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They were probably made so that you could make up your own Legion, however actually claiming that your marines are related to the lost Legions in a HH/40k game will get you laughed out of the hobby store.

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>Desperate old lady past her prime
>probably loaded
>Desperate to find a dude who is at least 8/10 despite trading her youth for gold
>Won't attract scam artists or manipulators
shit writes itself.

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>too short range
I figured, I just also figured since it was 8 shots that it's be nice to have something to keep the infantry away while everyone else took out vehicles. Fair point, though.

>What's it like being retarded?
What's it like not only mistyping "reaper" (because you're a phone poster with autocorrect) but also giving every dude in the squad the same wonky looking weapon that will eventually just get nerfed, at which point you'll probably just drop ANOTHER $60 on a squad of Havocs you'll half-paint and equip with the flavor-of-the-month weapon?

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prolly the Omnibus

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I think you missed the entire point of my post.

It's not necessarily a crossover, it's just adopting mechanics from the souls games. It's not like you're going to be wielding a fucking bandit knife in 2hu.

He mostly liked the idea behind how I described dungeon crawling for the CYOA and the rewards system, so I expect him to adopt something along the lines of "run through 4 dungeons from this list and claim rewards from completing them", which you'd ideally use to purchase or learn more stuff from vendors.

I gave him my notes because he described doing a souls-like CYOA.

That being said, if this triggers 2hufags this much, I'm all for it.

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Anon, I think you're mistaken.

I do not have an objective-anon's-taste template that had to be fulfilled for me to promote a build to my liking--I merely picked what I liked.

Once again, I bow out to your superior tastes. If you made a build, it must have been so good that I left it out of my memory in a case of unworthiness.

It's funny that you think your credibility means anything if you have nothing to show for it.

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But i can't find it.

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Be Well, Anon.

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>A bunch of guys can watch or have sex with one of the few, if not the only, lolis in the prison
>But only one, two, maybe three at a time can have sex with her
>Loli won't always want to fuck or may be asleep
>They're right next to a prison full of little girls and boys
A cross-prison invasion is bound to happen, provided they work together well enough. And I'm into some filthy kinks like golden showers and humiliation, and that's sure to bring out more of the inmate's untapped sexual desires. Your little loli and shota friends will get to have a lot of fun with their new sexual partners, I hope they get to explore their hidden fetishes as well. With love, /d/eviant loli.

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>Those Guys who rolled biocons in a SCIENCE! based campaign game

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Sarandalk: God of sand in unusual places
Thung: God of oddly satisfying sounds
Pashma: Goddess of unwanted fire
Phtev: God of awkward silence
Jungrak: God of lost tools and weapons
Kiliran: Goddess of in-opportune rain

This is fun

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Well fuck.

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>Give Cain and Fenrir to Jager! Her being stronger will help us in every fight!
>Give Caede the Hellworm! Her being stronger will help us in every fight!

I'm still going to vote to give it to her, but I'm not so deluded as to think this will magically solve all our problems. It'll probably help in one or two fights and then Caede will get sick of us or people will just forget she exists.

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Get better dice.

I know it's you, Daniel

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>Suit Name: Susan

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Every time.

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> asks for names
> gives an awesome story that begs a name, but no name

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>no matter how much time we spend in the Archonium, it will never ever end.

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