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"So what do you want, mysterious disembodied voice?"

"I wanted to know the nature of the person who would work so hard to save a single soul."

"So, who are you?"

"Someone who you've only met in passing."

That's not very descriptive.
"I don't like cryptic messages." I cross my arms, "Who are you?"

He ignores my question.
"I wanted to talk to you, and meet you. I've been waiting a long time. And-"
He pauses, is he hiding something?

"-and I wanted to know if you really forgave 'Tower' for what he did to you. And what his halves had done to your family."

If I forgave him.

"Can I go home now?"

"You can leave any time you wish. You don't have to answer my question."

Well, that is very tempting.

"Look, I'm still a thirteen year old girl, mentally. My life has been a rollercoaster of experiences that I'm pretty sure other thirteen year olds don't have! I don't know the answer to these things! I do my best, and I know I mess up a lot."

"So, um, does that answer your question?"

"Not particularly."

>"I guess, if you want to know about Tower. I do forgive him."
>"I don't forgive him right now, but someday I might."
>"I just want him out of my life."
>"I just want to live with my family."
>"I don't know."
>"I'm going home now, take care."

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I look back toward the door, the one that Asai is no doubt cowering behind.
Or, he would be if he could move.

"No." I say, plainly and simply.

I have nothing else to tell that man.
He has had so many chances to redeem himself to me, but he hasn't taken a single one of them.

It's funny, it feels as if I could sit here and complain at him through this door for days. Especially now, that I seem to have some kind of power over him.

I would tell him about how, even from day one, he missed the point of the whole 'father' thing. How he tried to make me 'replace' Mom in his sick operation. How he tried to test his creations on other people. How he made other people, and then abused them. How he used everyone, all of his life. With the only goal in mind being this nebulous thing that I'm not even sure he, himself, understood.

Even though I have what could be my only chance to do this; I can't find the words to say it. It feels like I'm missing the things that I want to tell him.
In a way, now that it has come down to him being tied up in a room maybe forever, I can only feel a sense of pity.

Or not, maybe I'm just hungry and can't tell the difference between the two.
I hope all of this hasn't warped me in some way, as a person. I feel as if I'm being.. callous. Not just to him, but to everything that he helped create. As if they should have a say as to what happens to him, as well.

Maybe I'm wrong, and I'm overthinking things. He's evil, and I'm good. That's how it should be, and that's how I'm going to leave it.

I open the door, and firmly lock it behind me as I leave.


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My eyes light up.
Finally! someone has a plan!

"Great!" I say, with maybe unrequired enthusiasm. "Where do we start?!"

"Well, first we will have to get the two of them in the same room together."

"Won't that be a problem?"
"Only if they're not telling the truth."

Uh oh.
I have to either trust a giant scary monster, or Asai.
I don't like that at all!

"H-How do we know if it's working?"

"Well, I don't know the Chairman's methods, but I have seen that splitting thing in action." Mom pats my head. "So, I think when it starts to work, one of them will merge with the other. Kind of like your cards."
"I wouldn't say it's 'kind of like that' though."

"Great! Let's get the building out of that room and try to find a place for Asai and the building to meet face-to-face."

"Uh, last time Asai said that he couldn't control the building."

"He can't, and the building can't control him either."

"So what do we do if they, yknow, go nuts? Team up with each other? Something?!"

"We'll just have to leave and destroy the card then. But at least we can't say we didn't try!" Mom hugs me.

Though, that doesn't seem like a very good vote of confidence.


We somehow manage to convince the building top sulking on the top floor and come down into the living room.
With Asai.

It sits across the room, same knees-curled-up sit as it stares at Asai. Asai only grins at it.

This atmosphere, it's awkward.

>Okay, stop you two, talk out your differences.
>Asai, stop that. You're taunting him and you know it.
>Building, stop that, quit letting him get into your head.
>Mom, do something.
>Clown, stop clinging to me. I'm sorry I left you alone.

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"No no." I grab her arm, yuck, now it's all over me. "Before we do anything else, it's bath-time for you."

