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Give them nothing at first.
Focus on it just been and endless, pitch-black subterranean labyrinth. Put emphasis on how there's nothing down there, and it goes on for ever. Nothing but the occaisional ambient sound, a dripping, the occiasional bit of crunching or falling debris.

Make the routes twist and contort, to the point of becoming dangerous to venture further into for fear of becoming trapped. In situations where they come across a seemingly dead end, apply some sort of mechanic that makes them light headed. The stale air down here is getting to them. A few more noises.
>You thought you heard something, but the noise was so indistinct you're not sure if you heard anything at all
Expand into larger areas. Huge cavernous spaces.
Mention more specific sounds, but give them nothing. A faint scrape, a tumbling of debris after a quiet skitter. The laboured sound of hulking flesh being dragged across the stone floors. A slow breathing sound just outside the light cast by the torch. It's been going on for a while, perhaps it's just the wind?

Let your players wig the fuck over what could be out there, and when they're revealed what they hope it isn't, make it that, but turn it up to 11, and put them in situations where they have less control than usual.

But you build it up by letting them paint a picture for themselves of the horrors just out of sight. Prey upon them with feelings of helpnessness and claustrophobia.

Make them fear the dark, and what may lurk within.

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