campaign, /tg/? Last session, our barbarian was captured while scouting, and pretty much raped by the female cult leader.

>villainess rape is my fetish

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I love her face in these.

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>We'll let you stay, but only if you let us make use of your daughter for one night.

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Still have a hard time imagining that particular phrasing wasn't the craft of some japanese guy but real GW canon.

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I just realized Fire illusions would totally let you do heart pupils.

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>these double dubs

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Draw me like one of your french slivers.

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Thank you my friend.
Any word on that? I really enjoy Dark Sun but nobody in my group wants to play a "archaic" system.

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