"What?!" She seems shocked. "I smell just fine!"

"No you don't!" I stomp my foot. "You've been in a dumpster for days!"
"I smell fine to me!"

"That's really low standards!" I grab her arm again. "We can worry about this when being near you doesn't make both of us sick!"



We get her to the nearby park and find a shower that hasn't been absolutely destroyed.

After much, much protesting and struggling, I feel she's at least presentable at this point. There isn't much I can do about her clothes, but her skin is at least to the point where she isn't going to be repulsive.

That's good, because the fight just to get her this clean was barely worth the effort.
I dry her hair with a towel, she continues to fight me the whole way.

"Okay, sto- No, STOP!" She fights my efforts to finish washing the remaining soap from her curls.
"Why do you hate being clean?!"

"I love being clean, and it's none of your business! I shower when I want to!"

Ugh. The idea of living with this girl sounds stressful already.

Her clothes aren't terrible, but that's a low bar to achieve. I give them back to her and she quickly dresses herself, as if every second of being washed was pure torture.

"Okay, now, off to see Asai."
"Wait." She pulls at my hand. "I'm not going back in THAT CARD Am I?!"

"Of course, how else are you going to see him?"

The look on her face, is that of absolute terror.

>You weren't in there very long last time!
>Okay, look, you'll be with me, it will only be a few seconds. Pinky promise!
>Okay fine, don't go.
>What happened last time anyway? You were fine one moment and breaking down crying the next!

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"Okay Mom, I'll put them back out and you can have that conversation with him alone."
"But-!" Kaori tugs at my sleeve.
"Wait! You can't do that!"

I want to push them off and just yell at them to stick with the plan, but Mom would suspect that!

Even Mom is eying me warily!
"That was way too easy, Masami."

Am I really that bad at lying!?

"Mom, I'll get my siblings out of here. Just have that talk and figure out what we need to do to stop it, okay?"
Mom smiles at me, but not before I walk past her and glare Asai right in the eyes.

"And YOU, I'm already THIS CLOSE TO STABBING YOU. I want to do it REALLY BADLY, even more than I wanted to punch out the chairman. Don't tempt me anymore!"
"Pfeh." He seems unamused. "Don't be so harsh, I behave when Izumi is around."

I REALLY DOUBT THAT, but I'll refrain from stabbing him.
For now.

"Come on." I lead the four other children to separate parts of the house.
"(Masami! You're not gonna really-)"

"(The second floor.)"

My eyes turn to Kaori, and then to Julie, and Haruko. "(This house has a second floor. I haven't been there yet, but I know what it looks like. You should be able to listen in to the whole conversation from up there. )"

Kaori nods to me. Slowly, she shows the rest of the children upstairs.

I quickly reappear in the dining room as if I had just teleported back in.
Fortunately for me, they're busy talking between each other while exchanging angry glares.

"Tell me how to stop the building."
"Tell me why you rejected me."

Oh this isn't going well at all!

"You have to be an idiot not to know!" Mom stands up, her fists are balled on the table.
"And you have to be the most stubborn person I've ever met!" Asai raises his voice, which may be the first time I've heard him do that.

>Enough! Stop!
>Mom.. Just tell him why and we can continue.
>Asai.. Behave or I'm changing my mind about stabbing you.
>Okay, okay. Let me mediate. This isn't getting anywhere.

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I put my hand on Julie's shoulder. Slowly, she backs off his throat.

"I'm not listening to you Asai." I say, as serious as I can muster. "..but I'll keep that in mind."

"It's not a problem if you listen to me or not. It's only a problem if you expect that thing outside to stop."

I really don't want to listen to Asai. I trust him about as far as I can throw him.
I can probably throw him REALLY FAR with Belle, but I still don't want to take any advice he gives me. That just seems like a bad idea in general.


"Oh please Masami. PLEASE don't ask 'What do we do?', because you know I don't have an answer for it."

OH NO! That was exactly what I was going to ask!

"Um.. What do we do?"

