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What to do? What to do.

Oh! I know! I'll ask Mom!

I take out my phone, and am almost about the tap a very specific tile on it.
Then I remember something important.

I said I wouldn't..


My phone slips back into my pocket and I kneel back down to the puppy's level.

"It's fine Maeda." I state, some uncertainty in my voice. "Kaori knows what she's doing, she's a big girl."
"Well, I don't know about that." Kaori bites her lip.

"Besides, why wouldn't Mom let us keep him? We do have a garden, and everything!"

"It's just-" Kaori hesitates. "I don't know if she wouldn't let us keep him."

"So just tell her."
"If I tell her, though." Kaori scratches at the puppy's scruff. "Then she would find out and might try to take it to the pound or something."

"That's-" I try to think of the words to counter that. "That's not true! You don't know that, at least."
"It's enough of a worry for me not to do it." Kaori frowns.

Maeda kneels down behind Kaori. "Listen, Kaori. I know it's not easy to do, but you have to tell someone. What happens when this puppy grows up? Or decides it can live somewhere else?"
"Then- I'll just have to-"

She clenches her fist.
"I don't know, okay? Just let me have this one secret." She snaps at us.

>Okay, fine.
>Kaori, it would be best if you listened to Maeda's advice.
>How about we just ask Mom about this as if a friend found it?
>We could try asking another adult.
>Maeda, she's right, let her alone for now.

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No, this isn't something to drag everyone else into.
This is a family problem, and you're going to deal with it as a family.

"Hey!" Daichi, Maeda's father, slaps the principal's shoulder. "So you are Marie are gettin' back together again, right?"
This is immediately followed up with Marie, who is only a few steps behind him, smacking him so hard in the back of the head that he almost falls over .

Maeda's mother, Adele, doesn't try to stop her in the least.

There's more buzzing and chatting. None of which seems to cure me of my moping.

Slowly, the group says their goodbyes for the night. Marie says she wants Aiko to come home for tonight.
Aiko, naturally, decides that she isn't ready for that just yet. She's instead going to sleep at my house.
I don't blame her. Marie's a jerk.

We part ways with everyone and continue the journey back to our house. This time with yet another sister in tow.

Looks like Mom is going to have to do those planned expansions to the house sooner rather than later.

Naturally, the clown adds a certain chaotic element to the living room which was not present before. She's confrontational, rude, loud, and very stubborn.
Kaori said that she sees a lot of me in her. I don't know why, that's not what I'm like at all.

After all the children have been washed up and put to bed, we all gather in Mom's room for a very important discussion.
About the man, in the card.


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"First off." I watch the lumbering beast saunder in the direction of the park we're standing in. "We should get somewhere safe and see where it's going."

Everyone seems to be in sudden agreement. We gather everyone together and head toward the vantage point Kaori and I were watching from earlier. It's a tall building, far above the streets, much of it had been abandoned.

What's even better: If Kaori is right, Maeda and Ryouta are hiding out in here. We can pick them up after we decide on a plan on what to do.

We phase in from the top of the building, and Kaori takes a picture of the beast with her cell phone.

"What are you doing?"
"It's a great shot for the school newspaper!"
"Kaooori. Please."

"What happens if we go inside?" Haruko asks, nonchalantly.
"Same thing that happened last time, I would imagine. We're lost in that crazy world where up is down and left is right." Mom crosses her arms.

"..Let's not do that."

"I still think we should call Ultraman.." Julie sulks.

"Who is Ultraman? What are you talking about?" Kaori nudges her.
"Don't tell me you don't know! He's a superhero!"
"I don't watch cartoons like you do, Julie."

"No! He's real! He can grow to any size he wants and he can trap monsters in another universe to fight them!"
"Sweetie, Ultraman isn't real."

"But I saw him! He was on the TV!"

He can trap monsters in another universe to fight them?

I have another world to work with, AND I can trap monsters.

"Hey, what if I made a card to trap that thing. Just like Ultra whatever?"

"That's a good thought Masami." Kaori crosses her arms. "Except how are you going to make it? want to go sit down at home while it stomps the city to pebbles?

>I can make it in time! I just need a few minutes!
>You're right. I should think of a way to fight it HERE.
>I already got the card! That's the best thing!
>I just gotta.. change it a bit. Make the house bigger or something?
>Honestly, I don't know.

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"I don't know." I say, with worry in my voice. "Kaori, what do you think?"

"As far as I know, he was kept in the basement most of his life. I'm not sure why he decided to come outside, but it must have been harsh on him." Kaori crosses her arms. "If he really is here because he's looking for his brother, than he probably isn't hostile. He probably just wants his brother back."

