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You sir, are a saint. Thank you.

I don't suppose you know if there are any lost and the damned or tallarn/death korps/etc spritesets anywhere else?

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If you have the rest covered I will post Deldar, do you have Rogue Trader ships?

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I... might have... ?
Is this one of them?

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Hey fa/tg/guys. I got this cutout sheet of Dark Eldar ships for BFG from here some time ago, and was wondering if anybody has ones for the other factions aswell. Especially the Imperial and Chaos ships.

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Wow, the reaver jetbikes really do look like Torture-class cruisers.

That being said, has anyone seen the Dark Eldar used effectively in BFG? Looking over the rules, it seems their best tactic is to try and winnow out single ships from the enemy fleet using leech torps, then nail it with as much gunnery and Impalers as possible in one turn.

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Dark Eldar. Only two ship types... kind of depressing.

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