She weakly thumps my shoulder. Asai sees this exchange and laughs. Julie immediately glares at him with her sword drawn.

"I-in any case. We need to try to think of a way to beat that monster."
"Or at least make it not want to attack the city."

"I have a suggestion." Asai stretches his arms. "If you're willing to hear me out."

"No!" Julie snaps at him.
"Just say it Asai, I know you're going to say it anyway." I pout.

"Hold on, I'm not going to just give you how to beat my bigger half for free. I have some demands."

"No!" Julie almost leaps onto the table, but Kaori holds her back.

"If it involves leaving, forget it."

"Mm, maybe later. But right now there's something else I want."
"Just say it."

"I want to talk with Izumi again. I want to understand why she feels that way about me."
"No! Absolutely not!" Julie repeats one more time.

My hand slaps my forehead. "If you don't know by now why she doesn't like you, then I don't see why you need to talk to her."
"Just let me talk to her, and I'll help in any way I can."

I don't trust this at all.
Not only that, I don't trust Asai to not say something hurtful to Mom.
Or Julie to not cut off Asai's head between then and now.

>Thread End.

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"Aiko! I need you to stay here with everyone!"
"Stay here? Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm going to go make sure everyone is safe!"
"You're going where now?"
"(Hold on! You said you were coming back with us when this was done!)" Mir protests, stamping her foot.

"I know I said that, but we have bigger problems right now!"
"Nothing is bigger than keeping you safe, Masami!" Aiko grabs onto my arm.

"Do you really think we're going to be safe as long as that thing is out there?!"
"I think we should let the adults handle it!"

"And I think" I pull my arm away from her. "That the adults are already in trouble! And I need to go check and make sure that everyone is safe!"

"So where are you going to go!?"
"First I'm going to go check on your mother because I guarentee she's left her house by now."
"Wait! Shouldn't I be doing that?"

"YOU'RE going to stay with Maeda and Ryouta, because I don't trust them to not go get into trouble, either!"
"(What makes you so certain about that? You're the one that ran off in th first place!)"

"Why are both of you arguing with me at a time like this?!"
"You know what? It's fine."


Aiko sighs, and sits down next to Ryouta.
"Nothing we say is going to keep you from going. So just go on ahead."

"..Are you sure?"
"Sure, why not?" She crosses her arms, and starts acting snippy with me. "I mean, it's not like us caring about your safety has helped so far. If you want to go get hurt? Go right head."

"(Aiko! You don't actually think that, do you?)"

Her tough exterior melts away, and she seems more defeated than irrirated.

"Look! Aiko! I'll be right back. Just stay here while I make sure no one has gone off to do something stupid!"

"And if someone has?"
"Then I'm going to Asai and teaching him a lesson myself!"

"No! Absolutely not!"

>Then what should I do?
>Want me to take someone with me?
>I'm leaving, take care Aiko
>Mir, come with me.
>I'll go get Kaori, does that make it better?

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My nose still hurts, and I can feel tiny blobs of water forming at the corner of my eyes.
But forget that! Kaori is sad! Kaori comes before whining!

I reach over and wrap my arms around her. Gently, I squeeze her in my grasp. She buries her face in my shoulder and starts crying.
"This is your fault.." She whimpers, her hands are slowly trembling. "All your fault, Masami."

I could argue with her, but I can't think of how.

She gently leans over and lays across my lap. I want to comfort her, but I'm feeling about the same way that she is right now.
This sucks.

"You're very caring, Masami. Dare I say the best daughter a father could ask for."

"LISTEN HERE YOU!" I scream at the sky, "The only reason we're here right now is because you have been trying your hardest to tear my family apart!"

"I never wanted to tear 'our' family apart." The voice bellows, "I only wanted us to, live, as our kind should! I've only wanted to make a place, for all of us. I know it's hard to understand, if you've never seen how our kind should be living."

"I don't even think you know what you want, anymore!" I squeeze Kaori just a little more tightly. She gently tries to push my arms off.