"I say yes. I think it doesn't hurt to hear him out."

"Okay!" I stand up and clap my hands together. "Then I'm all for this idea!"
"Really? Just like that?"

"Well Kaori says that it's okay, then it must be okay. Right?"
"I don't know if that's how it should really work."
"Then it's settled!"

I hop from my chair and try to peer down the hallway, hoping to catch a glance of that monster.
"Hellllooooo? Mister Monster?"
"His name is Taoru."
"Sorry, Mister Taoru? I didn't mean to scare you, you can come back now!"


"Mister Taaaaaaooooooooruuuuuuuuuuuuuu-"
"G-give him a moment, Masami. Don't be too pushy."

"..Did he just leave?"
"No! He probably doesn't like that you're trying to goad him so thoroughly!" Kaori scolds me.

We wait a couple more minutes, still nothing.

"Uh oh." Kaori looks worried.
"Okay, I'll go look in the hallway, you go check the bushes, Maeda." Ryouta stands up.
"And I'll go check-"

"Masami, No. No no. Stay right here, Masami."

"We don't want to scare him more than we already have."

"Yeah, and he's probably wandering around school now, maybe scaring people."

But I could find him really quickly! Maybe!

Kaori, Ryouta, and Maeda stand up and leave. I'm left sitting at the meeting table listening to the birds and the wind through the courtyard.

I'm bored.

>Go look anyway.
>Call the principal, see if Mom came back.
>Text Mom, see if she got Cirrus back!
>Just keep waiting, this 'patience' thing might work out!

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"Can't you talk to her? She has to realize deep down that this is insane to do to her daughter!"
"I wish I could, Masami."

"But you can! You're her friend!"
"I'm her friend, but I'm not her father. I can't force her to do anything."
"Then you should realize how terrible it is for her to force Aiko to do anything!"

Mom stops me, "Sweetie, I know you're upset. But please don't raise your voice to the principal of your school."
I stop myself, but then pout.
"It's just.. it's just."

"I know, sweetie, I know."

Kaori, who was so silent I almost forgot she was there, wraps her arms around me from behind.
"Sis, I know you're upset, I am too. Aiko is one of the closest friends I have."
"We'll get her back, I promise."

It's easy to say that, but-
"I don't know what to do. It seems like there are so many problems happening at once now."

Mom stands up and walks over to me, wrapping her arms around both Kaori and I.
"All we can do is worry about one problem at a time."

I can barely see it out of the corner of my eye, but the principal is smiling.
"Izumi, I envy you."
"Hmm? Why is that?"
"I wish I had the same relationship with my son. Ken barley even talks to me anymore."

"Well, getting to know him over fighting monsters probably isn't the best way to do it."
"I don't know, it seems to work well with your daughters." He laughs.

I pout.
Kaori laughs and ruffles my hair.

"Anyway, still got to deal with the building. I don't have any plans unless you do."
Mom thinks about it for a second.

"I might have a plan."
"Really!?" I nearly tackle her, "Thank you!"

"Oof, wait, wait, one second. It's about Asai."
"What about him?"

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"I'm not going alone! Julie is going with me."
"That's right!" Julie says, grabbing me by the shoulder.

"Masami, your mother is on the ground floor." The monster walks over to the group. Several of them back away from him. "She's trying to get out, but all the exits are sealed."

"Then we're going after her! In the meantime, I want all of you to evacuate! Can you help them do that?" I look over toward the monster.
"I can do that." He immediately picks up Aiko and Maeda, Aiko struggles slightly in his grasp.

"Good! Then I want you to sit this out because you're really hurt!"
"But Masami-"
"No buts! You shouldn't have followed me in here as it is!"

Kaori sneezes, and then gets my attention.
"I can feel Asai, he just moved. He's going up to the top floors."

I grab Julie by the hand, "Perfect! He's going the wrong way! If we leave right now we can get Mom and get out of there before he realizes it!"
"Masami, wait." Kaori grabs my other shoulder. "Something about this doesn't seem right! Why would he go the wrong way in his own building?"

I can't worry about these things now. Before anyone else gives me more of a reason to hesitate; I grab Julie's hand and rush down the stairwell.


I was expecting more resistance than this.
The stairwell is clear, the stairs were perfectly fine all the way to ground level.
I walk up to the entrance and notice something strange.

"I see it too."
The place where the door should be is barren, it's just a flat wall.
"Stand back."

With a swing, I let Belle strike the bare section of wall. Her sword clanks right off of it. Completely different from the other bits and pieces of building I've gone through today.
"Now what?" Julie puts her hands on her hips.

