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Being upset may be natural, but going out of your way to shout incoherently that other people are having fun wrong makes you look like pic related, breh.

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This classic perfectly sums up the secondary sperging.

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>anybody with different tastes than me is paid by corporate
I didn't get this memo, anybody know where I can pick up my cheque?

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>Hurr Durr I don't like it ergo nobody does
The absolute state of this general

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Not only is Fatanvious gay as shit but this entire game is absolute garbage.

>Hearts of the Sacred Order is GOD TIER

fucking plebs and your pseudu-weeb tabletop garbage game.

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>/tg/ isn't your hugbox.

No, but it doesn't warrant you just coming here to fling shit, over and over again, for no fucking reason. Like you're the only one here that's somehow enlightened enough to see how terrible something is, and you just can't shut up telling the rest of us about it.

/tg/ is not a hugbox, but you, my friend, are shit.

>And at least I have the decency to sage when I shit on LOTFP.

You know saging does nothing, right?

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lol k.

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Or I guess I should say, I'm not aware of half the reddits some enraged autist screams about whenever they see content that does not meet their asperger's tier standards

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the same reason most people make a big deal out of other people's tastes in fiction

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