"Masami. I wish nothing more in this universe than to raise you in the environment that I grew up in. One where, you lived, and fought for the place that you yourself would call your own. None of this 'living' in the places that humans granted you, under lock and key."

"You're under lock and key right now, Asai.."
"I've been under lock and key ever since Fortune was founded, and so have you. It has been this way ever since our place in the world was wrongfully stolen from our kind, by the very humans you wish to protect. Don't you at least remember the place that was made for you when you were created?"

>"I don't care. I'm done talking with you."
>"You're crazy and maybe a little dumb."
>"What 'place that was made for me'?"
>"I'm glad I got the sane parent."

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I growl and tap the tile on my phone. It blips off as I shove it back in my pocket.
"Let's go have a look."
"Wait, over there!?"
"Why not? It's safe."

I think.

We start making our way over in the direction that I remember Fortune HQ being. It's not a long walk from here, distances can be traveled relatively quickly in this world.
It doesn't change the sense of dread I'm experiencing.

Mir uses her natural powers of invisibility to become almost indistinct from the background. I can only sort-of know that she's walking along beside me.
Mostly because she hasn't let go of my arm the whole time. Maybe she hides in her room so much because she's a coward. I need to have a talk with her about that.

We arrive to where I think Fortune HQ used to be located, but I see nothing. No sign it's ever been here, or of the monsters who used to roam around it 24/7.
It's all gone. Spirited away, in a sense. Maybe it's to keep me from spying on him?

"Let's go home and tell everyone. If nothing else, they need to be ready for Asai as much as we are."

I say that, but I'm really only doing it because I'm a little creeped out to be here. There's no telling what could pop out at any minute.
Asai might have even been able to see me here, I have no idea.


"It's gone?" Mom's eyes widen.
"Like, Poof! All gone! I don't even know where to look for it!"

She stays silent, thinking about what this means. Mir stayed back in the room, and Kaori is busy playing around on her phone.
Why isn't anyone serious about this, this is important!

>Kaori! We need to go scout out Fortune right now!
>Mooom! Can I go over there?!
>I'm panicking.. it's fine.. it's fine.
>Nope, I'm still mad at them. They didn't believe in me. I'm going back to my card idea
>Passive-aggressive jab, "So, how is your little bracelet going to help with that?"

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"But- But-"
No sweets, for a week!?

"No." She sips a glass of water.

"Kaori!" I spin around and face my sister, "Back me up on this! I'm not a bad girl!"
"She offered me a cookie." Kaori tries to suppress a smile.

Kaori! You're the worst!
I go to nudge her, but then I notice Mom is staring right at me.

"She tried to give me one, too!" Emillion sits in the kitchen.

"Uh! Um!" I try to change the subject, maybe they'll forget that I'm in trouble! "My card idea, though! I was working on it when you were gone, don't you think it's the least crazy idea?"

Mom puts her glass down, and pats me on the head. "It's not a bad idea, it's just we can't get it to work. Don't you think we should focus on another idea if we can't get it to work?"

"But we really haven't tried it yet! We only tried it once, Mom!"
"Masami." She says, sternly. "I'm sorry Masami, but we don't have that much time left. We spent all morning on the card idea. I think-"
Mom stops, leaning against the table.

"I think Kaori and the Principal are right. We need to think about what is most likely to save the city at this point. Maybe alerting the military to it, or trying to think of a way to immobilize it. We could try trapping it inside of another shield downtown. "

"I don't want to do that though, that's just putting the problem off, Mom!"

Mom kneels down to about my eye level, "Sweetie, I know you're serious about this. But this is a big problem that's too big for you. I think you should stay home today, away from Asai, away from Fortune. We'll handle this."

I cross my arms, and put on the most pouty face I can imagine.

"Masami, please. Please don't put yourself at risk, there are a lot of people that might get hurt already. Please don't be one of them."

>"You're not giving me enough credit! (Run away)"
>"Fffine (Mope)"
>"Okay! (Lie!)"
>"Julie! Haruko!" (Make someone else decide for you)
>Don't say anything

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