>Try calling out to whoever is inside!
>Try some other way to get inside of the room
>Maybe try the other world?
>Maybe try another card?

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Hmph! This looks like it could turn whiny at any moment.

Which means I should go and at least find out if they're going back inside. At the very least it will let me know how long I should be out to stay away from it.

That's when I notice something. There's a much older woman walking with them now.

"-And that's all it was?"
She ruffles Magician's hair. "That's it. You forgot that it works by proximity."

"Masami! Hear that!? We can go solve this right now!" Magician wraps her arms around Priestess.
I never understood why Magician got so emotional over the smallest things.

"Uh huh." Priestess reacts to it with a stale gaze.

"Oh! Well hello there!"
Uh oh, I've been spotted.
The older woman walks up to me and kneels down to my eye level. UGH, it's like she's mocking me.

"I'm Hotaka Aimi. You can just call me Amy if you want. What's your name?"
"Emillion." That's all she needs to know.

"Well you are just as cute as a button!"

"H-hey! Why you!"
"Kaori, Aiko! You didn't introduce me to this young fellow!"

"That's because he was a monster until a few days ago, Mom." The black-haired girl crosses her arms.
"Oh right-" Magician breaks away from her hug. "That's the other thing I wanted to ask you about! Does he have an illness?"

"Hmm." Aimi brushes her hand over my scalp once more. This time it seems to glow as she does so. "He seems fine to me. A little tense, and stressed out."
She got that part right, at least.

"But I would give him a clean bill of health." She stands back up. "You say he was a monster?"
"I saw him." The black-haired girl raises her hand. "He was huge, several times that size, and he was made of armor!"

"Hmph." I wish everyone would quit pointing out my size.

>I've had enough of this. Time to keep walking.
>This woman seems knowledgeable about a few things, ask a question.
>Ask Priestess how long they intend to stick around.

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I start to head toward the door.
That's when a steel chair comes flying through one of the windows on the third floor.

It crashes into the mess of garbage that continues to grow outside the entrance.

I suddenly realize that I probably need help, and that trying to do everything by myself will be my undoing.

Slowly, I pick up the phone and dial Kaori. I hope she can get here in time.

Barely five minutes later, Kaori skids to a halt next to me.
She's huffing and panting, but at least she came when I called her!

"Huff.... Huff.." She tries to regain her breath as the building continues to spit out debris and chaos.
Another desk crashes through a window on the outside, and then a chair out the window to the right of it, then ANOTHER chair out the window to the left of that-
Wait. Didn't something just crash through that window? But.. it was completely fixed just a moment ago.
And that window to the right? I- Am I seeing things? It's perfectly fine now.

"Masami..." Kaori uses my shoulder for support. "I'm glad you want to rush right in, but I think we need a plan here."

"There's no time for that!" I clench my teeth. "Mom is in there right now and I have no idea what is happening!"

"No! There is time for that! Don't you think Mom didn't tell us specifically because she didn't want us getting involved!?"
"But she should know better than that by now! If you're going to try to talk me out of it, then just stay out here and let me go in!"

"Of course not, I just want you to do this the smart way, Masami!"

"We split up. We can search more of the building that way."

>"No! No no no no that is not the smart way!"
>"W-okay. Fine."
>"If you think I'm leaving you alone in there, you're nuts!"
>"No, here's a better plan:"
>>"We go in through the roof, together."
>>"We go in through the front together."
>>"We go in THROUGH THE WALL together!"

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"Hold on!" I put my hand up toward him, "Kaori and Mom should be the ones that hear this! Come inside!"

Reluctantly, like the monster doesn't really want to set foot in my home, he follows me inside.


Everyone sits gathered around the table. The monster didn't really want to, but made an exception for an occasion like this.

Mom sips her morning tea, in her other hand is a sealed bottle of Orange Juice.
"That was very nice of you to bring breakfast for everyone!" She chirps, taking a drink from the bottle.

"Err. I was just trying to be polite. No need to thank me."
It's strange how something so intimidating can have such human emotions.
Which is why..
"I think you should have a name!" I blurt out, almost randomly.

"No, no, there's no need for that Masami-"
"That seems like a good idea!" Mom joins in on the teasing.

You're not sure if a monster can blush, but he really seems uncomfortable enough to do so.
"But- anyway. That's not why I'm here. I wanted to tell you that your father wanted to meet you, Kaori."

Kaori, who was stuffing her face most of this time, swallows her food and nearly jumps to her feet.
"Wha?! Really!?"

"Yes, Kaori. But there's a catch. He wants to meet you at Fortune HQ."

