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The main setting is a faux-Roman republic and I'm an uncreative hack so it's basically mirroring the Civil War with Caesar and Pompey. Sort of. The republic is very pro-noble and the proles have next to no say in its daily affairs, meaning it mostly benefits a self-serving elite. The conservatives want to keep it that way, while the reformers want to break the stranglehold of the nobility and make the republic more able to adapt to outside threats. The conservatives on the other hand believ ein stability and 'muh constitution'. Then there's also a third, breakaway faction in a settlement near the frontier that wants to exploit the weakness of the republic to declare independence.

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>TFW you will never be so respected (or feared) that you can walk around in broad daylight without bodyguards because nobody messes with you
>TFW you will never have the single most brilliant epitaph, which you yourself have written
No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.

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I've waited so many years to hear someone say that non-sarcastically.

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Fucking hell anon.

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So close
All parts of Europe that speaksome variant of Vulgar Latin should just unite into one country

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> When you realise Cadia died because GW couldn't copyright it.


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>tfw wanted to be an legionary in Oblivion
>wanted to see Roman and east-Asian influences in Cyrodiil
>got generic fantasyland instead

never forgive, never forget

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/tg/ please help.
My luck recently has been terrible. I fear I have upset my dice, or that they still bear a grudge against me from a long time ago. Whatever the err, I wish to discern what it is so that I can correct it as quickly as possible.

What must I do to earn their respect?

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>Right now the legion is an army on the march. Caesar wants to build a Rome so that he can finally settle down and be a ruler, not just a general.

Wait, wait, wait. Caesar didn't leave all the tribes he conquered as vassals, taking their tribute in soldiers with him to Hoover Dam? He doesn't have a proper empire with a an administration and bureaucracy back east? He got around this by telling EVERYONE, "pack up your bags and march west"?

He took literally EVERYTHING to the Mojave?

Jesus christ, now I know what the NCR meant about "superior numbers". And I guess he's planning to hold the Mojave through sheer amounts of brute force.

This isn't a Nova Roma, these are Gauls in costumes...

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I opposed them mostly because they were against the Empire. And The 8 Divines know I love the Empire.

And it was partially that sort of stuff that got me bored of Fallout 3. No matter what you really did to try and mix things up in the umpteenth time that you've tried to play this game again, it pretty much ends up the same way. And there's no real reason to be evil compared to being good, unless you really want stuff fast that you can easily get just about anywhere else.

The most fun I had in that game where was when I just ignored the main quest. In the beginning, that means scavenging guns and ammo because you don't really have shit.

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>tfw you will never live under the glorious Roman Empire

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>tfw no Palmyran gf

Why live?

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>Third Empire falls before events of TES VI

Please no, I can't even imagine an Elder Scrolls game without the Imperial Legion. They may not be "the good guys" but they're what left against the Thalmor destroying reality for good. The Thalmor will likely learn from their mistakes in Hammerfell, and the Stormcloaks are screwed beyond all measure.

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>the best roleplayer in your group is the only one who shows up
>"No one else is here, maybe we'll run next week"

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>Germanic tribes

Get out of here barbaroi, you're drunk.

>mfw people don't know history

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>shaving could be super popular amongst elves
>tfw no Roman elves

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>tfw you will never cum inside Zenobia

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