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Depends who finds it. I'm sure watching Voldemort's wishes blow up in his face would be entertaining.

>And there are already at least 2 jumps where you can become genies without being fucked for becoming them.
Well, there definitely aren't 3 now. Good thing this isn't a jump about being a genie.

I prefer it at 600. It's a lot of potential to cause change, even if it's in other people's hands. Same reasoning behind the Masquerade perk's price.

>Like, you just said that this is a bunch of drawbacks that you have to spend a capstone worth of CP on to get
Yes. I absolutely don't recommend getting it unless you really want to be a genie.

>I'd prefer if you just can't lose the benefits, or only lose them for that jump
It's better with a way out, so it isn't a permanent Bad End or something that softlocks your chain if you aren't 100% on it.

>Also, she seems to literally suggest they wish for brains or talent.
I'll have to watch it again. The one that really stuck with me was her gesturing to his wheelchair as he completely misses the point. Maybe she just lost her faith in humanity and couldn't be bothered to clarify.

Nibbling ears is a time-honored tradition of elf culture.

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Smashing things in the face is always useful.

That said, I was thinking their incarnations in the main series where they are pretty beastly mages in addition to being the best fighters.

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Lesbian car racers work together in a high speed chase on the autobahn to take out the serial killer

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