>"Nuh uh! No way! That's not where she's meeting him!"
>"Can't it be anywhere else?"
>Stay quiet

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"That's a lie and you know it! I'm here to visit you, Kaori!"
Wow that made her mad, her once saddened face now distorts into an angry snarl as she repeats the same lie that she's been saying ever since she left you that night.

"I AM NOT KAORI! There's nothing more for us to discuss! Go home!"
"I said, I'm not going home!" I yell back at her.

Maeda tries to step between us, and turns to me.
"H-hey, now, Masami. It's clear we're not welcome here and she doesn't want us. Plus, this place might be riddled with monsters. I don't think you shou-"
"I don't care! I'm not going to leave her alone again!"

She looks at me with shock on her face, "You are so hardheaded, you know that Masami?"
"Yes! I'm glad you understand now!" I say, smugly.

"Are you done up here!?" Kaori says again, looking as impatient as ever.
"No! I'm not leaving until you come out of your shell!"

"Children, what did I just say?" The monster looks the most impatient out of everyone standing here. "If you want to continue your squabble, do it more quietly."
"There's no need to, because I'm done!" Kaori shouts, as she retreats back under the door and slams it behind her.

Now it's just us and a monster, staring awkwardly at one another.

>"Hey! I want to be here with Kao-Magician. Can I spend the night here?"
>"I'm going after her!"
>"You said one person could visit her, right? I'll be that one person!"
>"Maybe we should just leave."
>"Girls, I'll help you get back home, but I have to be here for her."

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"You're dismissed then." He says, again never seeming to ever blink.

"Yes, Father." She says, "I have a question."
He only stares at her, cold and unblinking as per usual.

"Um. I found this picture. Who is the woman in the photo?"
I can't see it very clearly, but I can tell Mom is one of the people in the photo, as well as Asai and that tall, shadowy man.

"That is not for your ears as that picture is not for your eyes. Return it to it's rightful place on your way out."

Kaori continues to appear stone-faced. She turns to leave the room, but turns back at the last second to ask something else.
"Father, Am I good daughter?"

He only continues to stare, in fact you're certain he hasn't blinked once this whole time. That's really creepy.
"Does it matter?"

Kaori immediately leaves the room, but in the hallway, her progress appears to have been halted.
Every set of knight armor lining the hallway is now standing in perfect formation in the center of the hall, with one of them reaching their hand out to Kaori.

She sighs, and hands them the picture. They incinerate it with an unseen power before returning to their position in the hallway.

The scene fades, the curtains draw, but this time it's Kaori with the same picture searching through a book of some kind. I'm not sure how she got that picture.
She looks like she's in the school's office? How did she get there without anyone noticing?

She flips through the book after studying each page carefully, and then another page, and another page. She even answers a phone call, and starts talking way above normal volume for someone who is supposed to be sneaking.

"Ryouta, Hey, I found the new student. Have you heard of an 'Itsukuma'?"
There's some muffled talking on the phone. She throws the entire file into a copy machine while she's waiting.
"Okay, I'll go find out more about her before her daughter's first day at school. I know where she works. Mmhmm, I'll go there after school."


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"W- Leave town?"
"Yes! If you don't want to be here anymore, then just leave!"

This seems familiar, like I've tried this very same plan before.
Right, that's because I did. It didn't work out last time, and I have no reason to believe that it will work this time either.

"I don't... I can't..."
"Why!?" She's really irritated with me, now.
"Because.. They know when I leave town!"

She looks shocked, but quickly falls back into her fury.
"That's no reason to not try!"
"But I've tried before! They can tell when I leave this town! I'm only safe when I'm inside town."

That's when I feel it, that impending sense of dread. That feeling that I'm being watched.
Someone or something just crossed over into this world.

I look around the cityscape, and catch sight of a building that is half torn-up. Lots of floors are seemingly vacant, with some construction equipment parked nearby.
I grab the girl's hand, "Come on!", As I take off into a sprint toward the burned out building.


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"You mean, you want me to take a nap? Here at school?"
She nods, following it up with a very impressive yawn.

"W-while that sounds like a great idea, um."
I hesitate slightly, the next thing I'm going to ask is going to sound weird.
"It doesn't hurt, does it?"

She looks taken aback, but also too tired to do anything about it.
"No, of course not. You might not even realize that I'm there."

"Oh! Okay, well-"
Then I remember something important.

"I need to call someone first, is that okay?"
"That's fine!" She says, flopping back into her cot.

I stand up and walk, what I hope, is out of earshot range. Picking up my phone, I dial the one person who needs to know that I will be home late.

It rings a couple of times before a very calm, reassuring voice answers.
"Hello? Sweetie?" Mom says on the other side
"Hey Mom, I'm going to be-"
Wait, what am I going to be doing?
"I'm going to be participating in a club activity for a bit here. I'll be home after a while."

She says that it's fine and lets me get back to it. I can see Kaori adjusting her blankets and sheets as I walk back over to her.
"Sorry Masami, I just checked and we don't have any blankets or sheets."
"T-that's fine, I can just sleep without them."
"No don't do that! Here."

She scoots over in her cot, making a space for me to sleep.
"Just take off your shoes"
Wait, does she not realize that-
"Um. Can you put on some clothes first?"

She looks down at her bare self, and blushes slightly.
"Oh! Yes. Yes I should."


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"Kaori! You can tell things from your cards, right?"

She seems surprised by me calling her by name directly. I haven't had a chance to get to know her since coming here.
"Your cards told my fortune before, can they tell the fortune of someone else?"

She sighs and puts down her teacup, folding her hands neatly on the table.
"..I could but that's a huge invasion of privacy, and also-"
Her eyes slowly track over to Ryouta, and he only stares back at her. Both of them nod to each other, and she redirects her attention back to me.

"Masami.. There was something I've been meaning to talk to you about."
The entire table goes silent, Maeda stops playing with her phone, Aiko quits rummaging throug her bookbag. Everyone's eyes are now intently staring at me.

I really don't like this kind of attention. I can feel the nervousness starting to creep its way into my head.

Kaori reaches into her backpack and shuffles around in it, before pulling out her signature deck of cards. She takes them out and starts gradually shuffling at them.

"We have been having weekly card readings for the student council." she begins, "Ever since you arrived, there has been something, strange happening with our card readings."

"'Strange'? They're just cards, right?"

"It's more what the cards were telling us, about the student council, and about you."

She lightly taps the top of the deck, gently flipping the top card off onto the table.
It's the three of spades.

"Do you know what this card means?"
I shake my head.

She does the same thing again, this time, it's the five of Diamonds.

"How about this one?"
I'm really not sure where she's going with this, I shake my head again.

Again, she takes the top card off, and flicks it onto the table,
It's the five of hearts.

"Kaori, I don't know how to read the cards like you do."
"I know that, which is why I wanted you to know that ever since you showed up, I have predicted this same chain of events time and time again."


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"The two of cups" Kaori responds, drawing a card with two hearts on it.
She places the card face-up on the table, some other cards surrounding it. I'm not sure what it means, but it seems very structured and methodical.

Her eyes open softly to the girl standing in front of her,
"-if you don't pursue it now, he will move on and completely forget that you ever existed. Take this opportunity and tell him of your feelings while there is still time."

The young girl seems surprised, a blush shows itself on her face. She says several 'thank you's before nervously walking away from the booth. Several of her friends who were nearby start laughing and teasing her as they all walk away. The line starts murmuring and chatting amongst themselves.

Kaori speaks, "You may believe my craft to be nonsense, but it reveals things about the self that you may never wish to know, or for others to know."
She shuffles the cards back into the deck
"Only step forward if you believe yourself to be completely free of secrets."

The line starts to thin out some, the few remaining are talking to one another.

That's when Kaori spots Aiko and I, her face turns to a grimace.
"Oh, Aiko, I didn't see you there, is this the day that you think you're the most important person in the room?"
Aiko laughs, "You mean I'm not? You are the one who has to sit at this booth and serve me."

"Not for long I don't, I'm going to go on break, go back to my club room, and hopefully not see you for the rest of the day." She says, adjusting her hair.


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I hear a voice speak up as I get near.

"Masami! It's good to see you! Have a seat and we can talk about all this together." Ryouta says, he kicks a chair out on the opposite side of the table they're sitting on.

Around the table sit every familiar face I've seen so far, Maeda, Ryouta, Aoki, and there's one other person sitting with her hands on the table, fumbling with her fingernails. Her blonde twintails slumped onto the table.

I pull out the chair and sit down, I should at least try to be polite even if I'm not entirely trusting.

"Masami, sorry about keeping you after school, we would have more of the council here, but they're busy with club recruitment at the beginning of the semester." He says, leaning back in his chair.
"In the meantime, there's someone else who would like to meet you."

The girl who I didn't recognize reaches over to me.
On closer inspection, she doesn't seem very energetic right now. She looks absolutely tired in a way. Her hand wavers and her elbow has to support itself on the table as she reaches over.
"Hi, I'm Kaori Katashi. You can just call me Kaori like everyone else does" She says, putting on a very tired smile.
As she strains to smile, I can vaguely see light bags under her eyes strain with it. I wonder what has been stressing her out?

>Ask something before we start with the real questions?


>What are some questions you wanted to ask?

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